Colorful Rainbow Neon Light For Wall Decor

A little bright light from a Rainbow neon lights will help your living space become more lively and attractive. The light from this sign can be used as a source of creative atmosphere or simply as a decoration to highlight a certain space.

Add a bit of color to your wall decor with the rainbow neon light and the bright glow will bring a unique atmosphere to the room. It can be used as a mood light or simply an eye-catching decoration that will accentuate the space. Let's learn more about this neon rainbow sign with Orant Neon!

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Why should we decorate with rainbow neon lights?

Made with premium LEDs, the rainbow neon light is just what your room needs to give it a bright, lively, and modern feel. The rainbow neon sign is built to consume less energy resulting in much longer life and durability.

Exquisitely processed and made of reliable materials, the neon rainbow sign is specially selected to last and continue to give a dreamy feel to any space and celebration.

The rainbow neon lights is perfectly suitable for children's, adults, and party rooms because of its cuteness and modernity. From occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, outings, performances, festivals, or weddings,... this rainbow LED sign will add just enough awe and excitement inspiration for the event.

So make a statement that lights up with this bold and beautiful rainbow sign from Orant Neon. It will indeed create an atmosphere you've always dreamed of, an unbelievably unique look, an exhilarating, fresh, and luxurious atmosphere.

small rainbow neon light

The rainbow sign is built to consume less energy

Meaning of the Rainbow neon signs


The rainbow is often considered a symbol of hope. It has special meaning when it appears after a storm, when everything seems dark and hopeless. But then, light suddenly appeared and created a brilliant rainbow in the sky. This symbolizes hope and faith in a better future, one that is positive and optimistic after difficulties and challenges.

In addition, the rainbow also has other meanings and symbols. In many cultures, it is considered a sign of luck and good omen. A rainbow creates a beautiful and magical image and it is often associated with wonder and joy.
Rainbows can also represent diversity and harmony. With its diverse colors, it signifies diversity in life and respect for differences. It can also be a symbol of harmony and solidarity. When different colors blend together to create a comprehensive and stunning image.


In the Bible, the rainbow appeared after the flood to symbolize God's promise to humans. It is considered a sign of forgiveness, regeneration and a better future. The rainbow in Noah's story represents God's promise that there will not be another such devastating flood and this is a new beginning for humans.

Additionally, rainbows are also used in art, film and literature to represent promise and hope. It is often used as a final dramatic element in a story, to create a positive ending and evoke emotions. The rainbow in this case represents the better times ahead.


The rainbow is also considered a symbol of luck in many different cultures around the world. The appearance of a rainbow is seen as a positive sign and is linked to receiving good things in life. Therefore, it is often considered a wish of good luck for those who see it.

However, the rainbow and its meaning can vary in each culture and tradition. It is important that for many people, rainbows bring hope, joy and luck.


The appearance of a rainbow after a rain or storm often brings a feeling of peace and hope to people. It is a symbol of the return of light and color after difficult times. The rainbow also represents the end of a difficult period and the opening of a new peaceful period.

What's so attractive about Rainbow neon lights?

Rainbow neon lights are a great choice to bring a bright, lively and modern feel to your room. Created by LED lights, rainbow neon signs not only save energy but also have high longevity and durability.

Rainbow neon lights are crafted with the best materials. This makes it last for a long time and brings a dreamy feel to spaces.

With a cute and modern design, the Rainbow neon lights are perfectly suitable for children, adults and any party room. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, family gathering, outing, performance, festival or wedding, this Rainbow LED sign will bring inspiration and excitement to any event.

Not only that, Rainbow neon lights also create a dynamic space thanks to their bright lights and bright colors. When looking at this sign, people can feel a lot of positive energy. A lively and vibrant space will create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

With the information above, you can confidently use this neon sign. It will truly create the space you dream of, with a unique look. Besides, it will bring an atmosphere of excitement, freshness and luxury.

