Top 20+ Best Neon Light Sign Kitchen Ideas

Light up kitchen sign is a great item for your kitchen decoration. Kitchen sign decoration has become an extremely popular fashion trend today. And having a kitchen neon sign is a great way to keep up with current trends. Whether your kitchen is modern or classic, kitchen neon signs can make your house look great, adding style to your space.

Orant Neon will suggest you neon sign kitchen ideas to take your cooking space to the next level. Brighten up your kitchen to feel welcoming to every visitor and more motivated to cook.

Why should we choose Light up kitchen signs (kitchen light signs)?

Create a highlight

Using neon lights on your kitchen will create a dramatic and attention-grabbing focal point. The bright glow of neon lights highlights every design detail and creates a unique space.

Create a stylish space

Neon lights can create a stylish and modern space for your kitchen. You can choose from a variety of neon colors and styles to match your style and personalize your space.

Create soft lighting

Soft and vibrant lighting from Light up kitchen signs creates a cozy and comfortable environment in the kitchen. This makes cooking and enjoying meals more enjoyable.

Best neon sign kitchen ideas for home decor

Lighting is also an extremely important element for the kitchen. In addition to natural light, we can add vibrant colors from neon signs for kitchen. Check out the ideas we recommend.

Making neutral kitchens colorful

White, gray, and cream serve as the primary neutral hues in the modern kitchen. With neon signs colors, it can make the kitchen more inviting. These signs give a neutral kitchen a burst of color.

They are a fantastic way to add some personality to your kitchen without making it look cluttered. They’ll give your kitchen a fun vibe, and they’re sure to draw attention when your guests come over for dinner.

neon kitchen sign

Neon sign makes vibrant light

Make sure to pick a wall that attracts the most attention; ideally, one that is across from the breakfast bar or can be seen from the dining room and kitchen as well. This instantly brightens the atmosphere in the kitchen.

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Express your food philosophy

Neon light signs give you the freedom to express yourself. You can take advantage of the great bright light and make a stunning sign that represents your food philosophy. A one-of-a-kind custom made neon sign will make a statement in your space and impress everybody in the room.

kitchen neon signs

Good food only neon sign

Take advantage of the wonderful light from neon lights kitchen

Neon signs are a great way to add a pop of color and personality to the kitchen. You can find products in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. They can be placed on the wall or hung from the ceiling.

If you want to add some chill vibe to the kitchen, use the color blue or pink. In case you need a warm-inviting atmosphere, take the yellow and red signs.

kitchen neon sign

Create a charming vibe in the kitchen 

Neon coffee and wine for the kitchen

Of course, we don't just eat or cook in the kitchen, we also drink, and you might want an eye-catching neon LED sign that highlights that. You can turn your kitchen into a pub instantly with "bar neon sign", "wine neon sign", "neon cocktails sign", "neon beer signs",...

neon signs for kitchen

Create a really chill kitchen space to enjoy wine

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How does the kitchen look with Light up kitchen signs?

Light up kitchen signs will be a simple yet fun way to bring your personality into your kitchen. Not just a place for you to show off your talent and cooking ability. And this is also the place we spend a lot of time in. Therefore, using neon kitchen signs will be an interesting experience and helps increase your emotions when in this room.

You can light up your kitchen sign with neon lights in many different styles such as:

Vintage style

Using kitchen neon signs to decorate your kitchen in a vintage style can be a great choice. On the basis of elegance and politeness, neon lights will create a unique and stylish space. To decorate your kitchen sign in a classic style and create an impressive space, you can do the following:

Color selection

Classic style is often characterized by neutral and elegant colors such as black, white, and yellow. When using neon lights in kitchen signs, you can choose classic colors to create a classy style. For example, yellow or warm white neon lights can create a bright and luxurious lighting effect.

Classic typeface design

Using classic typefaces in kitchen signs will create a beautiful and elegant look. Classic letters often have soft curves and delicate beauty. Combined with neon lights, classic letters will stand out and create a unique highlight.

Use soft lighting

Classic style often emphasizes elegance and soft lighting. To create this effect, adjust the brightness of the neon light to create a soft and warm glow. This not only creates a relaxing space but also highlights the classic design details on the kitchen sign.

Combine with classic materials

To create a perfect classic space, combine neon signs with classic materials such as wood, stone, or metal. For example, you can use wooden or metal panels as a background for a neon sign. Combined with classic pattern details, you will create a unique and classy kitchen sign.

Fun style

Using neon lights to decorate your kitchen sign in a fun style can be a great way to implement this idea. To decorate the kitchen sign in a fun style and create a vibrant and interesting space. You can refer to the following ideas:

Use bright colors

Fun styles often come with bright and striking colors. When using neon lights in kitchen signs, choose bright colors such as red, blue, yellow, or green. These colors will create a striking lighting effect and bring positive energy to the kitchen space.

Unique letter design

To add a fun touch to your kitchen sign, use unique and playful typefaces. You can choose handwritten letters, large capital letters, or other special fonts. Make sure the letters are designed to stand out and be easily seen.

Create fun shapes

Instead of just using text, you can also create fun shapes and images on your kitchen sign. For example, an image of a pot, a plant, or a drawing of an animal. Combined with neon lighting, these images will create a fun and vibrant space.

Use unique patterns and patterns

Add a bit of uniqueness and fun to your kitchen sign by using unique patterns. For example, images of circles, squares, or biological patterns. When combined with neon lighting, these patterns will create a unique and interesting space.

Decorating your kitchen sign with neon lights in a fun style will bring a vibrant, colorful and joyful space to your kitchen. Try applying the above ideas and create a unique and interesting decorative space for your kitchen.

Lighting up your kitchen sign with neon lights is a great way to decorate your house. Bright light from neon lights combined with bright colors, unique letters and fun shapes create a kitchen space full of energy and difference.

When you enter the kitchen filled with neon light, you will feel the joy and excitement of this space. Kitchen signs become a notable highlight, attracting everyone's attention and creating an interesting and unique decorative space. Therefore, don't hesitate to choose a design to decorate your kitchen right away.

Benefit of neon signs for kitchen

A neon signs kitchen can be the ideal accent for your space. Having a light-up kitchen sign is the ideal approach to embrace this trend. Kitchen signs decor has become a very popular trend.

There is a neon lights kitchen that will look wonderful hanging on your kitchen wall regardless of the style of your kitchen, whether it is modern, farmhouse, classic, or streamlined.

Some outstanding neon models at Orant Neon for your kitchen decor:

Can I design my own kitchen neon sign?

You can get your own personalized LED neon sign at Orant Neon. You can customize your sign by choosing colors, fonts for neon sign, and shapes. We manufacture our signs with care and all come with a 24-month warranty. Design your own unique kitchen neon sign at the most affordable price.

In addition to kitchen signs, Orant Neon offers custom neon signs for all your other needs. Our high-quality, vibrant custom neon signs are perfect for adding a touch of personality to your business, special events, or even your home decor. The versatility of our design process allows you to create a neon sign that truly represents your vision. Whether it's for a birthday, a business logo, or an inspirational quote, you can be sure to make a statement with our striking custom neon signs. 

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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the house. So investing in neon sign kitchen ideas will not be wasted. Visit Orant Neon to choose the right neon light signs for kitchen.


Teresa Lim

Teresa Lim

so happy they made our tricky logo work!

so happy they made our tricky logo work!



Love my neon sign!!! I have my electrician, but the transformer in a box in the wall and connected it to a switch, and it looks amazing!

Love my neon sign!!! I have my electrician, but the transformer in a box in the wall and connected it to a switch, and it looks amazing!

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