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Happiness cannot simply wait, it must also take effort to create. This adorable Better Together neon can glow and transform your area, making it ideal for all romantic events.

1. What is the meaning of the Better Together?

Better Together is the top choice when people search for neon wedding sign. However, it is also used as a wedding gift, or for engagements, anniversaries. "Better Together" is a romantic promise. Let's go with your partner to go everywhere, do everything, live together until old age.

2. What's so special about this sign?

Highlight the space

Decorating your venue with Better Together signage is a perfect, inexpensive way to make your space look stunning.

Everyone is sure to love the warm glow of this sign. You can hang them on walls, windows, and doors to attract attention. Our better matching neon reflects bright light and vibrant colors to add whimsical decor.

better together neon sign
This neon is suitable for many events
LED neon saves electricity, does not generate noise or heat, suitable for use in many different situations. Better Together neon will dispel any space's dullness and be the party's focal point.

Easy installation

Our decorative signs are easy to install and use. Simply mount the base on the wall, plug in the power adapter, then press the power key to light up the neon. All supporting tools will be sent to you by us.

better together neon signs

This LED lights are a romantic way to express your love
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3. Can I make my own LED neon design?

With neon customized sign service of Orant Neon, you can make your own sign by yourself, including font, color, and moreover.

Orant Neon goes above and beyond just providing you with the tools, they ensure the creation process is as immersive and personalized as possible. The magic truly begins when you see your ideas manifest into vibrant, custom neon signs. Each design element you select, from the font to the color, becomes a part of your unique masterpiece, casting an enchanting glow that becomes an extension of your personality or your brand's identity.

3.1 Font

For example, script and sans-serif fonts perform better than other designs. It is recommended to use only fixed line weight fonts for Neon to display correctly is recommended. Neon lights cannot display calligraphic or different variable width fonts correctly.

3.2 Color

You may choose from  25 neon sign colors. Twelve are white and colored, depending on whether the sign is on or off. The remaining ten colors are provided with a jacket and a cover that fits over the tube and reveal the color even when the sign is off (just not as bright).

3.2.1 Orange

Sign orange is the perfect addition to any party or gathering. Neon orange aesthetic is sure to catch everyone's attention, and it's sure to get the party started.

orange better together neon sign for sale

A beautiful neon in orange 

3.2.2 Yellow 

The sign in yellow is a great way to add fun and color to your home. Neon yellow aesthetic is sure to catch the eye of guests and make them smile

yellow better together neon light sign

A yellow LED sign 
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4. Ideas decor with Better Together neon

This signs are deeply meaningful and widely used signs. However, do you already know how to decorate it properly? Stay tuned for our recommendations.

4.1 Party or special occasion

Adding a Together sign to your decor party will perfectly show your love for each other. This eye-catching sign will be the perfect addition to any celebration and will make a bold statement that you are better together.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or birthday or just want to add some extra sparkle to your decor, this sign will make a statement that you are better together. It is also easy to light up any room and create a fun atmosphere.

4.2 Wedding

The neon sign is an excellent way to make your wedding fun and unique. It's perfect for when you want a little something extra, like the modern rituals (such as congratulations) or traditional ones that are still necessary for any event: cutting a cake, serving beverages such as beer steins with two cups attached at each,...

better together neon sign for wedding

You should use this neon for your wedding day

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    When we're together, we're always better. The Better Together neon sign of Orant Neon is an excellent way to add a fashionable yet eccentric element to your wedding décor and a terrific focus point.

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