Neon Sign Not Working: How To Repair & Maintenance

Is your neon sign not working? After a period of time, your lovely led neon light might start flickering and make weird noises. In this article, Orant Neon is going to troubleshooting problems related to the neon sign. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved. 

1. About the neon sign

Most people are aware that neon tubes contain low-pressure gas. Neon gas starts to light brilliantly when it is subjected to high voltage. Since neon signs provide striking displays, they are good choices for both indoor and outdoor settings.

neon sign not working

Neon sign decor at restaurant

Neon signs are perfect for lighting decoration. To keep them from breaking down, they do need some simple maintenance. To withstand the typical 8 to 15 years life span, they must also be made of high-quality materials. Transformers for typically have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, while larger or higher-quality models can last up to 15 years.

2. What to do when neon signs not working?

If your neon sign stopped working, you can try a number of neon troubleshooting techniques.

Step 1

Search for any loose connections and check the voltage supply to the light. It that is running on low power will blink or flicker. Using a step-up transformer can be necessary if the voltage going to the lamp is insufficient. Check the voltage at all electrical outlets with a multimeter.

Step 2

There will be cases where part of neon sign not working. Check the neon light system for damaged tube sections, shorted or broken wires, excessively low voltage, and broken or damaged cables.

Wire breaks and shorts prevent any electricity from reaching the lamp. All of the neon lights in a series that are linked in a broken not working. Find the damaged area, then repair it.

Step 3

Along the glass tube, look for any leaks. If neon escapes the tube, the light will be faint, and if air enters the bulb, no light will be produced since the neon no longer produces ions. It's incredibly challenging to repair a leaking tube. In the long run, it is simpler and less expensive to replace the leaking tube with a new one rather than break and refill the tube.

Step 4

Most problematic neon signs will not give off an eye-catching sheen. You can plug in your signs to check.

Make sure that the transformer is still functioning properly. Numerous issues may arise as a result of a defective transformer. Buying a new transformer is the most straightforward solution to this issue. Remember to check the new transformer's output voltage to see whether it can power.

troubleshooting neon signs

Make sure the transformers in the neon sign working properly 

3. When neon signs can be fixed

The issue will be obvious if the It is made of high-quality components. Usually, a technician can determine from the indicator whether you have a voltage issue or a transformer problem with only one glance.

Nuts and bolts can be removed, cleaned, and replaced with newer components as needed. Make sure the neon sign is turned off. Since the transformer may generate anywhere between 4,000 and 12,000 volts of electricity, never handle a sign while it is on.

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4. When neon signs are unrepairable?

There are a few circumstances under which your neon sign can not be repaired. Buying a new sign could be simpler if the It was not made with premium components. Besides, neon sign repair broken tube cost is also quite high. In some cases, the component is custom neon sign to fit your style so it will not be available to be replaced.

led neon sign not working 1

Components of custom-made neon sign is hard to replace   

The age of the sign and the materials used to create the glass and gas must also be taken into account. Older neon sign types sometimes contained hazardous components like lead and mercury. Numerous repair shops will refuse to work on these parts because they are too risky.

5. Tips for caring a neon signs

Although purchasing a neon sign is enjoyable, you must take good care of it. It don't need much treatment, but there are several things you can do to prolong their life and prevent damage.

5.1 Select the correct

If properly maintained product may live for an exceptionally long period. Making sure you select the appropriate sort of sign is the first step in ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. 

neon sign not working select sign

Select the right sign for your space

Consider the following inquiries for yourself: Are folks going to be able to see the sign? Will the notice be placed in a location where items are often handled or transported?

If the answer to either of these questions is affirmative, you could benefit from covering your sign with transparent acrylic. Furthermore, a clear cover or case could protect the sign from being broken.

5.2 Place in a safe area

Before buying a neon sign, you will have a location in mind to hang it. However, take a moment to consider how secure the location is. The glass tubes are sensitive, as we have explained. To prevent mishaps, signage should be put up in a secure location that is out of the way of kids and pets.

area troubleshooting neon signs

You should place the sign in a secure place

5.3 Carefully clean it

Despite requiring little upkeep, neon signs nonetheless could need cleaning from time to time. Due to the frequent foot traffic in the area, a sign might succumb to dust accumulation rather rapidly. 

clean the led neon sign not working

Clean the sign carefully 

It's crucial that you know how to clean signs. Turn it off and clean the glass tubes with a duster. Try using a little brush to fill in all the gaps if you are having trouble reaching small nooks.

You might want to clean your sign more thoroughly if it's really filthy. You can clean the tubes with warm, soapy water as long as there is no ammonia in the materials since this might harm the tubes.

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5.4 Take care when handling

Neon signs must be treated with respect since they are created using glass tubes filled with gas. If your sign is being delivered, handle it with care as you unwrap it.

Make sure everything is intact and inspect the tubes for any damage or cracks. If everything appears in order, you may begin installing it in a secure location. If your signage is broken, get the manufacturer to examine it rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

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There are a few actions you may take if your led neon sign not working correctly to evaluate if it requires repair or not. Up above, Orant Neon has provide a few neon sign troubleshooting for you. We hope that your broken sign will be fixed soon. 

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