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Can neon lights be outside?

Neon lights have long been a popular choice for indoor signs, artwork, and decorative lighting. But what about using neon lights outside? Can neon lights be used outside? Can they withstand the elements while still maintaining their brilliance? Let's find out through this article.

Structure of a neon light 

The main part of a neon light is a glass tube. This glass tube is often bent into different shapes such as letters, images or art forms. The glass tube has good electrical conductivity and good heat resistance, and it is usually made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. 

Neon lights are called "neon" because neon gas was originally used to produce light. However, today, many other gases such as argon, xenon and helium are also used to create a variety of colors. The gas inside the tube facilitates the photoluminescence reaction that occurs when the lamp is excited by an electric field.

To start the neon light, it is necessary to use a starter. This set facilitates the generation of electric fields and high voltages to stimulate the photoluminescence reaction in the glass tube. The starter is usually integrated into the lamp's power supply. Neon lights require a powerful enough power source to generate the current necessary to stimulate the photoluminescence reaction. The power supply of neon lights usually adjusts the current and voltage to ensure stable operation of the lights.

To protect and create good operating conditions for neon lights, it is necessary to use accessories and insulating materials. Wind shields and insulation rings are used to protect the glass tube from weather elements and impact. Insulating materials such as rubber and silicone are used to insulate the electrode and ensure safety when using neon lights. 

Due to its simple yet creative structure, neon lights have become a powerful visual medium for attracting attention and highlighting space.

Can neon lights be outside? 

Neon lights can be used outside, but there are several factors to consider to ensure their longevity and performance when installed outdoors.

Waterproofing: One of the most important things to consider when using neon lights outside is making sure they are properly waterproofed. Moisture can damage electrical components and affect lamp performance. Make sure that the neon tubes, connections and power supply are properly sealed to prevent water intrusion.

UV protection: Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can fade and discolor neon lights over time. To prevent this, it is essential to use a UV-resistant coating or material on the tube. Also, consider placing neon lights in shaded areas or using protective covers to minimize direct sun exposure.

Heat resistance: Extreme temperature fluctuations can affect the performance of neon lights. Although neon lights are typically designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, it is important to choose lights specifically rated for outdoor use. These lights are made with materials that can handle temperature variations without affecting their functionality.

Durability: Outdoor environments can be harsh, exposed to wind, rain and other elements. Make sure that the neon light is made from durable materials that can withstand these conditions. Stainless steel or weather-resistant housing and sturdy mounting hardware can help protect the light from damage. 

Although neon lights can be used outside, they may require more frequent maintenance than when used indoors. Outdoor environments cause more wear and tear on lights. Therefore, you should regularly check the lights for proper maintenance.

Should we put neon signs outside?

If you intend to use neon lights outside, research carefully about lights that are waterproof and abrasion resistant. Ensure proper installation and protection of electrical components. Remember to check and maintain your neon lights regularly to ensure stable and optimal operation.

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