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 Cactus Jack Neon Sign By Travis Scott For Wall Decor

The unique Cactus Jack neon sign from Orant neon will help you follow the trend. The heat from the Travis Scott Cactus Jack is undeniable. From t-shirts, shoes, and now to neon signs, Cactus Jack is a symbol that’s imprinted on youngster’s mind. 

1. Cactus Jack neon sign meaning

1.1 Travis Scott Neon Sign

Illuminate your space with the vibrant energy of the Travis Scott Neon Sign. This eye-catching piece features the iconic Travis Scott logo rendered in bright, neon hues, creating a dynamic focal point for any room.

 Whether you're a devoted fan or simply looking to infuse your surroundings with a touch of contemporary pop culture, this neon sign is a must-have. Hang it on your wall, place it on a shelf, or use it to transform your entertainment area into a hip and trendy oasis that captures the essence of Travis Scott's electrifying persona.

cactus jack neon sign

 Cactus Jack logo

1.2 Scott Cactus Neon Light

Elevate your decor with the Scott Cactus Neon Light, a fusion of modern aesthetics and desert-inspired charm. Crafted as a cactus, this neon light adds a playful yet stylish twist to any space. The neon glow radiates a warm and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal addition to your bedroom, lounge, or even a themed party. 

Whether you're a fan of Travis Scott's signature style or simply drawn to the allure of neon art, the Scott Cactus Neon Light promises to be an exceptional conversation starter and a captivating element of your interior design.

cactus jack neon sign for sale

Cactus Jack led neon sign

1.3 Jack LED Light

Introducing the Jack LED Light – a versatile and minimalist lighting solution that seamlessly integrates into various settings. This sleek and slender LED light is designed to provide efficient illumination while exuding a contemporary aesthetic. Its unobtrusive design makes it perfect for accentuating architectural features, highlighting artwork, or creating a subtle yet impactful atmosphere in any room. 

With its energy-efficient LED technology, the Jack LED Light combines functionality and elegance, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate modern design with a touch of sophistication.

2. Cactus Jack Travis Scott neon sign

Decorating with a Cactus Jack Neon Sign can add a trendy and unique touch to your space. Here are some creative ideas to incorporate the neon sign into your decor:

2.1 Gallery Wall Centerpiece

Create a captivating gallery wall by placing the Cactus Jack Neon Sign at the center. Surround it with framed artwork, posters, and other decorative items complementing the sign's color palette and theme. This arrangement can become the focal point of your living room, bedroom, or entertainment area.

travis scott sign
Make boring walls more artistic

2.2 Bohemian Oasis

Combine the Cactus Jack Neon Sign with natural elements like macramé wall hangings, potted succulents, and woven textiles to achieve a bohemian-inspired oasis. The neon glow will provide a modern twist to the rustic and earthy ambiance.

2.3 Bedroom Accent

Hang the neon sign above your bed to create a captivating headboard alternative. Pair it with cozy textiles like plush blankets and throw pillows to create a cozy and inviting sleeping space.

travis scott neon sign
Choose a gentle LED color for the bedroom

2.4 Home Bar or Entertainment Area 

Transform your home bar or entertainment area into a hip and energetic space by placing the Cactus Jack Neon Sign on a bar shelf or wall. This setup will infuse a lively and club-like atmosphere into your gatherings.

2.5 Workplace Motivation

If you have a home office or workspace, position the neon sign above your desk. Its vibrant glow can serve as a motivational focal point during work hours, and it's a great way to infuse energy into your creative endeavors.

cactus jack neon
The bright light of the LEDs keeps you motivated to work

2.6 Event or Party Decor

Use the neon sign as part of your event decor for special occasions. Whether it's a birthday party, music-themed gathering, or any celebration, the sign can set the mood and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Remember to experiment with different placements, lighting levels, and decor combinations to find the perfect arrangement that suits your style and the vibe you want to create in your space.

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3. Customize the Travis Scott Cactus Jack neon sign

To make sure everyone gets a unique sign, we offer custom neon signs cheap services. You can make your own Cactus Jack neon sign to your liking at Orant Neon. Our team will help you create an exclusive design.

3.1 Font

You can pick whatever fonts you like. However, there’re some fonts that work better than others. We recommend you use some of the preset font for neon sign, on our website. Our team of designers would be pleased to help you create a distinctive design that works with our capabilities.

3.2 Color

We provide a selection of 25 different LED neon sign colors. When the sign is off, 11 of them are white; when it is on, they are colored. For the remaining hues, a colored tube is included, allowing the sign to retain its color even when it is off.

neon cactus jack sign

Custom Cactus Jack led neon sign

3.3 Special design

You can create your own neon lights from scratch. For a special design, please send the ideas through our custom design form. We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the design and the exact price.

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4. Tech specifications of neon sign

  • Size: Customize as your request (Minimum size of a letter is 4CM)
  • Flexible Size LED Neon (Width x Height): Dimensions (6 x 12mm) or (8 x 15mm)
  • LED Neon Flex Jacket: White coat (White display off) / Color jacket (Color display off)
  • Neon Color LEDs: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Warm white, Light pink, Yellow, Lemon yellow, Ice blue, Purple, Pink
  • Next round: 5mm . Acrylic Sheet
  • Acrylic board color : Transparent/black/color
  • Guarantee: 24 month
  • Backboard shape: Cut to Shape, Square Back, Invisible Acrylic
  • LED Power Adapter: Standard 230v or 110v LED power adapter
  • AC power plug: EU / UK / AU / US . plug
  • Main part: Acrylic sheet, Neon flex, Power supply, Installation accessories
  • Transparent cable: Approx. Length 2m (from LED sign)
  • AC power cord: Approx. 1.5m long (from transformer)
  • Installation method: Mount (on the wall) or Hang by rope (on the ceiling)

Shipping Information

All orders are processed and ready to be shipped within 5-7 business days upon receipt of payment. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

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