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Can Neon Signs Be Repaired? Causes & Repair Tips

After using neon for a while, your products have problems such as flashing lights or no lighting. So, can neon signs be repaired? How to repair it? Let's find out together with Orant Neon in the article below!

1. Causes of broken LED signs?

When a neon light fails the thing most people would consider is changing it completely. However, this can be expensive and you may not need to replace the neon just because it starts flashing. Some common problems of LED lights are:

1.1 Power issues and energy

When neon light begin to blink or flicker, this is the most typical issue. You can tell there is a power problem just by looking at this sign. If you want your neon sign to last as long as possible, you need to make sure the power source is reliable at all times.

It's very typical to experience issues with your neon light when you either have an erratic power supply or several blackouts. Fortunately, it can be fixed because the transformer or the connections in the sign are typically the parts that are damaged when this occurs.

can neon signs be repaired
The LED signs can be damaged due to energy issues

1.2 Damage to other parts of the glass

Keeps in mind that neon lights are delicate and that you must take care of them if you don't want to have to pay for repairs if any of their components are damaged.

Since the gas that produces the neon result leaks out or gets polluted, broken glass is the most frequent cause of issues that prompt owners to repair them.

In any case, the neon sign's light will cease functioning, and if you want to keep it that way, you must completely restore the glass.

1.3 The lights have been working for a long time

It is very common to have a few issues that are extremely similar to the prior ones if you have an old LED neon that has been in operation for more than 5 to 10 years.

Due to how long it has been hanging, there may be damage to the components, or perhaps the connections aren't as tidy as they once were, which is undoubtedly the case.

can a neon sign be repaired for a long time
Your neon can be damaged for a long time

Many choose to undertake maintenance rather than simply fix the bulb. The best course of action would be to buy a new one rather than try to fix it if it turns out that the transformer is worn out or that there is a lot of damage to meet.

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2. What material should I choose for LED neon?

You should choose good sign material to be able to use it for a long time. As Orant Neon mentioned, we provide 2 main types of lights: glass neon and led signs.

The continuous usage of our LED signage is rated for 50,000 hours. If a failure is highly unusual, it usually involves the transformer or circuit board. If this happens after the warranty has expired, a cheap replacement can be provided. In contrast to Glass Neon, once LEDs end their useful lives, they cannot be replaced.

can a neon light be repaired
You can choose glass neon or LED signs depending on your needs

For 75,000 hours of continued usage, LED neon are rated. On the other hand, they may be re-gassed after they approach the end of their useful lives (they can be filled with neon gas).

So long as it's properly maintained, the glass neon should survive for decades. This factor contributes to the higher price of glass neon higher price than regular LED signs.

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3. Can a neon sign be repaired?

So, can neon lights be repaired?

Yes! You can neon light repairs. In most cases, you also can quickly identify fundamental issues with your sign. Before starting the examination, the first thing you should do is turn it off. Avoid attempting to repair the LED sign while it is still lit.

4. When your neon signs cannot be repaired?

However, it's not always possible to fix damaged LED neon. Here's how to tell whether your neon needs to be replaced:

  • Repairing a neon composed of subpar parts is a pointless, arduous, and time-consuming task; buying a new neon light instead is preferable. In fact, purchasing a new LED sign can even be less expensive than having the old one fixed.
  • Sometimes the neon sign's design makes it impossible to repair. Older neon lights frequently contain dangerous chemicals like mercury that you should avoid coming into touch with.
can neon lights be repaired
Sometimes it is pointless and expensive to repair neon spare parts

    5. How to neon light repairs? 

    Step 1: Check connections going into the LED sign for voltage supply using a multimeter. 

    Step 2: Switch off the neon light and inspect the connections and wires for damage if there are no problems with the power supply. If any, you must repair the wires since the damage might affect the power supply.

    Step 3: Look for leaks or breaks in the glass tube as you move there. You want to visually inspect the glass tube while looking for leaks or damage; shaking it might make the problem worse. A cracked or leaking glass tube will allow gas to escape, inhibiting the entire formation of ions. As a result, unless the glass tube is filled or changed, your sign will not light correctly.

    Step 4: Finally, proceed to the transformer and look over it for any damage. Simply replace the transformer in its whole if you see any. It's time to hire a professional if you still have problems with the neon sign after following all four procedures.

    You should check the cause of the LED light failure before fixing it

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    6. Buy neon lights at a reputable supplier to make sure quality

    To make sure the longevity of the neon, you should choose reputable suppliers to buy from. Orant Neon is confident to be a unit specializing in providing high-quality LED signs, ensuring safety for users.

    Besides, we also have custom neon signs service according to customers' liking. In addition, when buying products at Orant Neon, all orders will be covered by a 24-month warranty policy. Therefore, you can rest assured and trust us.

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    Above is the answer for the question "Can neon signs be repaired?" that Orant Neon gave readers. We hope you understand the repair options when your neon have problems.


    Thomas Mosby

    Thomas Mosby

    The sign is very nice. I had a small problem and the customer service team was very helpful and fixed the issue. Thank you. Love my neon sign!

    The sign is very nice. I had a small problem and the customer service team was very helpful and fixed the issue. Thank you. Love my neon sign!



    These Signs are amazing! They have multiple setting which looks very good. The quality is also top notch!

    These Signs are amazing! They have multiple setting which looks very good. The quality is also top notch!

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