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100+ Best Led Sign Ideas For Home Decor

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100+ Best Led Sign Ideas For Home Decor

Neon is a great way to add some much-needed light and interest to your home. The right neon sign ideas can really give any space an eye-catching appeal, making it seem like you never have enough cool stuff around! 

1. Top 10+ unique neon sign decor ideas

LED neon are great for in-home decor. It can be difficult to know how to display these bright lights, but we've got some tips for you! Here are our favorite ways of decorating with them

1.1 Consider lyrics to songs

Do you have a favorite song? A line that never slips out of your mind? You can use that line to make a distinctive neon light. A neon showcasing song lyrics is perfect to dress up the bedroom. This will definitely create unique light and show the true you. 

    neon sign ideas

    Lyrics neon

    1.2 Extend a gallery wall

    The glowing sign will look great on a gallery wall with other art. It's important to choose an equally sized piece so that the design remains balanced and interesting. Also, make sure the sign fit the theme of the gallery. This will add the right unity.

    Neon sign layout ideas

    Use neon lights to extend the wall

    1.3 Make use of reflections

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? The neon light is great but you can take it up a notch by virtually duplicating it. The reflected light, combined with the actual light will create unreal scenery for your space.

    neon light ideas

    Make use of reflections

    1.4 Create a magnificent wall

    LED neon signs can be used to make great decorations for the interior. Incorporating with LED strips, and neon artwork, you can transform the visual experience and turn your wall into an astonishing wallpaper on the Internet.

    ideas for neon sign

    Create great wall with neon art

    1.5 Double

    The more the merrier. With two LED neon, you can make use of your imagination to create both symmetry and asymmetry design, depending on the space. More than that, doubling up the sign can really brighten up the ambiance.

    ideas neon sign

    Double the neon for the better

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    1.6 Go all in

    Using neon lights is the best way to make your space look more fun and inviting. If you can make up your mind, you can just go all in and add light to every corner of the room. The ceiling, the wall, the floor, you should try everything to find out which suit you the best. But of course, this will cost you more.

    neon sign ideas

    You Got This

    1.7 Simple table lamp

    No need to worry about your living space is too tight on the wall. The neon box light will bring some rock and roll flair to your home, with the illuminated piece of decor helping you create that retro vibe. It doesn't need to be mounted on a wall so it's easily movable at any time. 

    neon signs idea

    Neon lamp sign

    1.8 Light up a corner with a neon tube

    An illuminating neon tube would make a unique piece of decor for the corner of your room thanks to the colorful additions. The rich and warm glow reflects off every surface creating a depth in light and shadow.

    Neon sign decoration ideas

    Neon tubes light up corners

    1.9 Make it abstract

    For people who love exotic things, abstract decoration is a must-have in your home. With the flexibility of LED signs, it’s really easy to create a one-of-a-kind sign that will make everyone wonder what the hell is this. 

    Custom neon art ideas

    Abstract art neon light

    1.10 Select a red accent

    The color red is a powerful and dynamic hue that will liven up any space. This strong color is a powerful mood booster and can make any space feel warmer instantly. The red LED neon light is a fire way to make an unforgettable statement in your room.

    neon light idea

    Red neon for wall decor 

    1.11 Paint the walls pink

    If a pink wall isn’t enough, pair it with a neon. They’re bright and eye-catching.The soft glow of the sign will contrast beautifully with the paint on the wall, creating the most alluring and dreamy atmosphere you’ll ever feel.

    neon sign ideas

    It Was Always You

    1.12 Create the perfect game room

    By adding light from a gaming neon sign you can create a great room for entertaining. You may also need the help of a designer to create a professional room or decorate it yourself.

    neon sign ideas for game room
    Neon for game room

    1.13 Wall art ideas

    You can explore neon light art prints for a more affordable and versatile option. These art prints mimic the appearance of neon LED but are created using traditional printing techniques.

    Quote neon sign ideas
    Neon lights inspired by very unique prints

    1.14 Party decoration

    Customizable party neon add a personalized touch. You can customize them with your own text, reflecting the host's name, event date, or party theme. Large neon LED backdrops create captivating backdrops for stunning photo opportunities. They add a dynamic and Instagram-worthy element to your party decor.

    neon sign ideas for party

    For additional party fun, consider using neon LED party props

    Ready-made party neon lights are an excellent choice for adding a celebratory touch. These LED signs often feature words like "Party Time," "Celebrate," or "Let's Dance," instantly setting the mood and creating a festive ambiance.

