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Are Neon Signs Safe For The Bedroom: Detailed Answers

Are neon signs safe for the bedroom? Neon signs have become increasingly popular in recent years as they add a vintage charm to any room. However, with safety concerns, many people hesitate to add one to their bedroom. In this article, let's find out with Orant Neon whether neon signs are really safe for the bedroom.

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1. Learn about neon lights for the bedroom

Everyone aspires to have a lovely home. To make their rooms bright and appealing, they use a variety of lights and decorations. Several people now use neon light indicators in their bedrooms. So are neon signs safe for the bedroom?

Neon lights are another option for a room's nightlight. These are good ideal for usage in your child's room. Considering that it has an acrylic backing and pre-drilled holes, you may mount it anywhere in your bedroom. A neon bedroom sign can be customized in a number of ways.

Besides, you may also select any color, size, and font with your personalized neon sign for your bedroom. You can design your own unique characters by using your imagination. Online is the best place to purchase this neon wall art. Nearly every nation sells neon-lit signs, and you can get neon goods delivered right to your house.

are neon signs safe for the bedroom

You can choose any color, size, and font with neon sign for bedroom

2. Can I personalize the neon sign for the bedroom myself?

It is possible to personalize a neon sign for your bedroom yourself, but it can be a complex and potentially dangerous process. Neon signs require specialized equipment and expertise to create, which is why most people choose to have them made by a professional neon sign maker. 

2.1 Brainstorm for a creative design

Adding personalized neon can make a space feel more like your own. Neon lights that spell your name or initials can give your bedroom a feeling of uniqueness. With many possibilities with neon, installing neon lights in the shape of your favorite animal in your bedroom is another fun way to express your identity. 

Children's bedrooms, in particular, can benefit greatly from the addition of personalized neon to give the space a feeling of individuality and to make the kids feel special. To make sure a child's room is a particular place, neon lights can also be employed as an exciting night light in the bedroom.

are neon signs safe for the bedroom

Neon signs can use as interesting night lights in the bedroom

Custom neon signs for the bedroom can be made to suit your exact requirements and offer character and excitement. Custom signs are created to your particular requirements as opposed to a pre-made sign you could see in a store.

When ordering a custom neon sign design, you can typically specify the following:

  • Size
  • Colour(s)
  • Lettering/design style and layout
  • Kind of mounting or backboard
  • You might also be able to give the sign advanced lighting features, such as the capacity to flash and dim, depending on the provider.
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2.2 Express your own personality

So, are neon signs safe for the bedroom? For your bedroom, neon signs can be a great way to set the mood. Using colors like blue, green, or light purple is an effective method to create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom and you want it to be a place to find peace and quiet. 

If you enjoy being outside, green signage might help evoke a sense of the outdoors. It can also be interesting to create this calming environment with photographs of the moon and stars. Neon signage in the colors of yellow and orange are effective for boosting energy and cheer. Neon signs in these colors, especially those with symbols like hearts and lips, can convey a romantic atmosphere. 

Spelling out particular words in the bedroom can also help set a particular mood. For instance, spelling out words like "dream" and "home" can produce a cozy, at-home atmosphere. Similar to this, encouraging expressions like "good vibes" and "be joyful" can produce a cheery, motivating atmosphere. 

are neon signs safe for the bedroom

Neon signs can be a great way to set the mood by using different colors

2.3 Color coordination

Your bedroom may look innovative and mysterious by using neon signs. A glowing sign that glows in the dark may make sure that your bedroom looks stylish and appealing. Vivid, noticeable signs can provide the impression that your bedroom is unusual. 

Adding contrasting hues to your bedroom's color plan is an intriguing method to create a unique bedroom. Contrasting hues like red and yellow can create an unusual space in a bedroom that is mostly white or grey, for instance. This will guarantee that the decor in your bedroom is striking.

are neon signs safe for the bedroom

Vibrant signs can make an impression on your bedroom

3. Are neon signs safe for the bedroom?

Most users prioritize safety when utilizing neon signage to accentuate their bedrooms. These items give your room an aesthetic and enjoyable touch in addition to showing your personality.

Of course, neon signs are neon signs safe for the bedroom because they produce very little light. Neon signs are also safe to touch. Some traditional signs can become very hot when they are used for a long time. But the latest neon signs care about safety and ensure maximum safety for users. 

Neon signs have low power consumption, it's really safer and reduces your electricity bill. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and do not produce any harmful gases. Furthermore, they have a unique design that is larger than the glass models and is also shatter resistant. So neon signs can give you creative yet unique lighting in your bedroom.

are neon signs safe for the bedroom

The neon sign has a unique design compared to other glass models

4. Ideas to use neon lights for the bedroom

Similar to how they are found in cafes and restaurants, neon signs are increasingly common additions to houses. You can put them in the following locations to generate various moods.

