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Neon Sign Wire: General Information You Need to Know

You may learn more about neon sign wire, including its makeup, use, and upkeep, from Orant Neon in this article. Whether you are a business owner looking to invest in a neon sign or simply curious about the technology behind these iconic creations.

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1. What wire do neon lights use?

To connect the electrodes at the ends of the gas-discharge tubes, an HT cable (electrical wire) is essentially employed. End caps should be used to conceal this wiring so that it cannot be taken out manually. 

The risk of electricity arcing or maybe starting a fire if the transformer does not have open circuit protection should be reduced by keeping the HT wires apart and apart from one another. The HT cables should be one continuous piece with no joins in order to comply with EN50107.

neon sign wire

Neon sign to wire using HT cable

2. How are neon wire signs made?

Step 1: Lay out your design 

As a reference, print your design on paper and attach it using tape to your signboard. Alternatively, if the material is transparent, you can trace it using a dry-erase pen.

Now you must draw an X on the surface where you will drill the holes to create the letters or other forms in your design. This is challenging because EL wire cannot make tight loop turns or 90° bends. Each word has glaring gaps at the neon sign wire beginning and conclusion. 

Bend the EL wire over your word or artwork to determine the remaining information. Drill a hole, feed it to the backside, then drill another hole to bring it to the front and begin the next section of your form whenever it is too difficult to bend.

wire for neon sign

Neon signs are fastened with glue or dry-erase markers

Step 2: Drill Holes

The next step in making a neon wire sign is to drill holes in the backing board where you want to attach the wire. The backing board can be made of wood, metal, acrylic, or any other material that can support the weight and shape of the wire. Move slowly to prevent breaking, and after each hole, clean up the chips to prevent them from adhering to the acrylic.

neon sign to wire

You need to clean the dirt so it doesn't stick to the acrylic

Step 3: Route the EL wire

Remove the paper template and pass the entire length of the EL wire through the first hole, working your way from back to front. Using duct tape or gaffer tape, fasten the inverter and its leads to the board's rear.

Bend the EL wire to trace your text as you turn the board over to the correct side. At a time, glue it down with a few drops of super glue, hold the neon sign wire with your fingers for a moment, and then tape it down with pieces of painter's tape. 

Feed the remaining wire through to the back after you say the last word. Cut off the extra material, leaving about 2 inches, and duct tape the end to the board's back. Peel off all of the painter's tape after letting the super glue dry for the entire night.

neon sign wire

Use tape to stick the back end of the neon sign

Step 4: Light it up

After loading the batteries and turning it on, plug the EL wire into the inverter. So, you have completed the steps to make wire for neon sign. Tip: To stop the EL wire on the rear from shining through, if necessary, wrap it with duct or gaffer tape.

wire for neon sign

Connect the EL wire and finish the electrical work

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3. 5 Simple ways to hide neon lights

You can use the following tips to conceal the wire for neon sign:

3.1 Use furniture or walls to hide

Running neon wire sign along walls or behind furniture is one way to conceal them. By doing this, you'll be able to hide the cables while yet keeping them near the sign so that they can be powered. You can use cable clamps to hold the electrical wiring against exposed brick walls if you have any. 

neon sign to wire

A cable clip can also be used to hold the cord

3.2 Use wire sheath

Use a wire cover to hide the cables if you don't want to run them along the walls or behind furniture. You can pick a wire cover that suits your sign and the aesthetic of your company because they are available in a number of colors and designs. 

To almost disappear the cables, you can also use clear cables covers. These are excellent if you want to give your company a slick, contemporary appearance.

neon sign wire

To hide metal, a user can use a translucent wire cable

3.3 Decorate with colorful ribbons or fabrics

You can wrap the neon sign wire in vibrant ribbon or fabric to give your sign some individuality. This is a fantastic method to add flair to the interior design of your business and make your sign distinctive. Most craft stores carry fabric and ribbons. To prevent a fire hazard, make sure to select a flame-retardant material.

wire for neon sign

Brightly colored ribbons fabric can be used to wrap

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3.4 Spray paint on neon lights

The wires can be painted to match your furniture or walls if you want to make them mix in with the rest of your decor. If exposed cables are difficult to conceal, this is an excellent choice. 

Wires can be colored using a number of different colors. Both regular and spray paint are acceptable. Spray paint or regular paint are both suitable. Just be careful to pick a color that matches the furniture or walls.

neon sign to wire

Use paint that matches the interior or wall

3.5 Use wireless neon sign

You can get the neon wire sign if you don't want to deal with hiding cords. These signs don't need wiring because they run on batteries. If you want to make a temporary display or you're concerned about the safety of exposed cables, wireless neon signs are a perfect choice.

neon sign wire

Another excellent option is wireless neon signs

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Above is all the information about the neon sign wire that Orant Neon has shared with you. Wire for neon sign is used to create beautiful and eye-catching neon lights for bars, shops, bedrooms or anywhere you want to add some creativity and style.

Additionally, Orant Neon offers the ability to customize these vibrant illuminations to fit your unique requirements. With the assistance of our proficient designers, you could create custom neon signs that best convey your brand's persona or vibe. Whether you prefer a retro style or a modern twist, these custom neon signs are an effective way to add an element of charm and draw attention to your establishment. Remember, an appealing neon sign can transform an otherwise plain storefront into a captivating spectacle that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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