How To Make A Neon Sign With 6 Easy Steps

The neon are incredibly popular right now. They evoke a feeling of nostalgia and bring a feeling of warmth to the space. So, how to make a neon sign? Following this article below to learn more!

1. How to make neon lights with 6 simple steps?

Step 1: Make a design plan: This is the first and most important step. Use your creativity to imagine what you want the LED neon to look like.

how to make a neon sign at home
Get an idea before creating your own sign

Step 2Sketch a design in pencil on a piece of paper. If creating an image, try to draw something simple enough to look obvious like a contour.

how to make a neon light
Sketch out your sign ideas

Step 3:  Using the string bends around letters or designs. Cut the wire when finished and measure its length to determine how much wire you will need. If the tape measure is longer than you have, readjust your design.

how to make your own neon sign
Bend the LED wire around the frame of the light

Step 4Bend the metal wire in the shape of your letter. Use pliers to shape parts that are more difficult to bend/need to be sharper. You should ask another person to assist in holding the initial sections of the rope as you move further to keep the shape of the rope.

how to make neon light signs
Adjust the rest to perfect the sign

Step 5:  Using the EL wire and hot glue gun, glue the EL wire to the metal wire. You need to break down each part to do it. Work slowly and hold the EL wire down on the metal wire for 5-10 seconds to make sure it is in place.

how to make a custom neon sign
Stick your sign on the wall

Step 6Wrap the remaining rope in white tape (or any color that matches the background of where the sign will be) and hang the sign where you want it to shine.

how do you make a neon sign
Complete awesome neon sign with 6 steps

2. What are neon lights made of?

The flexible, sealed glass tubes that make up traditional neon are filled with inert gas. Electricity is usually used to bend and twist the tubes into a word or other shape.

When the device is turned on, electrons flow through the gas, lighting the atoms and generating a hue based on the types of gases employed.

how to make a neon sign
A decorative LED neon model

True neon is a noble gas that emits an orange tint. A different glass tube might contain the following:

Gases Color
Neon Orange
Hydrogen Red
Helium Yellow/Orange
Mercury Light Blue
Argon Purple (Lavender)
Xenon Gray/Blue
Krypton Green
Argon+Helium Gold
Argon+Xenon Pink
Carbon Dioxide White

In contrast to the primary colors mentioned above, secondary colors are likewise created using a combination of gases and chemicals. For instance, green is produced when mixing mercury and helium.

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3. Why should you use a LED sign?

Neon signs are creative marketing techniques that attract attention by illuminating the storefronts and signage of restaurants, pubs, hotels, and movie theaters.

make a neon sign
LED lights are the ideal items for decorating your spaces

They're now also hung in basements, dens, dorm rooms, home bars, and pretty much any place you want a warm neon glow and a splash of color.

They are entirely customizable; you can make them as basic or sophisticated as you desire, depending on your personal preferences.

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    4. How to make neon custom signs at home?

    "How to make a neon light?" - Of course. You can do everything for your sign with Orant Neon's neon customizable sign service! We provide an online LED sign generator on our website so you can practice designing your sign.

    Orant Neon ships products globally. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can order and receive goods at home. It's convenient, isn't it?

    5. FAQs about neon lights

    For more information about how to make a neon sign at home, you can refer to the information below that we have compiled.

    5.1 Can I create LED neon text for my own product?

    You have the right to choose the content and font for your product. However, you should choose fonts of equal width. This will make the final product more eye-catching and easier to transport.

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    5.2 How much does it cost to make a LED sign

    From at least 100 $, you've got yourself a personalized and unique neon customized sign to decorate your house. The price of custom neon signs depends on the quantity, size, and difficulty of the design, as well as many other factors.

    how to make a neon light at home
    The price of neon lights will depend on the difficulty of the design

    5.3 What is Orant Neon's returns policy?

    Please send us a video of your sign as well as photos to: so we may identify the products you wish to return and why. In order to help you, we require both a video and a picture(s) of the problem. If you don't have a video and a photo of the problem, we will be unable to assist you. 

    After we receive all the required information, we will contact you to address the problem. Upon receiving your faulty product, you must return it in the same condition it was sent to you, along with all original packaging.

    If we agree to return the product, we will inspect it within 14 days. Orant Neon will make and ship a replacement product as soon as possible if requested.

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    6. Unique ideas when making neon lights

    To get the most out of LED neon, you need to plan ahead. The creative ideas below will help you to make your space better with LED neon!

    6.1 Weddings

    Having a LED sign in the background might assist give your wedding photographs a special touch if you want to add an extra aspect. A sign placed against a background offers your guests a specific location to take amusing selfies. Neon signs for weddings will create a splendid background for the bride, groom and everyone to capture memorable moments.

    how to make neon light signs for wedding
    Neon are used by many people at weddings

    6.2 Home decor

    Sometimes we simply need a little fun and frivolity in our home design. Neon lights may provide the needed element in your home design. They don't need to be over the top. The highlight of a maximalist living room or the ideal color accent in a dining room can both be neon sign.

    how to make a neon sign for home
    You can make a name sign and hang it on the wall 

    6.3 Make a unique neon light for your bar and restaurant 

    Over the past several years, neon signs for bars have been a common method to decorate businesses, making a statement piece of art whether it's behind the bar, on the wall, or in the window! Neon bar signs may brighten the space and help you stand out from the competition by adding the ideal aesthetic accent.

    how to make a neon light for bar
    Neon for bar decor at Orant Neon 
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    The above article has helped readers understand how to make a neon sign as well as creative ideas with LED signs. To refer to the product list and other helpful information, you can visit the Orant Neon's website immediately!

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