  • Tie them to the ceiling
  • Space-saving options like ceiling-mounted neon signage are excellent. As a result, you can add additional decorations to the vertical and horizontal areas. It is also a fantastic option if your walls are covered in decorations.

  • Hanging blank wall space
  • Walls are the ideal surface for trying out different aesthetics. Depending on how high your walls are, you can select patterns that you like and that goes with the concept and décor of your bedroom.

  • Put it next to the bed
  • Most people hang neon signs with romantic quotes above their beds to convey their love. Plus, other people employ forms like hearts. For those who want something special, lips or roses will also convey romance and set the same mood. You might choose to use letters like Love or Sweetheart for your signs. To create a welcoming atmosphere in your space, do this.

  • Combine with photo frames
  • For expressing arbitrary words or quotes, neon signs in frames will be ideal. It gives the room a unique or charming touch. Use signs rather than standard images to create an uncommon space.

    are neon signs safe for the bedroom

    You can place neon signs in various places to create different moods

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    5. Things to note when using neon signs for the bedroom

    Neon signs are a great touch that can enhance your bedroom. You will need to handle these carefully, though. Although they aren't as delicate as a glass, there are a few things to keep in mind for overall safety. Taking these into account will prolong the life of your signage while preserving security.

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Children adore everything that is wonderfully made, as well as light and brightness. Keep your lights out of children's reach if you have young children that need close supervision. You can do this while you teach children the significance of handling things cautiously. 

    This guarantees they can appreciate the area just as much as you do. Let adults wipe the neon signs, even if children are learning how to clean surfaces.

  • Do not use an overloaded outlet
  • Even without neon signs, you ought to be aware of this. Overloading a plug socket increases the risk of overheating, which may cause a spark or a fire to start.

    Always insert the plug for the neon lights into a secure location. If you are using an extension, be sure no other devices or appliances are plugged into the adjacent outlets. Make that the gadgets are not stuck or drawing less current than allowed for the extension.

  • Do not put flammable objects on neon lights
  • First of all, you didn't purchase the signs so you could hide them. So, avoid doing this when the signs are ON. Avoid taking the chance of being too hot. They are also not at all combustible materials. Keeping its cleanliness is essential for both its overall appearance and safety.

  • Thanks to the installer
  • Make sure you hire a pro to assist with the mounting of Neon signage. It will make sure the procedure is secure and safe and prevent you from changing your signs individually. This is because it may cause harm or increase the risk of danger by playing about with the tubes and other parts.

    are neon signs safe for the bedroom

    Neon signs ensure safety and prolong life when handled properly

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    6. Install neon lights for the bedroom easily

    Every kind of space can easily be decorated with neon signage. They are ideal for usage both inside and outside. Neon lights can therefore be installed in your bedroom. The contour cut acrylic backing for this neon wall art has pre-drilled holes in it. These elements make mounting or hanging a neon sign simpler.

    Neon signs are lightweight and straightforward to erect. Choose the size of your bespoke neon sign carefully if you're using one. Your bedroom should have enough space for your neon sign.

    are neon signs safe for the bedroom

    Neon signs are lightweight and straightforward to erect

    7. How long can LED neon lights be used?

    The best thing about handmade neon signs is that they last for a long time. They have a better lifespan than the other types of lighting. Neon signs run for many years and also last more than bulbs. Then, LED neon signs have more lifespan than traditional glass signs. These classic signs do not last for a long time as they break easily.

    The lifespan of LED bedroom signs is 60,000+ hours. Also, you are not responsible for its upkeep. Also, its replacement won't be required for a very long time.

    are neon signs safe for the bedroom

    Neon signs have a longer life than traditional glass signs

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    8. How much is the price of neon lights?

    Neon signs cost less than conventional glass signs. LED signs don't require any maintenance costs from you. The best place to get pre-made or custom LED neon signage is online. The best prices on neon lights may be found online. Also, your neon sign will be delivered right to your door without the need for travel.

    The cost of each LED neon sign varies. A neon sign's price will vary depending on its design, letters, size, and other elements. A LED neon sign for your bedroom is simply within your means.

    are neon signs safe for the bedroom

    The cost of neon signs is lower than ordinary glass signs

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    Neon lights are neon signs safe for the bedroom decor as long as they are purchased from a reputable source and installed properly. By following safety usage tips, you can enjoy your neon sign without any safety concerns. If you need to learn about neon lights, please contact Orant Neon immediately for dedicated support!

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