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Neon Heineken sign is a good signal when you want to use the Heineken light neon sign to decorate your space. Refer to Orant Neon's article below to choose the product you like!

1. Neon Heineken sign collection

Heineken is a very familiar brewery to everyone. That's why Heineken neon light is always the first choice when people search for neon sign for bar. To select the right products, you can refer to the Heineken neon sign for sale right below.

1.1 Heineken neon sign

The Heineken neon light is one of the most iconic signs in the world. The bright red and green colors are instantly recognizable, and the simple design is eye-catching and timeless. 

Heineken neon sign
Heineken neon light is used in over the world

1.2 Vintage neon Heineken sign

With an amazing Heineken light up sign, you can advertise your bar's beers to all the people walking by. Keep them coming back for more with an eye-catching design that will be impossible not to see!

vintage heineken neon light
Vintage Heineken lighted sign is used in many place in the world

1.3 Chicago Heineken neon light 

If you're looking for a truly unique and special addition to your bar, pub or restaurant, then look no further than a neon Heineken sign. These iconic signs are not only eye-catching and visually stunning, but they also have a rich history and cultural significance. 

Chicago Heineken lighted sign
Many people in Chicago love Heineken light up sign

Chicago is home to the world's most extensive collection of Heineken lighted signs, which are on display at the city's Museum of Neon Art. And what could be more perfect for your own establishment than a piece of history like this?

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1.4 Heineken soccer ball neon sign

The Heineken logo is prominently displayed in the center of the soccer ball, and the bright colors are sure to catch everyone's eye. Plus, the sign is also a great conversation starter - after all, who doesn't love talking about their favorite team? Whether you're a diehard Heineken fan or just looking for the fun way to decorate your space, this neon light is a must-have.

soccer heineken light neon sign
Heineken football neon led sign is suitable for many spaces

1.5 Heineken bar lights

Neon bar signs are a timeless way to show your love for Heineken, and this Heineken neon bar sign is no exception. Made with high-quality materials and featuring the iconic Heineken star, this Heineken led neon sign is sure to make a statement in any space. 

heineken neon bar sign
This Heineken neon bar sign has become familiar to many people

Whether hung on the wall or placed on a shelf, this neon Heineken sign is sure to bring a touch of class and style to any home.

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2. Custom Heineken led neon sign

In addition to the templates available above, you can also custom neon signs cheap to your liking based on the following options:

2.1 Font

You can choose font for neon sign. However, with this type of sign, you should choose strong, bold fonts to match the style and feel it brings.

2.2 Size

In addition to the font, you can also optionally choose the neon sign sizes. At Orant Neon, regular signs will be 2 ft to 10 ft in size, or 60cm to 300cm.

2.3 Color

For the Heineken lead neon sign, the primary neon sign colors are green and red. This is also a traditional combination of this brand. However, contact Orant Neon to create a unique version if you want to refresh your sign.

3. How do neon signs work?

In general, neon sign has a simple operation:

  • A small quantity of neon gas is held under low pressure within a neon lamp.
  • Electricity supplies the energy necessary to ionize neon atoms by removing their electrons. Ions are drawn to the lamp's terminals, closing the electrical circuit.
  • Light is created when neon atoms are given enough energy to get excited. A photon is released when an atom transitions to a lower energy state (light).

4. How to clean neon signs?

When it comes to neon signs, many sign owners overlook the dusting procedure. Delaying dusting might make your sign's glow dimmer and eventually cause harm. Use a duster or microfiber cloth to clean the tubing on your sign after disconnecting it. 

To avoid fracturing or to shatter any of the tubes, take caution when you do this. Dusting your sign a few times a year will last longer and light more brightly when needed.

5. Can neon signs be repaired?

If you feel secure, you might even perform certain repairs independently. When required, nuts and bolts may be readily taken out, cleaned, and replaced with newer ones. Make sure that the neon Heineken sign has been turned off. When a sign is on, you should never touch it since the transformer may generate up to 12,000 volts of electricity.

repair heineken neon led sign
If your lights don't work, contact your supplier for a solution

Avoid attempting to maintain or repair an older neon sign on your own. Bring in the experts. Neon signs built before the latest norms and laws might be hazardous. Frequently, the transformers contain close to 15,000 volts, which may be lethal if handled improperly. Older neon signs can feature leaded glass as well.

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