    1.15 Wedding decor

    One popular option for wedding decor is using ready-made wedding neon lights. These signs are specifically designed for weddings and often feature romantic words and phrases such as "Love," "Forever," or "Happily Ever After." They can be placed strategically throughout the venue, serving as focal points and adding a romantic and enchanting glow to the space.

    wedding neon sign ideas
    Coordinate the chosen signs to match the overall decor of the wedding

    These are some of our favorite neon sign collection and ideas for you:

    Gaming Music
    Motivation Nature
    Animal Inspirational Quotes

    2. Neon light design ideas for your room

    Lamps are an essential item in every room. Why don't we take advantage of it to serve both lighting and beauty functions? Find inspiration from the neon light design ideas below and make it happen now!

    2.1 Bedroom

    Neon sign bedroom ideas is quite simple and easy because this is a personal space and you can do everything you want. Your sleeping and resting area should have a special lighting that awakens feelings of tranquility in you while also feeling distinctive and vibrant.

    You definitely don't want to get tired of your bedroom's furnishings. When all the other lights are off and the LED signs are lighting the dim area, neon lights are a clever technique to make your bedroom look futuristic and ethereal!

    neon sign ideas
    "Astronaut Hamburger" Neon

    2.2 Kitchen

    Contrary to the bedroom, finding neon kitchen ideas is a bit more difficult, because this is the cooking area. But don't worry, we'll help you out.

    The atmosphere of a typical bar is evoked by clear, vivid neon, and you may replicate some of that ominous mood in your kitchen or dining area. Instead of settling for uninteresting dining areas and uninteresting kitchens, dare to showcase your home's characteristics by illuminating them with neon lights while you dine.

    neon sign ideas for home
    Decorating kitchen space with neon lights is a new idea

    2.3 Workspace

    Every day, we should be able to connect with our game-changing ideas in an inspirational and creative environment at work. By adding vibrant neon lighting to the area where you spend the majority of your day, you can ensure that your creativity will never run out.

    Some motivational neon sign templates for your reference:

    • The world is yours
    • No bad days
    • Money
    • Hustler
    neon sign ideas
    Unique neon LED concepts

    2.3 Livingroom

    A living room is where you can hang out with friends, unwind, and spend time with your family. Don't hold back on the neon lights if you want to make your living room feel exciting and alive. You can refer to neon sign for living room from us to create the most comfortable space for your home.

    neon light ideas
    Neon creates a special highlight for every room

    3. Best neon signs for space & business decor

    This is just a list of suggestions and prices are subject to change according to your needs. If you have a special idea, please contact Orant Neon, we will help you implement it at the most affordable price.

     These are some of our business neon sign collection and ideas for you:

    Beauty Salon Gym Fitness
    Tattoo Name & Logo


    4. Factors to Consider for Neon Sign Ideas

    Neon lights have the remarkable ability to captivate attention and convey messages with flair. When brainstorming neon LED ideas, several critical factors come into play to ensure the final design effectively serves its purpose and resonates with the intended audience. Here are the key considerations:

    4.1 Purpose and Location

    Business Promotion: Neon lights can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to stand out. A neon sign can showcase the name of the business, its logo, and key products or services. The design should align with the business's branding and create a memorable visual identity.

    Decorative/Artistic Purposes: Neon light aren't just for businesses; they can also be used as artistic installations. In such cases, the design can be more abstract, focusing on shapes, patterns, and colors to evoke emotions and create visual interest.

    Events and Special Occasions: Neon lights can transform events into unforgettable experiences. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party, a customized neon LED can add a personalized touch and create a unique atmosphere.

    4.2 Target Audience and Message

    Understanding the intended audience is crucial for designing an effective neon LED. Consider the demographic characteristics, preferences, and expectations of the viewers. The message conveyed by the sign should resonate with this audience and align with their interests or needs.

    4.3 Color Palette and Aesthetics

    Colors play a significant role in the impact of a neon light. The color palette should reflect the mood or personality you want to convey. Bright and bold colors often draw attention, while more subdued colors can evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication. Harmonizing the color scheme with the surroundings or the brand's identity is essential.

    4.4 Size and Placement

    The size of the neon sign is closely tied to its visibility and impact. A larger sign is generally more noticeable from a distance, making it suitable for outdoor placements or larger spaces. Indoor signs can be more compact but should still be proportionate to the surrounding environment.

    4.5 Budget Constraints

    Designing and creating a custom LED sign involves costs for materials, labor, and installation. Establishing a realistic budget early in the planning process helps guide decisions about design complexity, size, and any additional features. It's important to strike a balance between the desired design and the available budget.

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    There’re tons of neon sign ideas. Neon lights are great ways to show off your personal style and make your home stand out from the crowd. If you're thinking of adding one to your home, don't hesitate to contact Orant Neon. We’re always happy to help you get the great ever!


    • Why are custom neon signs so popular at weddings?



    • Why are custom neon signs so popular at weddings?


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