Custom Neon Sign Austin | Light Up Your Store

Custom neon sign Austin is favored by many business stores because they easily attract customers' attention day or night. In addition, the high applicability that is also suitable for many situations is also the advantage of custom neon lights.

1. Best custom neon sign Austin

With extremely bright colors, Orant Neon's custom neon sign will give your brand a unique and distinctive look. We design custom neon signs for home, event and business decorations such as bars, restaurants, and retailers.

In Austin and Texas, we've provided neon sign icons for various businesses: restaurants, offices, cafes, nail salons, and more.

custom neon sign Austin
Many businesses have chosen our custom signs

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2. Why should you choose custom neon signs?

You should invest in Austin custom neon lights' quality, durability, and reliability as they can light well and last for many years. The reasons that you should choose this sign:

  • Eye-catching: With sharp lines and bright colors unique and attractive neon lights Austin can increase traffic and make customers curious about your brand.
  • Cost saving: Do neon signs use a lot of electricity? Neon lights can continuously be used for up to 50,000 hours and use very little electricity. This is a worthy investment.
  • Smart investment: We offer weatherproof exterior neon signs. Light it up at any time of day or event, and withstand any weather.
  • Safe to use: Do neon signs get hot? Product uses LED technology made of PVC material, making it extremely environmentally friendly. It doesn't make loud noises and doesn't overheat.
  • Easy to install: When you receive your package from us, you will receive a complete kit for installing your neon quickly lights yourself.
custom neon signs in Austin
Neon lights are the perfect choice for any space

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3. Where can custom neon light sign Austin be used?

Almost any type of business can use neon signs. You can leave it in the front of the company. Office buildings can also use motivational quotes. Schools, churches, and government buildings can all use neon signs to make an impression. Neon sign custom Austin has no limits for creativity.

custom neon light Austin
We have custom neon signs for every business

4. Where to supply neon signs in Austin? 

Orant Neon is honored to be associated with many brands and businesses in Austin. Our custom signage is incredibly diverse and extensive that will suit all different business sectors.

Our neon signs will cost from $100, but with designs you create yourself, the price will depend on many factors such as: colors neon signs, size, font, …

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If you need to light up your shop with custom neon sign Austin, contact Orant Neon immediately. We'll help you find the correct neon pattern for your brand.