Best Outdoor Led Sign Waterproof For Any Space

An outdoor neon sign is a fantastic technique to attract attention to your company and make it stand out. It can be applied to the eye-catching promote a product, a service, or an occasion. This post will show you more about outdoor neon lights custom from Orant Neon.

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1. Learn about outdoor neon signs

Outdoor neon light sign with electrical components are frequently used to highlight the features of patios. For security reasons, you must utilize outdoor led neon sign at night as well. Also, you might promote your business with an LED sign. Installing outdoor neon lights with your company's logo can be used for advertising.

For special occasions, the use of LED outdoor signage is growing as well. Compared to alternative illumination, outdoor custom neon signs are more beautiful. Because it is composed of PVC tubing and LED lights, contemporary outdoor lighting can be used for a long time. 

outdoor neon sign

Outdoor neon  are more beautiful than indoor neon signs

2. Outdoor & indoor neon light

Outdoor neon sign need to be protected from the environment so they can survive moisture and sunlight exposure without losing their brightness or material quality. When LED lights are used to create our neon signs, we don't worry as much about their brightness or quality as we do about safeguarding each element and component.

Outdoor signs will either have glues and silicones to cover the wires and seal everything to prevent water from entering. Unlike indoor neon signs that merely have an acrylic base for the lettering and the LED-lit tubes, or maybe they are cut to shape.

outdoor neon signs

Glues and silicones will be used in outdoor signs

Unless if you want to use them in rooms or locations where they could get wet, indoor neon signs do not need all of this. If so, we'll do our best to get it ready for you.

Orant Neon has taken all necessary precautions to produce outdoor neon lights that will meet your needs and provide many years of use since they will be well-protected. If you are in need of buying neon sign, don't forget to come to Orant Neon!

outdoor neon signs custom

You'll find all you need in outdoor neon 

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3. What advantages does outdoor neon signs custom have?

  • Price

It is inexpensive to utilize outdoor led neon signs. The cost of electricity and administration for consumers is not increased by these neon lights. Also, you may purchase this equipment at reasonable costs. Consequently, spend money on these top-notch LED outdoor signs for your locations.

outdoor neon signs for sale

Outdoor neon has a very affordable cost

  • Safety

Any place can safely employ outdoor led neon signs. These lights don't contain any potentially harmful gases or ingredients. It additionally lacks the fragile glass that traditional signage does. Unlike other lights, these outdoor custom neon signs do not produce a lot of heat or noise. 

  • Energy saving

Outdoor led neon signs consume less energy than conventional neon signs. To illuminate any exterior space, they use less energy. Because of this, LED outdoor signs don't affect the environment. Use outdoor LED signs that are eco-friendly.

outdoor led neon sign

Outdoor sign reduces energy use

  • Long-lasting

LED outdoor signage last longer than conventional types of lighting. The lifespan of this lighting is over seven years. Moreover, this outdoor neon light sign doesn't require maintenance. To enjoy strong light for an extended period of time, you must use this illumination carefully.

4. Ideas to use Outdoor neon lights for spaces

  • For the house

The best outside light-up signage can be used as interior decor. Also, many people use outside signs to illuminate their patio, garden, or barbeque area. Outdoor signs like the welcome to our house neon sign and others can be used by people for their homes. On an outside custom neon sign, people can mention the name of their home.

  • For business shop

An outdoor neon sign can be used to adorn the exterior of your company location. Also, this lighting is ideal for commercial commercials. Beer neon signs, cheers neon signs and more can be used as outdoor signage for bars.

Burger neon signs, pizza neon signs, happy food inside the neon sign, let's eat neon signs,... are examples of outdoor signage that people can use for their businesses. Also, people can design unique neon outdoor signs that feature the name or emblem of their company.

outdoor neon light sign

You can use outdoor signs for sale

  • For special occasion & party

For occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, and other gatherings, you can also use outdoor light signage. The following outdoor signs can be used for weddings: A neon sign that says "I do", "I only want to be with you", "heart" and "All you need is love",...

Also, you may design a personalized birthday neon sign with a person's name on it. Party-related outdoor signs include those that read "Let's party", "Til death do us party", "Born to party" and others.

outdoor led neon signs

You'll have a more impressive party

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5. Things to note when buying outdoor custom neon signs

  • Color

Before purchasing an outdoor neon sign, you should think about its hue. Neon signs ought to be the same hue as your home's interior design. So be careful when picking the color of your outdoor signs custom.

  • Size

An outdoor sign's size must be properly chosen. Your space will be exactly adjusted for the outside sign. Also, installing these lights outside your home won't present any issues for you.

  • Style

You must also take the design of an outdoor neon sign into account. The acrylic backdrop for the outdoor neon comes in a variety of designs. The popular acrylic backboard designs include metallic, UV printed, translucent, and more. Thus, when purchasing an outdoor neon light sign, think about its acrylic backing.

  • Hanging place

The brightness of outdoor LED neon sign can now be adjusted with a remote control. You must determine whether or not the remote control is compatible with your outdoor light sign. Modern LED outdoor signs are available for purchase since they are consistent with remote control and dimmer.

outdoor neon lights

You must consider the criteria listed before buying neon signs

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Above is the information about the outdoor neon sign that Orant Neon has shared with you. Without having to spend a lot of money on other means of advertising, you can quickly attract attention to your company or event with the use of an outdoor neon light sign. Investing in a high-quality neon sign is a practical method to raise visibility and increase revenue.


John LoBianco Jr

John LoBianco Jr

Need to design a neon for indoors


Need to design a neon for indoors




Most amazing nice informed and helpful customer service. Sign was even more cool than I imagined. So very cool

Most amazing nice informed and helpful customer service. Sign was even more cool than I imagined. So very cool

Mitchell Levi

Mitchell Levi

My girlfriend got me a custom piece for my birthday and it’s amazing!

My girlfriend got me a custom piece for my birthday and it’s amazing!



I’m totally obsessed with my new sign!! Looks great in my business

I’m totally obsessed with my new sign!! Looks great in my business

Yul kim

Yul kim

I need a neon sign for outdoor sign for bar

I need a neon sign for outdoor sign for bar

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