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Why Are Neon Signs So Expensive? Elements of Neon's Price

Why neon signs are so expensive? This is a question that many people who have not learned much about neon lights will ask. In this article, Orant Neon will help you better understand the factors that affect the price of neon lights.

1. Understand the value of neon lights

Neon signs are sometimes more expensive than alternatives like LED illumination. Both traditional lights and LED signs that resemble neon signs are widely available in retailers.

why are neon signs so expensive

LED signs is more popular nowadays

The additional effort needed and maintenance costs associated expenses with less expensive LED alternatives are a drawback. You must pay for the LED option's illumination, acrylic casing, maintenance, and other costs. Additionally, you'll have to worry more about light leaking from the sign and come up with solutions to stop it.

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2. Factors that make neon signs expensive

Usually, the price of a neon sign sale will depend on the complexity of the design, color, size and material. Let's dig deeper to find the answer to the question "Are neon signs expensive?"

2.1 The design

Neon customizable sign with distinctive forms, colors, and other artistic components takes more time. Therefore, they will cost more money to buy and require more labor.

Plus, it's less expensive to build if you choose an easy-to-manufacture or pre-made design. A professional designer will also be needed if you don't already have a design in place, which will increase the overall cost. That's why the redesign is the reason why are neon lights so expensive.

2.2 Size of the sign

The more challenging it is to make a sign, the bigger it gets. Smaller signs outside your business, for instance, will be significantly less expensive than the enormous you would find atop commercial structures. The ideal size will also vary based on where you intend to post your sign.

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2.3 Added features

Your signage will take longer to make and use more resources if it has extra features like waterproofing, backlighting, or halo lighting. Costs quickly rise as a result of this. Choose the finest option for your needs after deciding where you want to place your sign.

are neon signs expensive

The final cost of a sign depends on many factors

3. Where to buy neon lights at reasonable prices?

You can get affordable neon signs at Orant Neon. We make a lot of effort to keep our prices as cheap as we can while still providing a high-quality product. We provide a 24-month manufacturer's guarantee for any defects on any of our indoor and outdoor signage. We provide fashionable neon flex technology, which is more resilient and portable than glass neon.

Custom neon signs, despite the added cost and labor, offer an unparalleled level of personalization and vibrancy. The bright, glowing hues draw the eye, creating a captivating visual spectacle that can define the ambiance of a room or store. These signs, tailored to one's specifications, carry an essence of uniqueness, becoming a compelling medium for brand identity, personalized messages, or creative home decor. Moreover, they are an attractive investment, given their durability and the timeless appeal of neon artistry.

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So we have the answer to the question “Why are neon signs so expensive?”. They are typically more expensive than other types of signs because they are hand-crafted. However, neon signs last longer than other types of signs, so they may be a better investment in the long run.


yashil doll

yashil doll

Because 3d lights and much more factors are included

Because 3d lights and much more factors are included





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