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5 Tips To Choosing Neon Sign Colors for Home Decoration

LED signs come in a wide range of colors, and each color has a unique effect. While some neon sign colors are better suited for certain purposes than others, ultimately the decision of which colors to use in a neon is a matter of personal preference.  In this blog post, you and Orant Neon will go over some of the basics of choosing colors for signs.

1. Neon colors and signs materials

Glass tubing filled with various gaseous mixes makes LED signs. The glass tubing occasionally includes more than simply neon gas, which is an intriguing detail that is frequently unknown. In actuality, sign designers commonly use different gases to get the various neon hues. To collect the gas into more significant quantities, manufacturers pump it into the tube.

neon sign colors materials
Pictures of colorful tube neon

The gas does not move and smells like it does not even exist at normal temperature. But when you add an electric current, the gas transforms. Applying the electric current, the gas moves around and starts to glow with enticing, bright colors.

2. Neon light color palette for creation

The most popular neon sign colors are listed below, along with a quick explanation of how to make each one:

  • Red: The purest type of neon enclosed in transparent glass tubing.
  • Orange: Neon coupled with glass tubing that is yellow or orange in hue or helium. 
  • Yellow: Krypton mixed with several colors of glass tubing in the color yellow.
  • Green: Variable quantities of Krypton in transparent glass tubing.
  • Blue: Glass tubes carrying mercury vapor.
  • Pink: Neon in white or pink-hued glass tubing or helium in clear glass tubing.
  • White: Various concentrations of carbon dioxide in transparent glass tubing.
  • Purple: The purple color of sign is mixed from the basic blue and red colors.
  • Black: When the neon sign is off it will have its colors disappear, however some colors will still show up just not as bright.
neon sign colors
Neon light color palette 

    3. Factors to know when choosing neon color signs for business

    Neon LED light come in various colors, and each color has a different meaning. To help you make the best decision for your business, we've put together a few tips on choosing neon color signs. Keep reading to learn more!

    3.1 Size

    The colors you select may depend on the neon sign sizes you desire. Avoid trying to make a sign with a very particular color if you want it to be really big. Sticking with a core hue in these situations could be preferable since it might be less costly to make and simpler to repeat in the future.

    size of neon color signs
    Should choose the size of neon color signs based on space

    3.2 Location

    If you want to use it outdoors, you might wish to invest in a style with more brightness. Brighter lighting is often preferable for outdoor applications since more people are likely to notice it, especially from a distance. A dark interior sign, however, would be a better choice. You might be able to reduce the luminance while still preserving the hue you want for interior signs by using hazy glass tubing.

    3.3 Height

    Consider if you want your sign to be at ground level, over your customers' heads, or at eye level. Your design's color and brightness will help people notice it while preventing it from becoming upsetting, unpleasant, or hurting their eyes. For instance, since eye-level signage typically does not have to attract attention to its location physically, you can use more subdued hues.

    neon sign colors height

    Consider the height of neon color signs to choose color and size

    3.4 Background

    You can choose the best colors and brightness levels for your sign by considering the background color and lighting. A neon orange on a red backdrop should not be used as a color mix. The likelihood that your clients will see the sign will be reduced by color blending. Similar hues could even make it impossible to read or even notice your sign at all.

    background of neon color signs
    Choose neon colors that match the background

    3.5 Brand

    Are you designing business neon signs? You could choose to display your company's distinctive colors on your sign. Customers may remember you and associate your company with the signage's appearance if you use colors representative of your brand.

    4. Color combinations you can try

    Some color combinations always go smoothly and can transform the interior of your home if done right.

    4.1 Complementary color

    Complementary colors are not the same thing but a set of distinct colors combined to highlight each other. You can use lighter tones in LED signs to make them stand out more in a dark space. Complementary color combinations are a great way to make your LED neon stand out.

    4.2 Color contrast

    Contrasting colors are colors that are opposite in hue and shade. Of course, the most famous contrasting color combinations are black and white.

    If complementary colors highlight each other, contrasting colors highlight each other's differences.

    4.3 Similar colors

    These are color combinations where you use three colors that are right next to each other on the palette. This will help you create a harmony in a space without making it boring.

    5. Some popular color combinations

    There are several effective color combinations that we suggest for you to create the perfect neon colors.

    With red

    With a red background, yellow, white, green and blue lights will be the most suitable choice. Depending on the color scheme of the interior, you can also use beige and multi-colored lights.

    With brown

    Using neon cream, pink and light green will give best results with brown wooden floors, or brown walls. In addition, bold colors such as red and purple are reasonable choices.

    With orange

    With an orange background, you should choose a custom LED light in blue, purple, or white. Do not choose pink or red tones if the background is monochrome, making the space empty and less attractive.

    With yellow

    You should not choose cream, pink or yellow neon for a yellow background. Using blue, purple and red neon is a better way.

    6.Tips to choose best color for signs

    Each space will have different characteristics, so you need to choose the color of the neon lights wisely. Here are a few of our suggestions.

    6.1 For the bedroom

    Without a doubt, and our bedroom is the place in the house where LED lights are most commonly seen. The distinctive and relaxing ambiance we've been looking for is present here.

    Around 70% of the time, the color of the walls matters since the LED sign could only cover them up if they are a bright color. When creating neon sign bedroom ideas, you also need to pay attention to choose the right color, because if the color is too bright, it will make it difficult for you to sleep.

    neon sign colors for bedroom
    The Alien sign is suitable for your bedroom

    Of course, some hues will stand out more or seem differently on a white wall than, instance, a yellow one. Pink, red, orange, white, and purple are excellent for projecting a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

    6.2 For the dark theme

    Avoid using vibrant colors like yellow, green, or even pink when going for dramatic hues in your setup or decor. There is a slight restriction for this decision, though: only choose a dark one if you genuinely want to keep the mood low and introspective.

    neon color signs dark theme
    A dark theme with the white neon is the perfect match

    Any color, whether bright or dark, will look great against black walls as long as you are satisfied with the outcome.

    7. Can I choose my own color when designing neon lights?

    You can completely choose your favorite color for your LED neon through Orant Neon's custom neon sign service. We have 25 colours at our disposal. 11 of them are colored when the sign is on but remain white when it is off. The last 10 colors feature a jacket that hides the tube but still makes the color visible even when the signs are off.

    After going through this article, and you must have understood the science behind choosing neon sign colors. If you need help choosing the right colors for your business, please visit Orant Neon's website and contact our consulting team!

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