Inspire Your Place With Michelob ULTRA Neon Sign

With the Michelob ULTRA neon sign, you can make your room, bar, or party more vibrant than ever. Get one in Orant Neon to make your place full of inspiration!

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1. Origin of Michelob ULTRA 

The premium light beer Michelob ULTRA is designed for those who lead active, healthy lifestyles. Herkules hops and healthy grains are used in the brewing process of this light lager to produce beer with an excellent flavor and crisp, refreshing aftertaste.

Michelob ultra neon sign 1

Michelob ULTRA is a famous beer brand

This American beer is not only free of artificial colors and tastes but also allows you to enjoy a refreshing beer without sacrificing your active lifestyle. Therefore, this is the most popular beer brand in the world.

2. Michelob ULTRA neon sign collection

Don't miss Orant Neon's collection of neon signs below to choose the right product.

2.1 Michelob ULTRA neon sign

Michelob ULTRA neon green sign is iconic and can be seen in many bars and restaurants across the country. The sign is often placed in a high-traffic area so that as many people will see it as possible. Don't hesitate to decorate your bar right away with Michelob ULTRA signs.

michelob ultra signs
Michelob ULTRA signs are very popular in bars in the US

2.2 Michelob ULTRA golf neon sign

what better way to enjoy Michelob ULTRA than with a Michelob ULTRA golf neon sign? Michelob ULTRA golf neon signs are the perfect way to show your love for the game, and they make a great addition to any man cave or home bar. So whether you're enjoying a cold one on the course or cheering on your favorite golfer on TV, do it in style with a Michelob ULTRA golf neon sign.

michelob neon sign
Golf Michelob's neon sign is a unique design

2.3 Michelob ULTRA  PGA tour neon sign

Michelob ULTRA is one of the most popular beer brands in the world, and they're also a major sponsor of the PGA Tour. Recently, they unveiled a new Neon Michelob ULTRA PGA Tour sign at one of the tour's stops. 

The sign is massive, and it's also very bright and colorful. It's sure to be a hit with fans, and it's sure to get people talking. And, of course, you can completely bring this sign to your space today!

2.4 Michelob ULTRA North Carolina neon sign

Michelob ULTRA North Carolina neon sign is the perfect way to show your support for your favorite team. Michelob ULTRA is a great beer, and it's always been my go-to beer whenever I'm out with friends or watching a game. And it is also the perfect way to show your team spirit while enjoying a cold beer. 

michelob ultra led sign
Support your favorite football team with the Carolina Michelob ULTRA led sign

2.5 Michelob ULTRA superior light beer neon sign

The Michelob ULTRA neon beer sign is an excellent way to promote your business. This is the ideal technique to convey your message.. In addition, they are sure to catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

michelob ultra neon beer sign
Many businesses have used Michelob ULTRA neon beer sign to promote their brand
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3. Where to buy Michelob ULTRA led sign

Orant Neon offers free shipping and worldwide shipping on standard orders (2 to 3 weeks delivery time). If readers want to receive it earlier. We have distributed our products to many countries around the world, such as:

  • Michelob ULTRA neon sign US.
  • Michelob ULTRA neon sign UK.

4. Michelob ULTRA sign custom

With Orant Neon's neon customizable sign service, you can entirely create your own Michelob ULTRA sign based on the following criteria:

4.1 Font

Buyers can choose the font according to Orant Neon's suggestion or preferences. However, avoid choosing calligraphy fonts and letters with uneven widths. This will cause difficulties during production and transportation.

4.2 Size

Please choose the size of the lamp based on the decoration space. Our regular products range in size from 60cm to 300cm (2 ft - 10 ft). If you want to order products with sizes outside this range, please contact Orant Neon via email or website.

4.3 Color

You can choose the color of your neon sign for sale from our options, including:

Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Teal, Pink, Light Pink, Ice Blue, White & Warm White, Yellow.

Your imagination is the only limit with our custom neon signs options.

5. Michelob ULTRA neon led sign price

The price of the lamp depends on various factors, such as the customer's design, color, font, or size. Therefore, please contact Orant Neon's customer service directly to get the exact price!

price of michelob ultra neon sign
The price of neon sign depends on the complexity of the design
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6. How to clean a neon sign?

You should dust your neon lights regularly to keep it shining brightly and prevent any cracks from forming. After removing the plug, take a duster or microfiber cloth with you as you walk along each tube of lights for them not only to look cleaner but also to last longer!

7. Shipping Information

All orders are processed and ready to be shipped within 5-7 business days upon receipt of payment. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

Shipment method

Delivery Time

Shipment cost


7-14 Business Days


Express Shipping

5-10 Business Days


Please note: If your order has any other changes, the delivery time will be later than expected corresponding to the number of days waiting for order adjustment.

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Thus, the above article has helped you read more about this product's beautiful Michelob ULTRA neon sign and other helpful information. To create products to your liking, you can visit Orant Neon's website to refer to more models.

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