Custom Neon Sign Dallas For Home & Business Decor

Custom neon sign Dallas has the perfect option for you. Custom neon lights in Dallas can help you stand out from the competition thanks to their vivid colors and virtually endless design options. For additional information about neon lights Dallas, see this article from Orant Neon.

1. About custom neon sign Dallas

Although neon signs always stayed in style, they have recently become popular around Dallas. Whether you own a traditional American diner, shopping center, or a nearby microbrewery, these retro-inspired signage are an eternal and eye-catching approach to attracting customers to your establishment.

Whatever you do for a living, Orant Neon can help you design, build, and custom neon sign wherever your business is.

custom neon sign Dallas

Custom neon lights Dallas will aid in increasing restaurant patronage

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2. Why custom neon signs in Dallas are popular? 

By working with Orant Neon, you invest in our signs' excellence, dependability, and durability. For years to come, you may light it whenever, anywhere, and in any condition. Only in Dallas can you get magnificent LED neon lights with such high craftsmanship. Let your specialized neon lights outshine your rivals in downtown Dallas's malls and retail areas. Daily increase your profit!

  • High Efficiency: The distinctive and eye-catching custom neons may attract more people to your shop by luring them with bold colors and clean lines.
  • Profitable: Never miss an opportunity and save yourself. An investment in LED neon lights can endure for up to 15 years. Also, it uses a relatively small amount of power.
  • Smart Investment: We provide weather-resistant neon signage for outdoor use. It may be lit up at any time of day, for every occasion, and in any weather.
  • Practical and safe: Do neon signs get hot? It is designed of ecologically safe PVC materials and utilizes LED technology. Low temperature, little noise, no short circuits, and less prone to accidents.
  • Easy to install: We provide installation accessories that are simple to use and can be set up quickly. Orant Neon is here to help if you require it at any time.
custom neon signs in Dallas
Neon sign custom Dallas will help boost the restaurant business

3. How much is a custom neon lights Dallas

At Orant Neon, the Dalla neon sign will cost you more than $100. Customers may select from various designs, typefaces, and sizes for each neon sign.

We provide custom neon light sign Dallas to order at about $100. The price may change depending on the font for neon sign, size neon light, level of design intricacy, and overall length of Text utilized. Visit our "Create Your Own Neon Sign" page for a special price.

custom neon lights Dallas

Orant Neon's custom neon light sign Dallas is extremely inexpensive

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4. Where to sell neon signs custom Dallas? 

Welcome to Orant Neon, the source of custom neon sign Dallas. Orant Neon wants everyone to express their artistic interests and decorate their homes with unique, handcrafted neon artwork. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

We know that your signs represent your brand, and we'll go above and beyond to make sure you're happy with your custom business signs' appearance.

custom neon light Dallas

A trustworthy and excellent Dallas neon sign manufacturer is Orant Neon

You'll enjoy the extra peace of mind that only Orant Neon can provide with our neon light signage. We constantly offer:

  • Product Variety: We provide several types of neon signs at different pricing ranges to fit your company, from LED neon signs to vintage glass tubing filled with rare gas.
  • Warranty Coverage: We offer a one-year guarantee on all bespoke neon signs made in Dallas and the opportunity to enroll in our ongoing maintenance program.
  • Professional Staff: We only employ insured, licensed, LEED-accredited, and OSHA-certified sign designers, installers, and repair experts.
  • Efficient Service: Our sign technicians are transported in fully stocked trucks, giving them quick access to all the necessary parts for sign installation, restoration, and maintenance.
  • Turnkey Solutions: With us, you won't need to go for separate contractors for electrical work, neon signs, LED signs, or other types of signage. We have electricians with state licenses that can handle any job!
custom neon light sign Dallas

At Orant Neon, clients will acquire a stunning Dallas neon sign

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Above is all information about the custom neon sign Dallas that Orant Neon introduced to you. Neon sign custom Dallas will be the right choice when you want to decorate your home more luxurious. Remember to read our website's other intriguing content.