How Much Do Custom Neon Signs Cost?

How much do custom neon signs cost and what factors influence the price? The are many factor to a neon sign depends on several factors, including the size, complexity, and design of the sign. Learn more about with Orant Neon!

1. Why should you choose a custom neon sign?

There are many reasons why you should choose custom neon signs for your business. They are a great way to attract attention and stand out from the competition. They are also a very efficient way to advertise, as they can be seen from a distance and are difficult to ignore.

In addition to all of this, neon signs are also very versatile. You can use them to promote sales, events, or just to show off your brand. No matter what you use them for, they are sure to make a lasting impression.

how much does a neon sign cost

The great way to show yourself

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2. The price of neon lights depends on what factors?

We will explore each of these factors in detail so that you can find the answer to the question "How much is a custom neon sign?"

2.1 Size

As you probably know, neon light LED prices vary based on a number of factors, including size. But did you know that size is actually one of the biggest factors that affect pricing? Here's a quick rundown on how size affects prices: the larger the sign, the more expensive it will be. This is because larger signs require more materials and more labor to create.

  • Small size: from 60cm, all the way to over 100cm - $99 to $200.
  • Larger size: from 150cm, all the way to over 300cm - up to $300 or more.

2.2 Difficulty of the design

The more complex the design, the more expensive the sign will be. This is because complex designs take longer to create and often require special materials or processes.

The number of colors in a sign also affects the price. More colors mean more materials and more labor, which translates into a higher price tag.

how much do neon signs cost

Complicated sign come with a high price

3. How long does it take to produce a neon light?

Neon lights are one of the most beautiful and instantly recognizable forms of lighting. But have you ever wondered how long it takes to produce a neon light? As it turns out, it takes quite a bit of time and effort to create a neon light. 

The entire process can take days or even weeks, but the result is worth it. The neon light is not only beautiful, but it also has a long lifespan, making it a great investment for any business or home.

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4. How much do custom neon signs cost?

The price of neon customized sign can be found at Orant Neon's online design tool. This is the fastest way to customize a text-based sign. We offer customization in color, size, and fonts. 

Once you finish the design of your sign, you’ll get the exact price you have to pay. If you have a special design, send us the idea, and our designers will get back to you with all the details, including the price.

how much is a neon sign

You can make text sign at Orant Neon

5. Average price of neon lights in Orant Neon

As we said above, the price will depend on a number of factors. That’s why there’s no specific number. Generally, custom neon signs start at around $100 and can go up to $2000 or more. You're looking for at least a few hundred dollars for a basic sign, and prices can go up from there depending on the size, design, and installation. 

But if you're looking for a unique and eye-catching way to advertise your business or add some personality to your home, It is definitely worth the investment.

how much does a custom neon sign cost

The average price for a neon sign

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In this article, we have found out the answer to “How much do custom neon signs cost? They come in a variety of colors and styles, and they can be made to fit any budget. Go to Orant Neon to choose the most affordable custom neon signs on the market.

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