Gambling Poker Led Neon Acrylic Artwork
Gambling Poker Led Neon Acrylic Artwork
Gambling Poker Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

Orant Neon

Gambling Poker Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

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Size:50cm | 20in

Have you ever felt excited and interested when wandering around casinos or participating in dramatic poker matches? Now you can recreate that vibrant atmosphere right in your space with Poker neon signs. Uniquely designed and using bright neon lighting, Poker will bring you a vibrant and outstanding entertainment space.This will be a unique and attractive decoration for your living or working space, especially if you are a poker game lover.

What's special about the Poker neon sign?

Poker neon signs attract attention at first sight. Bright neon lighting and vibrant colors, will create a unique visual effect, highlighting any space. When the neon light turns on, the poker neon sign creates a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, attracting viewers. They also create creative highlights in the space with typical images such as cards, chips, or poker symbols. This sign will bring the authentic feeling of a dramatic poker match.

We can use it to decorate game rooms, bar rooms, and cafes. The neon sign will create an attractive atmosphere and attract people. More than just a decoration, it is also a symbol of beauty and passion for the game of poker.

This can also be a unique and meaningful gift for poker lovers. If you want to give a gift to someone who is passionate about the game, a Poker neon sign can be a fun and unique gift to show love and interest in their hobby.

How to design a Poker neon sign to create a highlight?

When designing a Poker neon sign to create a highlight, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Choose the right color

Use bright and striking colors to attract attention. Red, green, and yellow are often used in poker design to create excitement and joyfulness. However, you can get creative and use other colors to make your sign unique.

Use appropriate fonts

Choose fonts that match the poker style, which can be bold, prominent and iconic fonts. Make sure the letters and numbers on the sign are easy to read and not too small.

Unique and creative design

Be creative in designing your sign to make it stand out and different. You can incorporate elements like handwriting, borders, or unique shapes to personalize your sign.

Positioning and measuring the right size

Determine the right place to hang the sign in your space. Signs should be hung in a visible location and become the center of attention. At the same time, make sure the size of the sign fits the space and is not too large or too small.

Special lighting and effects

Many people use neon lighting to create unique and attention-grabbing effects. You can use effects such as flashing, running text, or motion effects to make the sign more vivid.

Poker neon sign design depends on your creativity and personal preferences. Consider the above factors and create a unique and creative design that you feel fits your style and space. Then choose a custom neon sign service to turn your design into a real poker neon sign.

Poker is a great choice for creating a vibrant and inviting space. With unique design, bright lighting and flexibility in installation, it isn't only decorative but also provides an enjoyable experience for poker game lovers. Show off your passion and create a vibrant space with poker neon signs now!

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Gambling Poker Led Neon Acrylic Artwork can display at gaming roomhome room (living room, bedroom), valentine, party, event, birthday, officerestaurant, ...

Product type

LED Neon Sign

Operate Voltage


Light Source

LED Chip

Neon Color


Base Board

Transparent Acrylic



Mounting Way

Wall mounting / Hang on

Life Span

More than 50.000 hours


2 years

Power Supply