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Do you know about neon sign history? Neon lights are one of the most popular lighting types in the world. Their vibrant colors and futuristic designs are instantly recognizable. They were especially useful in advertising venues that were not well-lit, such as bars and nightclubs. Join Orant neon in this article and dig into this topic!

1. Discover history of neon sign 

Since 1675, there has been a hypothesis behind the technology of LED signs. Before there existed electricity, French astronomer Jean Picard became aware of a faint glimmer of light coming from mercury within a barometer tube. Even though static electricity caused the glow to appear when the tube was shaken, the phenomenon was not yet fully understood.

neon sign history

 Let's discover LED lights history

Years later, when electricity was found, it allowed scientists to start designing a variety of lights. Neon LED are a result of the collaboration between glassblower Heinrich Geissler and physicist Julius Plücker.

1.1 Neon lighting commercialization

The original neon tube was created for scientific research. French engineer Georges Claude conducted experiments and discovered that neon gas produced vivid, colorful light within the sealed tube when it was joined with other elements and supplied an electrical charge.

Shortly after making this discovery, Claude displayed the first neon lamp at a Paris exhibition in 1910 before patenting neon lighting tubes in 1915, ready to put the technology into wide use for commercialization.

history of neon signs
Neon are widely used for lighting advertising

Neon was used for the first time as an advertising medium for a hair salon in Paris. Two of Claude's early neon signs were transported to the USA by a car business called Packard Motors in 1923. The business utilized them to advertise atop their showroom in Downtown Los Angeles, pioneering the usage of neon lights for commercial purposes in the country.

1.2 Neon lighting revolutionizes the world

Neon was already a fast-developing technology at this time. At the 1933 Chicago Century of Progress Exposition, LED neon were extensively used. Neon would produce a vivid light in the ensuing decades, transforming ordinary buildings into 24/7 billboards for various enterprises. 

neon lights history
Neon lights create magnificent light

Neon signs started to be phased out around the 1960s in favor of alternative, less expensive, and labor-intensive products. Businesses no longer saw it as the most practical kind of electric lighting sign for their business, and it no longer had a hip, cool vibe.

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1.3 Making a neon sign

Neon sign hollow glass tubes come in lengths of 4, 5, and 8 feet. Glass is heated using gas that has been lighted and pressed air to form the tubes. Various glass compositions are utilized, depending on the nation and supplier.

Using a file, the tubes are first partially sliced while still cold, and then snapped apart when heated. Then the artist makes the combinations of angles and curves. Once the tubing is complete, it has to be treated. This practice differs from nation to country; in the US, it is referred to as "bombarding."

neon sign history 1

The process of making a LED sign 

Neon gas emits a distinctive red light even at atmospheric pressure, giving off the color red. More than 150 hues are now achievable; virtually all of them—aside from red—are made with argon, mercury, and phosphor.

2. FAQ about neon light

By now, you must be aware of the history of neon signs. But we’re sure that you may still be wondering about this cool and distinctive light. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to LED neon.

2.1 Can I design my own neon sign?

Yes, you can create your own neon. At Orant Neon, we offer custom-made LED signs in various sizes, fonts, and colors. You can fully control the design and customize your neon sign from scratch. We’ll help you make your dream sign come true. 

We provide and design neon lights for a variety of different business areas such as:

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2.2 Where can I buy neon signs?

You can buy LED neon at Orant Neon. Our skilled, experienced staff handcrafts the signage. We guarantee that you will receive a high-quality, long-lasting neon thanks to the use of low-energy LED tubes and cutting-edge technology. Plus, we provide free shipping worldwide.

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So we have looked into neon sign history. These special signs have a long and rich history, and they are still used today to make a statement. They are unique because they can be both utilitarian and decorative. Neon lights can be found in a variety of locations. If you’re looking for amazing signs to brighten up the ambiance, visit Orant Neon and get yours now.

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