Are LED wafer lights good?

Wafer lights (also known as "Canless" lights) are an ultra-slim lighting option designed for installation in recessed lighting applications. The special feature of wafer lights is that they do not require an electrical box for installation before attaching to the wall or ceiling. 

What are LED wafer lights?

The wafer lamp uses integrated LED technology, which saves energy and has a long lifespan. Their lifespan is typically about 50,000 hours or the equivalent of about 45 years if used 3 hours a day. This ensures that you don't need to worry about changing lights for a long time.

Installing the wafer light is quite easy due to its thin and light design and does not require an electrical box before installation. This saves time and effort when performing the installation process. Wafer lights are often used in spaces with small heights or in places where traditional can lights cannot be installed. 

With so many benefits, are led wafer lights good? Is it worth using? To answer this question, let's learn about some of its benefits.

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Some benefits of led wafer lights 

Cost savings 

Wafer lights often have a lower cost than traditional can lights. This means you can save money on purchasing wafer lights and installing them. In addition, wafer lights using LED technology are a very energy-efficient light source. LED lights consume less energy than traditional lights, significantly reducing monthly electricity bills. Not only does this save you money, it also benefits the environment by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Therefore, wafer lamps not only have lower costs, but also bring benefits in terms of energy saving and environmental protection.

Easy to install 

Slim, lightweight design and no need for an electrical box, this makes the installation process simpler and more convenient. Instead of having to cut and install a traditional electrical box like when installing a candle light, you just need to cut a small hole in the ceiling or wall to install the wafer light. 

With a thin and light design, wafer lights do not create much pressure on the installation surface. This makes it suitable for spaces with limited space or ceilings that do not have enough space to install a traditional electrical box.

The process of installing wafer lights is also simpler because there is no need to connect wires to the electrical box. Instead, wafer lights are often connected directly to the home's electrical network through simple electrical connections.

With this convenient design, wafer light installation can be done faster and easier than traditional can light installation, saving time and effort during the installation process.

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Diverse in styles and colors 

In terms of color, wafer lights often have different color options such as warm white, natural white, cool white and some other colors. You can choose colors that suit your space and interior style. Lighting color can affect the mood and overall ambiance. 

In addition, wafer lights come in many different design styles to suit different interior styles and spaces. There is variety in the designs, sizes and shapes of wafer lights, from round, square wafer lights, to other special designs. You can choose wafer lights that match your interior decoration style: modern, classic, industrial or even unique and creative designs. 

With a variety of colors and styles, wafer lights allow you to create unique lighting spaces that suit your own style.

Save space 

The slim design of wafer lights makes them suitable for any space with a small height or where installation space is limited. 

In addition, the design of wafer lights also makes them suitable for places with limited installation space, such as false ceiling systems, wall cladding, or in narrow spaces such as hallways, small living rooms, or tight areas in the house. Wafer lights can be mounted directly to ceiling or wall surfaces without taking up much space. 

With an ultra-thin design, wafer lights not only help optimize space in spaces with small heights and limited installation space, but also create a clean and modern look.

Long lifespan 

Wafer lamps use LED technology and this technology is known for its longer lifespan than traditional lamps such as fluorescent bulbs or compact lamps. LED technology has an average lifespan of 25,000 to 50,000 hours or more, depending on quality and usage conditions. 

Compared to traditional lamps, wafer lamps use LED technology to help reduce the frequency of lamp replacement. Instead of having to replace the lamp after a short period of time, you can use the wafer lamp for a long time before needing replacement. This helps save costs and effort in lamp replacement and maintenance.

In addition, LED lights are less likely to be damaged by vibration or impact, and they do not contain components such as mercury or other toxic substances. This makes wafer lights using LED technology safer and more durable. 

In short, LED wafer lights are extremely good, they are an efficient, energy efficient and easy to install lighting option, suitable for many lighting applications in residential or commercial spaces.

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