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15+ Red Neon Sign Aesthetic For Home Decoration

Why not add a little bit of red to your space? With our hot red neon sign, you can do just that. This radical shade will really pop and captivate attention in any room! 

1. Neon red aesthetic for sale

You’ll feel the adoring love-filled vibes in your room with our neon aesthetic. Adore yourself and make it a little more romantic!

1.1  Anime

Red Anime neon are the perfect addition to any Japanese neonlover's living room! The lights are so bright and beautiful, I can't help but feel happy when this is on.

red neon sign

Neon red aesthetic aesthetic anime

1.2 Red Bull

If you are looking for a neon colors to add some life to your restaurant or cafe, this red bull LED neon would be perfect. It's sure not only meets but also surpasses all expectations!

red neon aesthetic

Bull neon red aesthetic

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1.3 Halloween

Create a spooky and stylish ambiance with this bat neon signs that is perfect for any occasion, from Halloween parties to just lounging around. The sleek design will make your home look more modern while at the same time delivering an indulgent experience every time you see it in action!

neon red aesthetic

Neon red sign aesthetic Halloween

1.4 Lightning bolt

The neon lightning bolt aesthetic is a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It combines vibrant colours and bold shapes, often featuring lightning bolts, to create a visually striking look. The use of  lighting and bold shapes creates an eye-catching effect that can be used to make any space stand out.

light red aesthetic
Lightning bolt neon red sign

1.5 Heart

Heart neon are a great way to add a touch of style and personality to your home or office. These signs come in various shapes, sizes and colours, making them perfect for any room's decor. Heart LED signs can be used to create a romantic atmosphere or simply as an eye-catching piece of art.
neon red sign

Light red aesthetic heart

1.7 Girl

This sexy LED signs is sure to catch your eye with its beauty. It would be a perfect addition to any room in the house, from the bedroom to man cave! It'll be the perfect thing to bring some life and character into that dark room of yours!

red neon lights

Red aesthetic neon girl

1.8 Hello Kitty

Who says you can't have fun and be stylish at the same time? The Hello Kitty LED sign will add some life to your wall. It is also an amazing gift for someone who has their own space.

red neon signs

Neon red signs hello kitty

1.9 Headphones

Headphone lights are a must-have for any bedroom in the house. This set of bright and colorful will spice up your bedroom or gaming room with personality

red bedroom aesthetic

Neon aesthetic red headphones

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2. Decor ideas with red neon sign for space

Got any idea where to use these signs? Here are some of the places you can use the burning red neon aesthetic.

2.1 Home decor

Neon red sign are an excellent way to add some personality and energy into your home decor. With the wide variety available, you can find one that best suits both function as well aesthetically!

neon light red

Light red aesthetic for home decor

2.2 For bedroom decor 

You'll never be bored with this vibrant neon red sign in your bedroom. It gives you the perfect atmosphere and the vibe will amaze you. Glowing red will definitely change the ambiance of the room. Here are neon sign bedroom ideas that are worth trying!

neon red light

Neon red aesthetic for bedroom

2.3 Business advertisement

Imagine the possibilities with neon red sign. You can have your business or restaurant's name lit up in an unforgettable way, making it easier for people to find you! There are so many different styles and designs available that will suit any needs.

red neon light

Neon aesthetic redfor business advertisement

2.4 Event decoration

Wedding and birthday parties would be the perfect place to use these red LED signs. These lights are also great for attracting attention at an event or outdoor occasion such as a ball game!

neon lights red

Light red aesthetic for event decoration

3. How to customize your neon red sign? 

We know you have a creative side, so we'll help cultivate it! Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way for people like us to express ourselves creatively? You can find all of your neon customized sign right here at Orant Neon. 

Using our service, you can create a custom logo or message on an neon sign Orant Neon that will make your space and your business stand out.

Here are 8 outstanding neon color at Orant Neon:

Blue Purple Red
White Yellow Pink

4. FAQs about red neon lights

4.1 Why choose a red?

Red, a bold and attention-grabbing color, symbolizes passion, energy, and excitement. A red neon adds vibrancy and dynamism to your decor, becoming a captivating focal point.

4.2  Where can I place my neon for maximum impact?

For maximum impact, consider various placements based on your decor style. Popular options include above a bed, behind a bar, on a gallery wall, or in a living room. Choose locations that enhance the dramatic ambiance of the sign's glow.

neon red asthetic

You should choose a range that matches the size of the LEDs

4.3 Can I customize the design of the red neon?

Customization is available from many manufacturers. Tailor the font style, size, and message perfectly to suit your space and preferences, creating a personalized touch.

4.4 How do I install the red neon sign?

Installing a neon is straightforward, usually coming with mounting hardware. Hang it securely using nails, screws, or wall hooks. Ensure proper attachment to the wall and manage electrical cords safely.

4.5 Are red neon energy-efficient?

While neon signs are less energy-efficient than LEDs, advancements have been made to improve consumption. Factor in the energy usage and duration when deciding on your character.

neon red lights

LED signs will save electricity more than traditional lights

4.6 Can I dim the brightness of my neon?

Some products offer built-in dimmer switches for brightness adjustment. If not, external dimming devices or professional modifications might be necessary.

4.7 Can I create a vintage aesthetic with a red neon sign?

Absolutely! Red neon light can evoke nostalgia and a retro aesthetic. Pair with elements like exposed brick walls, classic furniture, and vintage artwork to enhance the vintage vibe.

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Whether you're in need of a quick reminder to get back on track at work or looking for the perfect addition that will give your bedroom an edgy vibe, there are plenty of ways this red neon sign that Orant Neon can help.




I needed a sign that replicated my logo. Orant neon nailed it. From ordering to delivery, the experience was excellent.

I needed a sign that replicated my logo. Orant neon nailed it. From ordering to delivery, the experience was excellent.

Mateo Cooper

Mateo Cooper

I was provided with a lot of equipment so the installation was easy

I was provided with a lot of equipment so the installation was easy



Sign came exactly as pictured online, including its color. Highly recommend getting the dimmer remote! Great addition to my new apartment

Sign came exactly as pictured online, including its color. Highly recommend getting the dimmer remote! Great addition to my new apartment

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