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Are neon light bad for babies?

Recently, there has been much controversy surrounding the use of neon lights in the living environment of infants. There are concerns that the bright lights and bright colors of neon lights could have a negative impact on the development and health of young children. Neon lights have some safety concerns, especially for young children. The glass structure is fragile and high voltages can pose a risk of injury and danger. So are neon lights harmful to babies? Please follow this article to get your answer immediately.

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Some potential hazards can be harmful to children

Fragile glass tubes 

Neon lights are made from heated glass, and therefore pose a risk of breakage and injury. For children's bedrooms, where safety is a top priority, the use of traditional neon lights can create unwanted risks.

High-intensity lighting 

Neon lights can emit bright, intense light, which can overwhelm or stimulate infants. Because the lighting intensity is high, if used incorrectly it can affect children's health. Therefore, you should avoid placing neon signs or bright lights directly in your child's line of sight or near their sleeping area. Creating a quiet and calming environment using dim, soft lighting is often recommended for infants.

Neon lights use gas 

Neon lights use inert gas and glass tubes can create risks when the tubes wear out over time and toxic gases inside leak out. This not only causes a loss of luminous efficiency but also creates the risk of unwanted gas escaping. This is extremely dangerous for young children.

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How to use neon lights safely for babies?

A safe and alternative solution is to use LED lights instead of traditional neon lights. LEDs do not use heated glass, but instead use LED chips and circuit boards. This reduces the risk of broken glass and injury to children. 

LED lights also do not emit much heat, helping to reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Furthermore, LED lights consume less energy and have a longer lifespan, making them a safe and sustainable solution for children's bedroom spaces.

With LED lights, you can still create a vibrant and creative neon look in your child's bedroom without safety risks. There are many LED neon options on the market with a variety of colors and lighting effects to choose from. 

Using traditional neon lights in children's bedrooms can create a safety risk. Instead, consider using LED lights, which are a safe and alternative solution to get a vibrant and creative neon look without endangering children.

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