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Diy Neon Sign Kit | Make Your Own Unique Neon Pattern

DIY neon sign kit lets your creativity shine and design a sign that perfectly fits your style and space. Orant Neon will discuss the advantages of its neon sign DIY kit in this post, as well as how to utilize it to create your own distinctive neon style.

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1. What does the DIY neon sign kit have?

You can design your own cool neon light using the make your own neon sign kit DIY, in any shape or text you like. Simply draw out your design, line the shaping wire to it, and then use the zip fasteners to connect the neon EL wire to the shaping wire. 

To make your own distinctive neon structure, the DIY LED neon sign kit includes everything you need:

  • There are 18 zippers.
  • Strips of Adhesive 6.
  • 5 wire clips in plastic.
  • Sheet of instructions.
  • Neon EL Wire that runs on batteries.
  • Wire for shaping.
diy neon sign kit

DIY neon light kit with all the needed materials

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2. Materials needed to neon sign DIY

Cursive letters or images are a component you'll require to create neon lights:

  • Wood is one option for the sign's material.
  • For planning, use paper and a pencil.
  • String to calculate the wire's length.
  • Steel wire.
  • EL cable.
  • Pliers.
  • Combined with a hot glue gun.
  • Use colored tape to secure more wire.
  • The script in Blocks.
diy led neon sign kit

Writing and drawing are vital in the DIY neon sign kit

The ideal base for your neon masterpiece is wood board or plywood:

  • Letters can be printed using a computer printer.
  • Paper.
  • Two pens of various colors.
  • Punching a hole.
  • String to calculate the wire's length.
  • Drill.
  • EL cable.
  • Tape.
  • The paint (Optional).
neon sign kit diy

Additionally, wood is necessary

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3. Inspiration to make your own neon lights at home

Are you looking for a unique way to add some personality to your home decor? Why not try make your own neon sign? With DIY neon sign kit, you can create a stunning piece of illuminated art that's sure to impress:

  • A simple wall-mounted coat rack? The neon wire should be bent into a coat hanger shape and wrapped around the coat rack.
  • Create neon stars for the ceiling of your bedroom.
  • Do you have a slogan for life? Write on the wall the most inspiring quote you can think of.
  • In need of unique lighting for the smallest room in your home? Make a funny "drawing" and your visitors won't want to leave the bathroom.
  • At the hallway entry, hang your family name in neon colors.
  • Using a neon wire in a vibrant hue, frame your mirror.
neon sign diy kit

You can create many neon sign styles for your home

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4. Tips to design your own neon lights correctly

It's a lot of fun to freehand write signs and phrases if you're artistic and have a little dexterity. Copper is a flexible and pliable material that is really simple to deal with, making it the perfect material for this DIY neon sign.

We have a fantastic suggestion for you if you feel like you might use a little assistance with that. A Wire Jig board and neon wire should be used together in DIY neon light kit. You can sketch out your design on this board and use pins to designate certain locations. The complete pattern can then be removed from the board by wrapping the neon wire around them.

After you've created your custom neon signs, the artistic possibilities are truly endless. These handmade designs not only act as unique lighting fixtures, they can also serve as personalized decorations for your room, office, or event. With your creativity in play, the neon wire can be manipulated into any shape or form you desire, bringing your envisioned designs to life. The glow from these signs adds a touch of whimsy and a vibrant pop of color, creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and inviting. From motivational quotes to abstract designs, custom neon signs provide a brilliant way to express your personal style and taste in a tangible and luminous way.

diy neon light kit

Neon wire and a table Wire Jig can be combined

Another important tip is to make sure that your text or image is readable from a distance. Keep in mind that a neon light's main function is to capture people's attention, thus you need your design to be clearly recognizable from a distance. 

Finally, think about the size of your neon light. It's crucial to choose a size that fits the space you intend to display it in. Too small, and it may get lost among other decorations. If it's too enormous, the area can become full.

diy led sign kit

The neon signs design and size are crucial as well

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In conclusion, Orant Neon believes that the DIY neon sign kit is the ideal option for anyone who wishes to add a distinctive touch to their environment with a beautiful neon light. So why are you still waiting? Order your own DIY neon light kit right away to start realizing your initial ideas!

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