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Do Neon Lights Get Hot? Is It Dangerous?

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Do Neon Lights Get Hot? Is It Dangerous?

Do neon lights get hot? Neon signs are used in various settings, from businesses to homes. So, read Orant Neon’s post to find out everything you need to know about neon signs, including whether or not they get hot!

1. Are neon signs dangerous?

The short answer is YES; if neon signage is well-maintained and treated with care, it is exceedingly safe to use. Neon light was initially created more than 100 years ago, and after more than a century of advancement, you can be sure that neon signs today are more dependable and secure than before.

“Do neon signs get hot?” is a popular question
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2. Are neon signs safe to use?

Are neon signs safe to use? The answer to this question is not a simple one. Let's read more information with Orant Neon below to answer this question!

2.1 Why do people think neon lights are not safe to use?

The inert gases used in manufacturing neon signs are a concern for many people. Generally speaking, it is thought that these gases could be hazardous if the tubes fail and the gases seep into the atmosphere. When neon lighting malfunctions, electricity is quickly turned off, so there won't be any current passing through the gases.

do led light bulbs get hot

Neon signs are safe to use

Also widely unknown is the fact that we frequently breathe in neon. In truth, little amounts of them are in the air all the time. A quantity of neon the size of an orange pip will enter your body if you breathe deeply. Humans regularly breathe neon, which is a strong indicator of its safety.

2.2 Do neon signs burn out?

So, do neon lights get hot and burn out? The answer is no. Neon is safe to come in contact with; you won't get burned.

When constructed and fitted properly, neon never runs out of power. However, Orant Neon will cover it with rubber caps (electrode sleeves), so you won't get burned when you touch the neon sign.

2.3 Neon sign safety

Orant Neon produces each neon sign LED entirely in-house. Depending on the sign's color, clear, powder-coated glass or colored glass will be used to create our signs formed from glass tubes. 

do neon lights get hot

You can use it anywhere without worrying about the danger

Depending on the required final color, the signs are filled with neon or argon gas depending on the final color necessary. Once all the warning signs are in place, they are very safe and, with proper care, should live a long time.

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3. Where to buy quality neon lights?

At this point, Orant Neon believes that you have answered the question "Do led light bulbs get hot?" To buy safe neon signs at a reasonable price. Besides the available neon sign models, you can create your unique sign with our custom neon signs service.

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Buy safe neon signs at Orant Neon

Here are the reasons that you should choose Orant Neon:

  • Affordable - We try to provide premium products at reasonable costs.
  • Our interior and exterior signage comes with a 24-month manufacturer warranty covering damaged merchandise.
  • Durable - Our neon flex technology is more robust and portable than conventional glass neon.
  • Energy Efficient - Thanks to their low energy consumption and lifespan of more than 100,000 hours, LED neon light signs are affordable and environmentally friendly.
  • Safe - For our bespoke neon lights, we use LED light tubes, which do not become hot and have no glass that could break.
  • Due to the pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and wall mounting, the customized neon light signs are easy to install.
  • Low Maintenance - Custom neon signs LED are very easy to maintain and highly durable.
  • Lightweight - Our custom-designed signs are perfect for usage as LED neon signs for weddings, events, residences, and companies because they are portable and lightweight. They are also highly creative gift suggestions.
  • Total Control - The remote control has an on/off button and 10 brightness adjustments. Your neon light sign can be programmed to flash at different rates.

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    With the above information, perhaps you have answered the question “Do neon lights get hot?” We have evaluated the effects of heat on neon signs and decided that they are not dangerous while they do get hot. However, please visit Orant Neon's website to read more helpful information!

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