Great Sun Neon Sign For Decor Home & Business

The sun neon sign is a popular and unique decoration choice that is becoming increasingly popular for homes and businesses. This neon sign is a versatile option for use in various environments. Let's learn more about this neon sun sign with Orant Neon through the article below!

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1. The benefits of the sun neon sign

The sun neon sign pairs perfectly with so many colors. Adding a little sparkle to your room, decorating has never been so easy and fun. This neon sun sign is excellent for any room or business decor and all colors are available.

Let the sunlight shine through with these beautiful sun neon signs. It's perfect for homes and bedrooms to have wall art. This neon sign is lightweight, long-lasting, heat-free, and completely safe. The neon sign is shatterproof, energy efficient, recyclable, UV resistant and RoHS, CE, and UL certified.

sun neon sign

A neon sun sign is excellent for any room or business decor

2. Outstanding neon sun sign patterns for every space

Sun neon sign is a great way to add a unique touch to any space. They come in various colors and patterns, making finding the perfect one for your home or business easy. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a neon sun sign pattern that will make your space shine. 

2.1 Sun cloud neon light

Sun neon sign has become a popular way to add a unique and eye-catching element to many spaces. They are commonly used in commercial environments but also in residential areas.

The sun cloud neon light emits a soft, warm glow that adds an inviting atmosphere to any room. These signs not only look great but are also energy-efficient and cost-effective. With so many benefits, sun cloud neon light is becoming the top choice for businesses and homeowners.

neon sun sign

The sun cloud neon light emits a soft and warm 

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2.2 Sun cloud rain neon signs

Neon signs are an eye-catching way to make your business stand out. Sun neon sign is a great way to add color and energy to your business exterior. With bright colors and bold designs, a sun neon light sign is used to attract attention and create an attractive atmosphere for customers.

They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. Whether you need to add fun decor, sun cloud rain neon signs will do the trick. 

sun neon light

Sun cloud rain neon signs come in a variety of sizes and shapes

2.3 Retro sun neon light sign

Sun neon sign is one of the most popular vintage lights used in modern decoration. They provide a unique and eye-catching look to many spaces while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you're looking to add a bit of nostalgia or just want to brighten up your living space, a neon sun sign is the perfect way to do it. With their retro sun neon light sign, these signs can bring a touch of charm that will surely add character to any room.

sun neon signs

Retro sun neon light sign can bring a touch of charm

2.4 Sun & moon neon sign

Sun neon sign is an iconic way to add style and personality. Whether you're looking to brighten your living room or create a focal point in your bar or restaurant, sun and moon neon signs are a perfect choice.

With vibrant colors and eye-catching designs, these works of art make the space look more attractive and stylish. They use as part of an outdoor display, adding beauty to many gardens or patios. So, if you want something unique and eye-catching, sun neon signs are perfect.

sun neon light sign

Sun & moon neon sign makes the space more attractive and stylish 

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3. Can sun neon light be used outdoors?

Whether it's for your home, a special event, a business, or a gift that will be treasured forever, our 'Design Your Own Sign' option is your invitation to make your mark in a way that's uniquely you. Dare to dream, dare to design – your imagination is the only limit."

Standard sun neon sign is indoor signs that can be used at outdoor events, parties,... provided it is for short periods of time when the weather is nice and not wet. Please note that standard signs are not watertight and must not be exposed to wet, very hot, or cold weather or placed where they may get wet.

yellow sun neon sign

Sun neon signs should not be exposed to water for a long time

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4. Can neon sun signs be repaired? 

Your sun neon signs are subject to storm damage, constant exposure to the elements, or simply from normal wear and tear. Here are a few signs you need neon sun sign repair:

  • Omitted trim
  • Apparent storm damage
  • Nonfunctioning or flickering lights
  • Faded pictures
  • Absent vinyl
  • Dings or nicks
  • Lack of paint

Remember that signs say a lot about your business. People will note if it looks shabby and is in disrepair. A sad-looking sign will increase mistrust of your business and may prompt potential customers to look elsewhere for the necessary goods and services.

So take the time and investment to beautify your sun neon sign regularly and make sure it always looks good. The investment in maintaining an image as a trusted professional in the industry is well worth the investment.

cloud neon sun sign

Sun neon light can be damaged by storms or normal wear and tear

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Sun neon sign is a unique, eye-catching decoration that can add personality and character to any home or business. Its vibrant colors and classic design make it a popular choice for creating a fun and inviting atmosphere in their space. If you have any questions about sun neon light, please contact Orant Neon for a free consultation.




Our neon sign is absolutely gorgeous! We are using it for our wedding but are going to get it worked into our house after.

Our neon sign is absolutely gorgeous! We are using it for our wedding but are going to get it worked into our house after.



Absolutely love my sign! It’s perfect.

Absolutely love my sign! It’s perfect.

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