Neon Sign Nails Ideas For Decor Beauty Salon

Nails neon sign is the perfect way to add glamor and sparkle to your beauty salon. With these eye-catching designs, you can be sure that your customers will be in awe the moment they walk into your salon. Let's learn more about neon nails sign with Orant Neon through the article below!

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1. Benefit of nails neon sign for beauty salon 

Do you own a nail salon and don't know how to reach more customers? You can refer to the neon light nails. If used correctly, it is great for potential customers to know that you provide the services they are looking for. Quality, led sign custom help promote products and services like no other advertising medium can.

Made of neon-lit glass tubes, the nails neon light will operate 24 hours a day. Even when you leave your business, potential customers can still see the services you offer and remember where to access your products and services. Nail salon neon signs are a great way to promote your business even without a big marketing budget. 

Nails neon signs help promote products and services

2. Suggestions for neon nail designs to decorate your business

Nails neon sign is a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. With neon sign design, you can create an unforgettable experience for your customers. From classic to modern designs, you're sure to find the perfect design for your business. Explore the elements below for neon light nails styles that will instantly decorate your business.

2.1 Animated

Neon nails are a great way to add a unique and eye-catching look to your nails. With the latest trend of animated neon nails sign, you can have more fun with your manicure.

These signs are used to create stunning designs that glow in the dark and become more fluid as you move your hand. Whether you are looking for something more fun or elegant, animated neon nails will give you the perfect look.

Neon nails are a great way to add a unique and eye-catching

2.2 Nails polish

Neon lights have been a popular form of lighting since the early 20th century, but now they are being used in a whole new way to create beautiful works of nail art. Neon nails are becoming more and more popular due to the vibrant and eye-catching colors that can be used to create unique designs.

With neon nails, you can create a variety of styles, from subtle, sophisticated to bold. Whether you're looking for something subtle or dramatic, neon nails are the perfect way to make your look outstanding.

green nails neon light

Nails polish neon light are becoming more and more popular

2.3 Nails emoji

Neon lights are a fun and eye-catching way to decorate any space. With the advent of nails emoji neon lights, you can now express yourself in an even more creative way. These neon signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to easily customize your look.

Whether it's a party or just for your own personal entertainment, these emoji nail neon lights are sure to stand out. They not only add a unique touch to any room but also showcase your personality and style. So, if you're looking to make your space stand out from the crowd, why not consider adding some emoji neon lights to your nails?

purple nail neon light

Nails emoji neon lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes

3. Customzied nails neon lights  

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what color you want to use in your nails neon sign. Let's learn more about the factors below with Orant Neon:


Neon sign sizes is the first factor that can determine the color you choose. If you want a very large neon nails sign, you can avoid trying to create an overly specific color in it. In this case, sticking with a core color is likely to be better as it is less expensive to create and less reproducible in the future.

pink nail neon sign

The first factor that can determine the color in size 


If you intend to place outdoor neon signs then invest in better lighting design. Because if the light is better, people are more likely to see the sign, especially at a distance. 

Conversely, if there is a dimmer indoor sign, it will be a good choice. Using frosted glass tubes can help you reduce brightness while maintaining the color you want for nails neon sign. If your neon is in a small room or dark area it could hurt the customer's eyes.

nails neon sign light

The light is good and people are more likely to see the sign


Consider whether you want to place the nails neon signs at eye level, overhead, or along the ground. The color and luminosity that you add to your design will help attract the attention of your customers. 

At the same time, the design does not cause discomfort, frustration, or harm to people's eyes. For example, you can use more muted colors in your eye-level signage, as it usually doesn't need to focus so much on its placement.

best nails neon signs

The color and luminosity help attract the attention of customers


The color and lighting behind the sign will also help you determine the ideal colors and brightness to create them. Remember to avoid mixing colors like neon orange on a red background. Mixing colors will reduce the likelihood that your customers will notice the sign. Similar colors can even make your sign hard to read or see.

Nails polish neon light

Avoid mixing colors like neon orange on a red background


If you have specific business colors, you can display them in your nails neon sign. For example, if your business logo is green and orange, you could put green toilet text on the orange wall. Use brand-related colors so customers can remember you and connect the vision of your sign to your business.

4. How long do neon nails sign last?

Generally, neon nails sign will last about 10 years if they are kept in good condition and made of high-quality and durable neon tubes. However, there are several components that makeup neon LED, and each of those components can be damaged.

To make sure your neon light stands the test of time, you need to replace a damaged tube or transformer every few years. While this is an easy task, many people forget to check the signs for damage and buy a new one.

So, if your nails neon sign is no longer glowing, before you throw it in the trash, carefully inspect the transformer. If the transformer light is blinking, it should be replaced. You should also clean your sign every few months, especially if the sign is indoors.

When a nail neon light is placed indoors, dust can quickly accumulate on the surface of the delicate neon tubes and cause the sign to lose its luster. If you notice that your red neon light is starting to turn a light orange, the sign needs further maintenance.

Incorporating custom neon signs into your beauty salon design can help create an inviting atmosphere for your customers. The signs can be tailored to match your brand aesthetics and color scheme, promoting brand recognition and consistency. You could consider having your salon's name or services, such as "manicure", "pedicure", or "spa" written out in dazzling neon. Alternatively, use a captivating icon or symbol that resonates with your business. These custom neon signs will not only catch the eye of passersby but also add a unique charm to your interiors, making the salon feel more vibrant and welcoming.

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It can be said that nails neon sign is increasingly popular and bring novelty to your nail salon. They can add a unique and eye-catching touch to any space and are used both indoors and outdoors. If you have any questions or want advice on neon nails sgin, don’t hesitate to contact Orant Neon right away!

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