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Orant Neon offers custom neon sign for any occasion, including weddings, parties, birthdays, home decoration, offices, bars, living rooms, restaurants, stores, gyms, room dance practice and much more. We make great LED neon signs at an affordable price. Use our design generator online to create your right now!

What is custom neon sign?

Neon lights are perfect for adding color and creativity to your home, business or special event. Orant Neon always supports you for free to design a personalized and stylish of your own.

You can rest assured that neon custom signs can meet all your needs, whether it's hanging in your home, business, or outdoor parties or events. It would be great for us to accompany you in creating a perfect space!

custom neon wall signs
Customizable to suit different decor needs

Why should you choose custom neon light?

  • Custom Designed: Produce distinctive customize neon sign in various styles.
  • Cost and energy effective: Use relatively little power. Cost saving for you.
  • Long product life: High-end technology and premium materials for long-lasting functioning make anything durable.
  • Simple installation: Installation personalized is completed using suitable wall/frame attachment options.
  • Free Delivery:  Free standard shipping worldwide 
  • Unbeatable warranty: The highest quality product has a 12 month warranty.
  • Save & secure checkout: The world's safest payment methods are there for you
  • Remote Controller: They allow you to adjust the brightness and color of your, as well as turn them on and off.
  • Orant Neon has a suitable return policy to ensure customers' interests.

Custom logo & personalized neon signs for business

Wouldn't it be great if your name appeared on the neon lights you designed and selected the color yourself? Here are some neon light custom name samples that we have made.

The neon sign business has grown in popularity recently, especially in the service industry. Restaurants, bars and hotels use it to create a dramatic atmosphere for their customers.

In addition to the traditional, these days businesses are more creative when designing logos or store names with neon signs to attract customers' attention.

neon customized sign
Neon light personalized shows the unique personality of the business

Orant Neon offers custom logo neon signs for various business models such as:

Neon light custom for event

Creating a customized for your event is an inexpensive and stylish way to add a unique touch to your special day. Neon signs are eye-catching, intriguing and can help set the mood while leaving a lasting impression.

Whether you're celebrating an engagement, shower, birthday party or wedding reception; these signs come in all sizes, colors and styles so you can create one that fits your needs.

cheap neon signs custom
It brings a great space for the event

Wedding customizable led signs 

Are you ready to get married? Are you planning a perfect background with flowers and bright lights? Our neon sign for wedding are an ideal choice. You can refer to our available collections that are loved by many couples.

cheap custom neon signs

LED neon signs custom for Party & Special Occasion

Custom neon light signs can make any party or special occasion stand out. They are eye-catching and provide a unique atmosphere to make your event memorable. 

neon custom light
Bring excitement to the party

You can create the perfect atmosphere for your event and express yourself creatively. Please choose from our wide selection of designs and fonts to get the ideal sign to suit your style and needs.

Neon signs custom led for the room

An empty room is dull. Light up your space with colorful and unique neon custom signs. Some of the best product templates for the room that you can refer to are.

You can refer to some of collection at Orant Neon:

neon sign customizable
Customized replace the night light in the room

How to make custom neon signs

As people who love and celebrate creativity, we always want our customers to express their thoughts and personality with 5 steps to create:

Step 1: Choose light up signs design

First you can visit here to design: 

We have two options: Text and Logo.

  • For Text: Select the font, color, material,... that you want to do in step 2.
  • For Logo: You need to fill out our information sheet. Then, the staff will support and guide you through the detailed steps.

custom light sign

You need to choose "Text" or "Logo" design

Step 2: Choose size

Our signs come in various sizes, small neon signs starting from 60cm (2ft), up to over 300cm (10ft). If you need another larger size, please get in touch with us.

There will be restrictions on how small the neon lights will be during production, however we recommend using a minimum neon sign size of 10cm/word for best results.

custom neon light size

You need to choose the right size for your design

Step 3:  Choose color 

If you want to make your business stand out, neon signs are a great way to draw attention. But it's essential to consider the right colors when designing.

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the various colors available for product and their use cases.

light up sign custom colors

There are many colors for you to choose

Learn more about the neon sign colors:

Red can grab attention, create impactful displays, and spread brand recognition from restaurants to retail stores.

The orange hue these emit creates a warm, inviting glow that can help attract customers or passers-by. They are used in businesses, restaurants, shops, bars and even homes to create an inviting atmosphere.

With their increasing popularity worldwide, yellow isis is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to add flair to their decor.

Not only are they able to be seen from miles away, but Green also offers an aesthetically pleasing look that will draw attention and make your business stand out in the crowd.

Not only does blue look great, but they are also energy efficient and long-lasting. With the right design, blue can boldly set the mood for any occasion.

