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Want to add a vibrant sign to your space? Check out the neon Yuengling sign with Orant Neon's article below!

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1. History of Yuengling

Yuengling and Molson Coors formed a joint venture to become The Yuengling Company. Beyond the 191-year-old brewer's current 22-state base and any potential New England development, this JV will be in charge of managing any new market expansion.

Yuengling's history is also the history of the American Spirit. It's a story about pursuing common goals while demonstrating personal grit and persistent commitment to high standards. 

neon yuengling sign
Yuengling is a significant brewing brand in the United States

Like many American stories, this one begins with the hopes and aspirations of several young immigrants seeking opportunity and ends with the courage and determination of one family determined to establish their legacy in a new nation.

When David G. Yuengling moved to the tranquil coal-mining town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, from Wuerttemberg, Germany, the history of America's Oldest Brewery started.

2. Yuengling neon light collection

If you have not found a product you like, please refer to the Yuengling neon light collection below to be able to bring back the right neon sign.

2.1 Neon Yuengling sign

Neon signs are always eye-catching, but there's something special about the neon Yuengling sign. Maybe it's the bright colors or the fact that it's shaped like a beer bottle. Whatever the reason, this sign is sure to get attention. And that's precisely what Yuengling wants. After all, what better way to advertise their beer than with a big, bold Neon sign? 

yuengling neon sign
Neon Yuengling signs are eye-catching

2.2 Vintage Yuengling

Vintage signage is a popular decorating trend, and there's no neon light more iconic than the Vintage Yuengling light up sign. This vibrant red and yellow sign is a replica of the original Yuengling brewery sign that hung in Pottsville, PA in the 1930s. The Vintage Yuengling neon sign is a must-have for any beer lover, and it's sure to add some personality to your home bar or game room. 

2.3 Yuengling beer sign

Yuengling is iconic in Pennsylvania. The Yuengling neon beer sign is a popular item among beer aficionados and Yuengling fans alike. It's a great addition to any game room, bar, or man cave. 

yuengling neon beer sign
The Yuengling neon beer sign will be the best highlight in your bar

2.4 Yuengling America's oldest brewery

Yuengling's America's oldest brewery neon sign is an iconic piece of Americana. The Yuengling family has been in the brewing business for over 200 years, and the Yuengling name is synonymous with quality beer. The Yuengling light up sign is a familiar sight to many Americans and represents the Yuengling brand well. The sign is bright and colorful, and it stands out against the night sky.

yuengling light up sign
Yuengling's America's oldest brewery sign 

2.5 Yuengling Texas

Yuengling is a historic brewery founded in 1829, and its beers are brewed in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Yuengling fans in Texas were thrilled when the brand opened a brewing facility in Houston in 2016, and they were eagerly waiting for the Yuengling Texas neon sign to be installed. 

texas yuengling neon light
Many people in Texas love this neon sign

Given the popularity of Yuengling beer in the state, there was no doubt that the sign would be a hit with locals and visitors alike. And, sure enough, the Yuengling Texas neon light has become one of the most popular things to see in Houston.

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    3. Yuengling led sign custom

    Once you've selected your design and text, Orant Neon allows you to personalize it further with our innovative technology. Our "custom neon signs" feature lets you choose the size, color, and typeface to ensure your signage perfectly aligns with your branding or aesthetic needs. Whether it's for a business storefront or a unique home decor piece, we ensure your vision is precisely brought to life in vibrant neon.

    At Orant Neon, you can custom neon sign online right on our website with a number of adjustment options as follows:


    4.1 Font

    With a variety of fonts like Barcelony, Hesterica, Kiona or Typewriter, you can optionally choose the font for your Christmas sign.

    custom yuengling neon sign on Orant Neon
    You can custom your neon sign on Orant Neon’s website
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    4.2 Size

    Orant Neon's recommended lamp size is from 60cm (2ft) to 300cm (10ft). However, if you would like to order a product with a size outside this range, please contact us for more information and product and service advice.

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    4.3 Color

    Customers can choose one of the 12 colors below to make their neon light:

    Green, Blue, Red, Teal, Orange, Pink, Light Pink, White & Warm White, Purple, Yellow, and Ice Blue.

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    5. How much does it cost to run a LED neon sign?

    Neon lights are far more cost effective than traditional ones. Not only do they use less energy, but LED's longer lifespan and ability to glow in various colors make them an appealing alternative for companies looking beyond dull fluoro or warm white lighting options

    neon yuengling sign consumes power
    Neon Yuengling sign does not consume much power

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