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Are neon signs made of neon?

Neon signs have become a symbol of brilliance and glamour. However, there are some opinions surrounding the materials used in neon signs. Are neon signs made of neon? Not all neon signs are actually made of neon gas. In this blog post, we will explore the truth behind the composition of neon signs and shed light on the different gases used in their production.

What's unique about neon signs? 

Neon signs have many unique characteristics, which contribute to their popularity and favorability in the advertising and decoration industries. 

Sparkling Light: Neon signs produce a sparkling light, capable of attracting attention and creating an eye-catching effect that no other type of lighting can provide. The sparkling effect of neon creates an artistic and magical feeling for the sign.

Diverse colors: Although the name is "neon sign", the reality is that it can produce many different colors. Uses gases such as neon, argon, krypton and xenon combined with phosphor crystals. Neon signs can emit a range of colors from red, blue, purple, yellow to white. 

Durability and longevity: Neon signs are durable and have a long lifespan. When made properly and maintained regularly, they can operate continuously for thousands of hours without losing their sparkling effect. This makes neon signs a long-lasting and effective choice in promoting brands and decorating spaces.

Design flexibility: Neon signs have a high degree of flexibility in design because they can be bent into complex shapes and characters. This allows for the creation of unique symbols, logos, letters, and images, creating a special and personalized appearance for the logo.

Gas types used as neon signs

Neon gas

Although neon gas is actually used for some neon signs, it is not the only gas used in the manufacturing process. Neon gas produces a unique red color when stimulated, creating classic warm lighting associated with neon signs. However, due to limited color gamut, other gases are also used to achieve wider chromatography.


Argon is commonly used for neon signs to produce colors such as blue and purple. When powered on, argon emits a softer light that is colder than neon lights. By combining argon with other gases or using it alone, logo creators can create multiple colors and hues.

Other gases 

In addition to neon and argon, other noble gases such as helium, krypton and xenon are also used in the production of neon signs. Each gas contributes unique properties to the final display. Helium produces a brilliant yellow color, while krypton and xenon can produce colors ranging from green to blue.

Phosphor coating for white light 

To achieve the white light effect in neon signs, a layer of phosphor is coated on the inside of the glass tube. When the gas inside the tube is excited, the phosphor will emit white or near-white light, forming a white glowing tube. 

Not all neon signs are made of neon gas. While neon gas contributes to the iconic red glow, other gases such as: argon, helium, krypton and xenon are used to create a variety of colors. Additionally, phosphor coatings and LED technology have expanded the possibilities for creating vibrant and captivating signs.

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