How Neon Lights Are Made: 3 Important Phase

Do you know how neon lights are made? This is a question many people ask when buying neon lights. If you are also looking for the answer, follow this article by Orant Neon.

1. How neon lights are made?

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Phase 1: A customer decides to buy a great, bright sign to advertise their business. They get in touch with a specialized manufacturing business with a concept in mind.

Phase 2: The design team evaluates the illustration and talks with the client about the idea. Making the neon display may start after they have a finalized design. On a piece of fire-resistant paper, a design must first be created.

Phase 3: The glass is heated to an appropriate working temperature using a propane flame at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass neon tubes are meticulously shaped into letters or forms. This procedure requires a lot of patience, accuracy, and ability.
how neon lights are made
A neon light is created by 3 stages

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2. FAQs about neon sign 

Here are some questions from customers before using LED signs, everyone should know!

2.1 Are neon lights dangerous?

The safety of neon signs is good. Because inert gases are used to fill the neon LED lights, a common misperception is that they are harmful. This is due to the widespread misconception that if the neon lights break, the gases might escape into the atmosphere.

what are neon lights made of
LED neon are not dangerous

If the lights on neon light is broken, they are built to switch the gasses off immediately. In order to ensure that no current flows through the gases, electric charge is also immediately cut off when neon lighting is broken. 

2.2 How do neon lights work?

These fluorescent bulbs are mercury discharge tubes with unique inner wall coatings. The coating absorbs the ultraviolet radiation that the mercury discharge within a tube creates, producing light of a different hue.

2.3 What makes ;LED neon different colors?

Red is the glow that neon naturally emits, although other compounds may produce over 150 additional hues. The most often gases used in neon signs are
:argon, phosphor, xenon, helium, and mercury.

how are neon lights made
Neon lights are made of different gases

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3. You can custom neon light by yourself at Orant Neon

So, how neon lights are made at home?

With our neon sign custom service, you can create a unique sign to decorate any space you want. We accept LEDneon for bedrooms, bars, restaurants,... and many other spaces. You can design and choose colors, sizes, or fonts to create products that suit your space. You can contact Orant Neon's team via email or website for product advice!

Using our custom neon signs, you'll not only illuminate your space but also infuse it with your personal style and brand identity. These signs are crafted with precision and attention to detail, providing an attractive aesthetic that is both visually appealing and highly functional. You have the liberty to create anything from simple name signs to elaborate pieces of art, ensuring your neon sign is a true reflection of your taste. Reach out to us at Orant Neon, we're here to transform your ideas into glowing realities!

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