Pink comes in all shapes and sizes, from bar signs to wall decorations. With their warm glow, they will bring a sense of comfort and style to any room or outdoor area.

Combining their classic design with modern technology allows these versatile pieces of art to add style and personality to any room or work area. With its sleek curves and bold colors, the black will surely be a head-turner wherever it's placed!

White is eye-catching and allows businesses to convey their message memorably. With the help of white, businesses can stand out from the competition and make a bold statement about their brand.

Step 4:  Choose font 

custom light signs font
Choose the font you want for the neon lights
  • Vintage fonts

They offer a unique combination of retro aesthetics and modern style that can be used to create visuals with lots of personality. Vintage neon sign fonts can be used to create eye-catching logos, headlines, and other graphical elements to evoke a sense of nostalgia or optimism

  • Retro fonts

Retro neon light fonts are a great way to add a classic and vintage feel to your designs.

  • Nold fonts

Whether you need bold or subtle designs, Nold Fonts offer a wide range of options that give your brand an edge over competitors. 

  • Modern fonts

Modern fonts bring a bold visual impact to any sign design. Utilizing these fonts is the perfect way to create eye-catching signage that stands out.

  • Classic fonts

Classic fonts can be tricky to master but with these timeless designs, you can easily give your brand a professional and distinct look.

Step 5: Choose shipping and payment method

 We have two delivery methods: standard and shipping.


  • Delivery time: 10-14 Business Days
  • Shipment cost: FREE

Express Shipping

  • Delivery time: 8-10 Business Days
  • Shipment cost:$75

You receive all the information we need to know to ship the product to you. Double-check your delivery information, enter your bank card number, and select "Pay Now".

neon sign custom

There are many payment methods to choose from

Your led custom neon sign cheap includes:

  • LED Neon Sign
  • Power Supply
  • Mounting Kit 
  • Remote & Dimmer
  • Free standard Shipping
  • 24-Month Warranty

So you have completed the design and order steps for your product. If you need further assistance, please contact us at +1 (678) 679-7836 or

How much do custom neon LED signs cost?

The cost of making a personalized neon sign in a store is relatively high. However, thanks to online design, products are more affordable. At Orant Neon, we will provide a custom design tool, you can freely choose from text to color to size at a highly reasonable price.

The average price of a custom neon sign is 100$. However, the price will depend on the color, size, and material you choose for your lamp. You will know its final price when the neon design steps are completed.

Check out the prices of some products below:



Product price


Only Good Vibes

💰 $245


✅ It Was All A Dream

💰 $194.06


Hello Gorgeous

💰 $243.75


Beers Neon Sign

💰 $191.25


The World Is Yours

💰 $240


"Alien - Japanese Symbols"

💰 $101.25

How to find custom neon signs cheap shop near me?

Orant Neon provides a wide variety of products for customers to choose from.

When you choose the product you like, you can pay through 3 methods: Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard), PayPal, and PayPal Express. We will send an email with your order details.

In addition, all orders shipped by the standard method will be free of charge, while for express shipping, the shipping fee is $75.

Currently, we focus on providing the United States market and developing more services in the following:

Orant Neon offers the best custom neon sign

We'd love to share stories about creating the perfect custom sign for you.

What is material?

At Orant Neon, you can choose between neon signs in LED or handblown glass neon. Each neon sign is 100% handmade by skilled artisans, ensuring the highest quality.

How do neon sign work?

Most neon sign require an electrical outlet. If you need to use battery-powered, please get in touch with us and we will choose the appropriate type of sign.

How long is the lifespan?

For LED sign boards, you can use them continuously for 50,000 hours. When there is a problem with the transformer/circuit board, you can replace it relatively cheaply. However, if you use the LED to the end of its life, you can't replace it anymore.

Are custom neon signs safe?

Both our LED and Glass Neon signs are safe to use, but you need to consider which one suits your needs.

You can rest assured because the gasses inside the tubes are not dangerous or toxic, they do not generate heat when running at low power, so there is no risk of fire or explosion. Note that they are made of glass, so you should not leave them in crowded places and out of reach of children

Can you get battery-operated custom neon signs?

Most of Custom Neon's signs, lights, lamps, and wall art are powered by a plug. Battery packs are available for small signs, lights, and lamps. Please contact us to see if your design is appropriate for a battery pack.

 Let's create your unique custom neon sign together with Orant Neon. Light up your business, party, or special event with gorgeous, brilliant lighting. If you want to make something new, please tell us your idea, and your wish will come true.