Choose neon rainbow light for space decoration

If you want to add a unique and vibrant touch to your space, consider adding a rainbow neon wall sign. The rainbow neon light is becoming increasingly popular as an eye-catching way to decorate any room.

Not only do they provide an interesting visual effect, but they also come in various shapes and sizes that can fit any budget. Whether you want to add a fun and cheerful vibe or create an atmosphere of sophistication, the neon rainbow sign is the perfect choice for all spaces. 

Quote rainbow

The rainbow LED neon is a common way to add accents to any house or business. They have all shapes and sizes, from small signs on the wall to large ones on the ceiling.

Whatever your style, rainbow neon lights creates an eye-catching screen that attracts attention and adds a unique feature to any room. Whether you are looking for something funny or more complicated, the rainbow sign highlights your space.

rainbow neon wall sign

A rainbow sign has all shapes and sizes

Rainbow cloud

Rainbow Cloud neon sign is popular for its eye-catching and whimsical design. They can be used in a variety of environments such as: bedrooms, living rooms, bars or commercial spaces.

The colorful and vibrant nature of neon signs adds a vibrant and joyful atmosphere to any environment. These neon signs can be custom made or purchased from specialty stores that offer a variety of pre-designed neon sign options.

Rainbow neon lights has become a popular choice to help you decorate your home, office, and business. They create a unique atmosphere that will highlight any space. The vibrant color of the neon cloud sign creates a fun, attractive atmosphere and a modern style.

With an eye-catching design, this light attracts attention to any area in your home or business. Whether you are looking for a delicate highlight or an eye-catching central object, the rainbow cloud light sign will create an impact.

rainbow neon light sign

The rainbow cloud neon creates a unique atmosphere in any space 

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Sunnylife rainbow

The sign is designed to be attractive and visually appealing, creating a unique atmosphere and adding a playful touch to the surroundings. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Sunnylife Rainbow neon signs also serve practical purposes.

It can also act as a mood light, creating a cheerful and vibrant tone for the space. Furthermore, neon signs themselves can be thought of as decoration, adding color and personality to any room or environment.

The versatility of neon lights allows Sunnylife Rainbow signs to be flexible in layout. It can easily be hung on a wall, displayed on a shelf or table or even mounted on a stand. This versatility allows you to incorporate Rainbow neon signs into a variety of spaces and arrangements.

Sunnylife sign is the perfect way to add color and joy to your home or office. The neon rainbow sign will surely bring a smile to the face of everyone. With beautiful rainbow colors, this rainbow neon light sign will make any room stand out and create a unique atmosphere.

Neon are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have practical uses. It can be used as a nightlight, mood light, or decoration. With flexibility and vivid colors, the sunnylife rainbow LED sign will make every space shine.

rainbow neon sign

Sunnylife neon rainbow light adds color to your home or office

Art neon rainbow sign

The neon light sign has appeared for decades, but the art of creating beautiful rainbow neon light with them is an entirely different story. Neon lights are used to create beautiful, eye-catching, and brilliant works of art. With the combination of colors and shapes, neon lights create a unique artwork that stands out from the crowd.

The art neon rainbow sign is a great way to add some characteristics and colors to any space. They are also used as part of the statement or as an eye-catching decoration. With many colors and shapes available, there will undoubtedly be a perfect neon rainbow sign for your space.

neon rainbow sign

The art of creating beautiful and eye-catching rainbow neon light 

Heart rainbow

With a heart neon sign, your room will bring more light and color. With bright colors and unique designs, this sign will create more personality in any space. The heart rainbow LED neon will impress immediately if you want something to brighten the living room or office.

cloud neon rainbow sign

Your room will be bright and colorful with the heart rainbow LED neon

Desk lamp rainbow

Table lights are a great way to create a little color and personality for the room space. Desk lamp rainbow sign is becoming increasingly popular because they bring a unique and eye-catching way to help you light your desk.

