Are neon lights expensive?

Custom neon signs are a hot-trend decoration in the US recently. But why are neon lights so expensive? This is a question that many people ask when purchasing neon signs.

Value of neon lights 

We often tend to compare prices between LED lights and neon lights when we have the goal of using light. 

The reality is that alternatives like LED lighting can have lower initial costs and be less expensive to maintain. LED lights consume less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional neon lights. Furthermore, LEDs can be flexible in creating many different lighting effects and colors.

However, neon signs still have their own advantages. Neon light has bright, sharp colors and has a special appeal. It creates a unique retro and artistic feeling that LED lights cannot completely replace. Neon signs are also considered a symbol of vogue and style. 

Regarding light leaks, neon signs may have small leaks through seams or gaps. This may require additional measures to prevent light leaks, but it is also solvable. Neon sign installation experts often have techniques to handle this problem and ensure light does not leak out.

Neon signs create unique artistic and diverse lighting effects, but can be more expensive and require maintenance. Meanwhile, LED has a lower initial cost and is easier to maintain, but cannot completely recreate the retro and artistic feel of neon signs. Choosing between the two depends on your personal requirements and priorities. 

Factors that make neon signs expensive

Usually, the price of neon signs will depend on the complexity of the design, color, size, and material.

The complexity of design

If the design of neon signs requires complex details, special curved shapes, or complex letter shapes, the manufacturing process will be more complex and require a lot of manual work. This may increase the cost of the logo.


The number and type of colors used in a neon sign can also affect the selling price. Each color requires its own neon tube, and the color manufacturing process is sometimes more complicated. Therefore, if the sign requires multiple colors or special colors, the cost may increase.


The size of the neon sign also affects the selling price. Larger signs require more materials and are more expensive to produce. Therefore, larger signs may cost more.


The material used in neon signs can also affect the selling price. Some neon signs use acrylic covers or other special materials to increase aesthetics and durability. These materials can be more expensive and increase the cost of the sign.

Other functions

When you add other features such as waterproofing, backlighting, or halo lighting to your signage, the manufacturing and engineering processes will become more complex, requiring more resources and time to use. This may increase the cost of the logo.

If the sign needs to be waterproofed to withstand environmental damage, such as rain, dampness or high humidity, the manufacturing process will include the use of waterproofing materials or additional coatings. This can increase costs because special waterproofing materials and more complex production technology must be used.

Some signs can be designed with backlighting to create a more powerful lighting effect. This often requires the use of light bulbs or other light sources, along with wiring and power supplies. Providing backlighting and installing lighting systems can increase the cost of the sign. 

In addition, there are other factors such as the manufacturer's brand, supply location and specific market that can also affect the selling price of neon signs.

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