FAQ - Custom LED Neon Signs

Orant Neon signs are handcrafted by our qualified professional team. With low energy LED tube and latest technology, we ensure you will receive a high-quality, long-lasting neon sign. Each custom neon sign is made from sturdy acrylic backing instead of breakable glass. The luminous glow comes from eco-friendly LED lights inside instead of gas/mercury.

LED Neon Flex is one of the most versatile commercial lighting products on the market today. LED lighting products are smaller, lighter than old neon lighting. Moreover, this new light source reduces power consumption while delivering significantly greater lighting.

All of our custom LED neon light signs are handmade from LED neon light tubes that are kid-safe and both economical and ecologically friendly! Some great reasons to choose a custom LED sign from us are:

Affordable - We keep our prices as low as possible while offering a high quality product.

24 Months Warranty - All of our indoor and outdoor signs come with a 24-month manufacturer warranty covering faulty items.

Durable - We offer the latest neon flex technology which is stronger and lighter than vintage style glass neon.

Energy Efficient - Our LED neon light signs are both economical and ecologically friendly, with low energy consumption and 100,000+ hours lifespan.

Safe - Our bespoke neon signs are made from LED light tubes that do not get hot and contain no breakable glass.

Easy to Install - All of the Custom Neon light signs come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging & wall mounting.

Low Maintenance - Custom Neon signs are very hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Lightweight - Our custom designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect as LED neon signs for weddings, events, home or business, or truly unique gift ideas.

Full Control - The remote control has an on/off switch and 10 brightness settings. Your neon light sign can be set to flash with adjustable speeds.

1. LED neon lights are brighter than glass neon light fixtures. They provide uniform, dot-free soft light that is dispersed evenly across your space. 

2. LED neon lights are available in a number of colors like red, yellow, blue, green, neutral white, cool white, and warm white colors.

3. LED Neon Flex is flexible and easy to cut, bend, and shape; unlike glass neon, which requires experience to produce, shape, and install.

4. LED Neon Flex is safe for the environment and the public as it contains no toxic materials like mercury, which is found in glass neon.

5. LED Neon Flex has only normal AC voltage considerations and is safer when turning on/off the light.

6. Our LED Neon signs available with clear, colored, or UV printed acrylic backgrounds.

Neon Sign cost varies depending on sign size and design complexity. Our custom made neon signs are very affordable with our factory price that others can not beat.

Orant Neon is a neon sign manufacturer which have branches in China, Unite States and UK. We can custom neon signs for you with factory price.

Yes, our neon signs are handmade with LED flex neon light, do not contain gas or mercury, work with 12 Volt DC Power Supplies Adapters, no risk when the light turn on. There is no glass in our neon signs. The LED Neon will not overheat and more energy efficient than traditional glass neon signs. 

We have a total of 25 colors to choose from. 11 of these are white when the sign is turned off and colored when the sign is switched on. The remaining 10 colors come with a jacket which is a cover that goes over the tube so that even when the sign is turned off it still shows its color (just not as bright).

If you want to keep a certain color when the neon lights are off, you can choose orange, baby pink, green, hot pink, blue, red, purple, lemon yellow, ice blue, yellow, warm white. If you need a white jacket when the logo is off, we suggest you can choose white orange, white yellow, white pink, white green, white blue, cold white, white red.

1. Neon Sign products that you ordered at Orant Neon

2. Power supply and adapter

3. Wireless remote control & Dimmer (for LED light use)

4. Manufacturer's 24-month international warranty

5. Drill holes for installation

When custom neon signs you can choose LED sign or Glass neon signs. With an LED sign you can keep it on continuously for 50,000 hours. If they are damaged or have problems with the transformer, you can replace them at a low cost, but when they have reached the end of their useful life there is no way to replace them.

Glass Neon will be more appreciated than LEDs in this regard because they can last up to 75,000 hours and at the end of their life, you need to refill the gas (new Neon gas) to continue using. This means that if properly maintained, Glass Neon can last for decades.

You can completely turn on custom neon signs 24/7. However, they will have a particular service life and when they expire, you may not be able to replace them (for LEDs) or add new Neon gas (For Glass Neon).

Customized neon signs don't need high voltage, so they don't generate much heat. They glow because the neon gas inside is excited with an electric current. However, you can rest assured that this process doesn't cause too much heat, so a custom neon light is a perfect home decor item.

Custom LED signs are designed to be easy to install and have a plug-and-play wiring solution. However, if the custom neon light sign is too large (180cm or more), it is recommended to consult a professional before installing it on drywall.

Glass Neon signs are made of glass, so there is a high risk of damage. Therefore, we recommend that you need the help of professionals in the installation.

Please contact us immediately if you receive damaged or defective custom neon light signs. We will resend you the new product at no extra cost.