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Are neon underglow lights legal?

Neon underglow lights on vehicles are a popular accessory used by many people to highlight their vehicles. However, before using underglow neon lights on public roads, you should check the legal regulations of your particular state or region.

Are neon underglow lights legal?

Automotive neon lights, also known as underglow lights or underglow lights, are neon or LED lights mounted under the undercarriage of a car, truck or motorbike. 

Underglow lights are especially popular in the car and car beautification community, when people want to create highlights and enhance the appearance of their car. Light from underglow lights can also provide some safety benefits while driving. 

For example, the light emitted from underglow lights can improve visibility for motorcyclists when traveling at night. However, most users install underglow lights for aesthetic purposes, to create a creative effect for the vehicle.

Regulations regarding the use of neon underglow lights are often regulated by state traffic rules or motor vehicle regulations. Each state may have specific regulations restricting the use of accent lighting and other illegal vehicle modifications. These regulations often stipulate that the color, style, type and location of lights on the vehicle are limited. 

So, before using underglow neon lights on vehicles in public environments. You should check your specific state or region's legal regulations to ensure the use of underglow lights is legal.

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Some states and regions regulate neon underglow lights

Some states, such as California, Kansas, and Arizona, allow the use of neon underglow lights on vehicles, but with specific color and location restrictions. can. For example, traffic laws in Arizona only allow the use of amber or white neon lights. And lights with a glare effect are not allowed on the side parts of the vehicle. In Kansas, underglow neon lights may be used for ground lighting on vehicles, except for lights that have a flashing or red feature that is visible through the neon tube.

In New York, underglow neon lights are allowed to illuminate under vehicles, but only in white. Traffic laws in New York state that the use of white rear lights is not legally prohibited, as long as there is no specific requirement for use on public roads. However, the light is not allowed to rotate, flash, vibrate, or move in any other way. 

South Carolina does not permit the use of any red, blue, or flashing neon lights on vehicles, whether visible or not.

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Punishment for violating low neon light standards

Violation of lighting laws is often considered a traffic violation and can be punished as a civil violation. In this case, the trial is usually conducted in the local court near the place where the violation occurred. Judges or regional judges will review and rule on such immovable traffic violations.

Under most states' traffic laws, drivers can be cited for illegal vehicle modifications. Typically, this violation will be handled as a "corrective violation" and the driver may receive a ticket. To resolve the violation, the driver can correct or remove the violation by verifying with the police or traffic authority that the violation has been corrected. After verification, drivers may have to prove that their vehicle complies with lighting laws before the violation is resolved or adjudicated in court.

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