"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios
"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios
"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios
"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios
"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios
"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios
"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios
"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios
"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios

"Beautiful" Neon Sign for Beauty & Cosmetic Studios

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Size:90cm (3ft)
Material:LED Neon

Beautiful Neon Signs | You’re Always Beautiful In Your Own Way

Get a beautiful neon sign to spruce up your spa and make it more attractive than ever. Orant Neons’signs will help you beautify your room by brightening up the ambiance with great colorful lights.

Beautiful neon sign for beauty salon

Beautiful neon lights are a great option if you want to change the look of your storefront or interior. It is a trendy decoration when people choose a Beauty neon sign. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. All you need is to decide which one will fit your salon the most.

Hello Gorgeous light up sign

Hello Gorgeous neon sign is a piece of decoration in your shop. Make your beautiful guests and clients smile by using this positive neon light to stimulate a positive vibe.

You are beautiful neon sign

Don’t care what they said honey, you’re beautiful, wonderful. Love yourself, you deserve to feel beautiful. This stunning neon sign is a good reminder of how gorgeous they are. 

Time to be beautiful neon sign

This is a perfect sign for your beauty salon. Time to slay, shine and say goodbye to all the haters. This sign will also draw all the attention when it’s lit at night.  As I said, it’s time to be beautiful. 

Hey beautiful neon sign

Hey beautiful, how’re you doing today? You can use this sincere compliment sign to express good feelings to your customer. It could make someone's day! Hello gorgeous neon sign makes the ideal setting for studios, salons, and coffee shops.

You are more than a beautiful neon sign

To say beautiful is not enough, you’re more than that baby. You’re more than beautiful. Like, I don’t have a specific word to describe your beauty. It’s stunning, staggering, and mesmerizing. Your own beauty is unique.

Be your kind of beautiful neon sign

Girl, be beautiful. You're unique. No one else can compare with you. ​Being your kind of beautiful means embracing all of your flaws, too — because they make you who you are. It means celebrating who you are and letting go of any shame you feel about your body.

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Beautiful neon sign at home

Not only at the spa and salon, but you can also get neon signs for your home. They are an excellent way to convey individuality and make any space more lively. A beautiful neon lights will elevate the area and its atmosphere.

Beautiful neon sign bedroom

A luminous sign that glows in the dark may make your bedroom look stylish and appealing. OMG, you're like really pretty is a lovely neon sign quote to hang in your bedroom. They make distinctive lights that exude a warm and inviting vibe. Here is a neon sign bedroom ideas worth considering.

Beautiful neon sign decor

Give your walls something to say. A statement, a well-known proverb, or even a particular image. Wall decor made of neon signs adds surprising intrigue to any room. It's unconventional, entertaining, and a bit odd.

Some models of neon signs are suitable for decorating beauty salons:

Beautiful neon sign kitchen

Not only the bedroom or living room, but you can also have a beautiful neon sign in your kitchen to inspire you with new recipes. A gorgeous neon sign can help you get in a good mood and make unique dishes. If you are looking for neon sign kitchen ideas, try this one.

Customize your own beautiful neon sign

If you're looking for a custom neon sign, we can create one made just the way you want. There are many different designs and sizes available so contact us through our website today to get started!


For your particular neon sign fonts, we can recreate nearly any font. Whether you want something traditional or more contemporary, our design team will try our best to make a neon sign that is the ideal fit for your taste.


We offer 25 neon sign colors in total, 11 of which are white when the sign is off and colored when it is on. The remaining ten colors come with jackets, and covers that go over the tubes and make the color visible even when the sign isn't on (just not as bright).


There is undoubtedly a neon sign that is ideal for your needs because they come in various sizes and styles. While our tallest neon signs are above 300cm, our lowest ones start at 60cm. Please let us know if you want a custom neon sign sizes ,we would be pleased to assist.

Special design

Use our website's neon sign maker tool to design your own text-based sign. Please fill out our custom design form if you want to create a specific design. In just 24 hours, our staff will respond to your inquiry with a proposal.

Benefits of using neon signs

Neon lights may be advantageous for companies wishing to raise their visibility and brand awareness. Using neon signage has several benefits. The appearance of neon signage is distinctive and great for making sure your business stands out at all hours of the day.

Price of beautiful neon lights

The size and complexity of the design affect a neon sign's pricing. Our neon signs are exceptionally cheap because of our factory pricing, which no one else can match. We can make your dream sign come true with a price that fits your budget.

How do LED neon signs work?

One of the most versatile commercial lighting products is LED neon signs. Compared to vintage neon lights, LED lighting items are smaller and lighter. Additionally, this new light source uses less energy while producing noticeably more brightness. Eco-friendly LED lights are what give off the dazzling glow.

Where to buy the hello beautiful led sign?

You can get beautiful neon signs at Orant Neon. We handcraft each of our LED neon light signs. Our products come in various designs, product kinds, and color possibilities, and they are lightweight, safe, and economical alternatives for interior décor.

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There’s no doubt that a beautiful neon sign will create a great spotlight for your space, making it more alive than ever. If you own a beauty salon and are thinking about overhauling the interior, you might want to look at Orant Neon’s beauty and cosmetic studio collection.