Je T'aime (I Love You)
Je T'aime (I Love You)
Je T'aime (I Love You)
Je T'aime (I Love You)
Je T'aime (I Love You)

Orant Neon

Je T'aime (I Love You)

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Size:60cm (2ft)
Material:LED Neon

I Love You Neon Sign | Adding Sweetness to Space

I Love You neon sign is a confession that is too familiar but never runs out of sweetness. Come to Orant Neon and give this romantic neon sign to the one you love right now!
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Meaning of I Love You neon sign

I Love You neon signs are a popular way of expressing love and affection. They are often used in romantic settings, such as restaurants, bars or even in the home. These signs come in various shapes and sizes, and can be customized to include any message you want to express.

Neon I Love You sign is an iconic symbol that has been around for decades and continues to be a popular way of expressing love. It is a timeless symbol that transcends language barriers and speaks directly to the heart.

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      Can I design I Love You neon lights by myself?

      You can completely custom led sign if you like. However, the price will depend on the difficulty of the design.


      If you are wondering about font for neon sign, don't worry, we have nearly 30 fonts for you to choose from. You will indeed create your perfect neon light.


      The minor neon light we provide start at 60 cm (2 ft), while the largest ones reach over 300 cm (10ft). Just let us know if you require a particular size, and we'll try our best. When choosing neon sign sizes, you should consider a few factors about the space you intend to hang it to design the best neon signs.


      At the Orant Neon, customers can choose from 25 neon sign colors. There are a total of 11 colors. When the neon light is off they are white and when the light is on it will show the correct color. The other 10 colors still retain their color even when the lights are off (just not as bright).

      Some popular neon sign colors that you can refer to:

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        Decorating ideas with neon I Love You sign?

        With the romance of I Love You neon lights, it will be perfect for decoration at weddings, engagements, or couples' bedrooms.

        For Wedding

        I Love You neon sign is a sweet confession for the big day of couples. It is also a sweet wedding gift that you can give to the bride and groom.

        For party

        Neon I Love You sign is a reasonable decor for an engagement party, its appearance will make the space sweeter.

        For Bedroom

        I Love You neon lights is the perfect bedroom decor idea for a couple's bedroom, this sweet space will make the two of you happier.

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        The I Love You neon sign will be the perfect choice for any space that needs a little extra romance. Come to neon sign shop Orant Neon to buy this neon light for weddings, engagements and great parties.