Neon lights have many shapes and sizes, from abstract designs to classical symbols such as hearts and stars. They can be used as a lamp to create accents or as the primary lighting source for the workspace. With vibrant colors, the rainbow neon light signs will give most rooms more vitality and energy.

rainbow neon light for desk

Neon lights come in many shapes with abstract and classic designs

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How much does a rainbow neon sign cost?

A neon rainbow sign is becoming increasingly popular with its unique and eye-catching designs in any space. So the price of these LED neon is costly? They also depend on the sign's size, design, or complexity.

If the rainbow neon light sign has complex and large designs, they will cost more than simple designs. However, many options are available for adding a touch of sophistication to your home or business. At Orant Neon we support you to customize neon signs with the best cost. 

yellow rainbow neon light

A rainbow sign still depend on the sign's size, design, or complexity

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Can I change the color of the neon rainbow sign

This also depends on the type of neon rainbow sign you have. If you have a traditional neon sign, it may not be possible to change the color so that the neon color is fixed. However, if you have a neon rainbow sign, you can change the color as the neon lights are programmable and remotely controllable. 

The most common rainbow LED neon colors are listed below, along with a quick explanation of how to create each neon sign colors

  • Red: The purest type of neon enclosed in transparent glass tubing.
  • Orange: Neon coupled with glass tubing that is yellow or orange in hue or helium. 
  • Yellow: Krypton mixed with several colors of glass tubing in yellow.
  • Green: Variable quantities of Krypton in transparent glass tubing.
  • Blue: Glass tubes carrying mercury vapor.
  • Pink: Neon in white or pink-hued glass tubing or helium in clear glass tubing.
  • White: Various concentrations of carbon dioxide in transparent glass tubing.
  • Purple: The purple color of the LED sign is mixed with the basic blue and red colors.
  • Back: When the neon sign is off it will have its colors disappear, however, some colors will still show up just not as brightly.
large rainbow neon wall sign

The rainbow neon light is programmable and remotely controllable

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Decorating ideas with neon rainbow sign

The rainbow neon light is a great way to add color and fun to a room. They use as centerpieces in the living room, bedroom, study room, or even as accents in the office or restaurant. The neon rainbow sign is also perfect for special occasions like birthdays and holidays. With the right design and placement, these signs can help bring life to various events. 

Custom neon signs have also seen a resurgence in popularity, thanks to their vibrant and versatile nature. They're not just restricted to rainbows; one can get any shape, letter, or phrase they wish, allowing a high degree of personalization. Whether you want to illuminate a favorite quote, your brand logo, or a creative design, these signs can be tailored to reflect your unique aesthetic. Businesses use them for branding, while individuals often use them to make their spaces more personal and lively. With a custom neon sign, your space transforms from ordinary to extraordinary, creating a captivating atmosphere that's hard to ignore.

  • For bedroom
  • The neon rainbow light is very popular for bedrooms, they are used in place of regular rainbow neon wall sign to add a party feel and make the bedroom more intimate. Stick a neon light on one side of the bed or over the entire bed instead of the headboard, using fun words and phrases for extra inspiration.

    mini rainbow neon light sign

    The neon rainbow light is trendy in bedrooms

  • For study room
  • The rainbow neon light can use in other spaces like classrooms to add a bit of fun and relaxation, such as hanging neon flamingos on a desk. You can also rainbow LED sign at the entrance to make it more pleasant, put a matching neon on the wall and you won't want to leave the house.

    tiny rainbow neon sign

    The rainbow neon can use in space classrooms

  • For living room 
  • The rainbow neon light is excellent for adorning living rooms and their various areas. Neon lights are great for modern rooms and you can hang some lights on the sofa, in the reading nook, or on the bar. You can choose from different colors, lots of pictures, or inspirational quotes.

    rainbow neon light for wall

    Neon lights are great for modern rooms and can be hung on the sofa

    Relevant products:

    The rainbow neon light is a fun and visually appealing way to add color and vibrancy to any space. They are very versatile and can be used in various environments, from home decor to commercial signage. If you are interested in the neon rainbow sign, please contact  Orant Neon immediately for advice!

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