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Are LED signs waterproof?

Are LED signs waterproof? Not all LED lights are waterproof, but most of them are. Waterproof LED lights are designed to prevent water from entering the inside of the light, partially or completely. They are able to withstand water falling directly onto the lamp surface and many lamps can also withstand being immersed in water. 

However, waterproof LED lights are usually only resistant to low levels of water, such as splashing water or light rain drops falling vertically onto the light. Often they are used indoors or in outdoor spaces without direct contact with water.

Waterproof level of custom LED lights is evaluated through the IP

The waterproof level of LED lights is evaluated through the IP (Ingress Protection) rating system, where the second digit represents the level of water resistance. Common values ​​include IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68. Here's what each value means:

- IP65: LED lights are waterproof when sprayed with water from any direction. It can withstand water falling directly on the lamp and is resistant to dust. 

- IP66: LED lights are waterproof when sprayed with water from any direction. It can withstand water falling directly on the lamp and is resistant to dust. Lights with an IP66 rating are also more resistant to water pressure than IP65. 

- IP67: LED lights are waterproof when immersed in water to a certain extent. Typically, lights with an IP67 rating can be submerged underwater for a specific period of time without damage. 

- IP68: LED lights are waterproof when immersed in water at a greater depth than IP67. Lights with an IP68 rating are typically designed for long-term underwater use and to withstand higher water pressures.

However, please note that although LED lights are water resistant, their use in water conditions requires following the manufacturer's instructions to ensure performance and longevity.

What are the benefits of waterproof LED lights

Waterproof LED lights offer many benefits and are of critical importance in a variety of applications. 

Safe in wet environments 

Waterproof LED lights are able to operate well in wet environments without affecting the power source to the user. This makes them suitable for outdoor applications, such as garden lighting, street lighting, swimming pool lighting, and other wet locations.

Good durability 

Waterproof LED lights are often designed to be durable and able to withstand harsh conditions. They often have hard lenses and impact-resistant materials, which protect the lights from physical impacts and increase their lifespan.


Waterproof LED lights provide a higher level of protection for users. They prevent water and dust from entering the interior of the lamp, ensuring safe operation and protecting vital lamp components from damage.

Flexibility in design and application 

Waterproof LED lights can be used in a variety of applications and adjusted to suit specific needs. They can be installed on the surface or submerged in water, depending on the waterproof rating and the user's purpose. 

Energy saving 

Waterproof LED lights often use energy-saving LED technology, which helps reduce power consumption and save operating costs. 

In short, waterproof LEDs offer versatility, reliability and protection for lighting applications in wet and harsh environments. They play an important role in ensuring reliable and safe lighting in harsh conditions and can extend lamp life.

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