How To Hide Neon Sign Wires: 7 Super Simple Ways

Currently, there are many different ways how to hide neon sign wires. Orant Neon will discuss seven methods in this article and demonstrate how you may use them to give your neon sign a more modern, polished appearance. If you are looking for ways to improve this problem in your home, do not ignore our content below.

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1. Hide the wire behind the sofa

It's important to set up your electronic cords so they don't obstruct your view or make your friends and family feel uncomfortable. The simplest solution is to pull your couch out a little and put a small sofa table in if it is positioned behind a main outlet or power wire. 

In addition to storage and wall space, you can also bring some natural beauty into your living room with some new plants. Adding some greenery to your space can help purify the air and create a calming environment. Choose plants that thrive indoors and require minimal maintenance, such as succulents or spider plants.

how to hide neon sign wires

The string neon lights can be hidden behind the couch

2. Use decorative baskets to place wires

The eyesore wires piling up around your TV, computer, and other essential devices may be neatly organized with the help of a simple woven or cloth basket. For a cozier atmosphere in your room, arrange the baskets on shelves underneath your TV console if it has room. This will make the space in the living room airier.

Furthermore, you can create a more organized and tidy room by getting wires off the floor. This can assist in concealing the cables, keeping them orderly, and adding a little decoration to the space. In addition to being practical, this method also gives your home an updated appearance.

how to hide neon sign wires

Using a cloth basket is how to hide neon sign wires

3. Use a bookshelf to hide the power cords

Not a reader much? Not to worry! We don't advise you to stock up on many books only for this do-it-yourself wire hide. In fact, you should use this helpful tutorial right now to recycle any old hardcover books that are gathering dust in your home. 

The beautiful thing about this TV cord cover design is that it allows you to conceal larger equipment, such as internet routers and DVD players. To fit your decor and style, Orant Neon offers readymade hidden storage products in various colors. Please click on our website to see details of each product!

how to hide neon sign wires

The wire can be obtained after the old book

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4. Hiding power cords in the wall

Putting neon sign wires into a wall is one of the best ways how to hide neon sign wires. This approach will give your neon sign a clean and professional appearance, but it will also require some drill and wiring expertise.

You will need a wall cable channel that extends from the neon sign down to the outlet in order to conceal the wires within the wall. This plastic tube may be painted to match the color of the wall and cut to fit your area. A wall cable channel can be purchased online or at your neighborhood hardware store.

how to hide neon sign wires

To hide neon signs behind a wall, you need equipment

5. Use ribbons or colorful fabric to wrap the string lights

You may dress up your neon sign by wrapping the wires in vibrant fabric or ribbon to give it a little personality. This is a terrific method to personalize your LED neon and spruce up the interior design of your company. The wires can be hidden and the neon light can be made to look more appealing and festive by wrapping the string lights in ribbons or fabric. 

You will need some ribbons or fabric strips that contrast with or match the color of your neon sign if you want to apply this technique. You are free to choose any kind of fabric, including tulle, silk, cotton, or lace. Additionally, for a more creative appearance, you can combine and contrast various colors and patterns.

how to hide neon sign wires

You can choose several ribbons in bright colors

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6. Paint the wire to match the color of the interior

The wires can be painted to match your furniture or walls if you want to make them mix in with the rest of your decor. This is an excellent choice if you want how to hide neon sign wires that are difficult to conceal and exposed. A variety of colors can be used to color cables. Regular and spray paint are both acceptable. Just be sure the color you select complements your furnishings.

Pick a paint color that goes with the interior of your home. Cover any surfaces you don't want the paint to stick to with newspaper, plastic, or tape before painting. You next begin to paint your wire by going in the same direction as the wire. If more than one coat is required, let the paint dry completely before adding more.

how to hide neon sign wires

Pick a paint color that matches the furniture

7. Use wireless neon signs

A wireless neon sign is an option if you don't want to deal with concealing wires. There is no wiring needed for these battery-powered signs. If you need to make a temporary display or are concerned about the safety of exposed wires, wireless neon signs are a perfect choice.

For any situation or location, wireless neon signs are ideal. They can be used for business, events, weddings, parties, and home decor, among other things. To meet your preferences and requirements, you can pick from a number of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs.

how to hide neon sign wires

Wireless neon signs are an option for your space

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In conclusion, ‘’how to hide neon sign wires’’ is not a difficult task if you know some simple tricks. To hide the cables and give your neon light a more polished appearance, you can use furniture, walls, wire covers, ribbon, fabric, or wireless signs. You may enjoy your neon sign's beauty and flair without worrying about the wiring if you use these suggestions from Orant Neon. And if you are looking for very customized solutions you may use our tool at custom neon signs.

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