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Best Ideas Event Neon Signs For Party & Special Occasion

Make your events special and jubilant with the event neon signs. Everyone will be excited for the sparkling space. Check out some products and turn ideas into reality with Orant Neon!

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1. Why should you have a neon sign in your important events?

Many people in events love event neon signs because they have many amazing uses. So why should you have a neon light for your event?

1.1 Decorate the photo area

A specific Instagram picture area is necessary for every event! The ideal adornment for this is neon signage. Your guests will undoubtedly draw toward the sign and capture a memorable Instagram photo of your event if you have a neon wall decoration or centerpiece.

decor with event neon lights
Using event neon lights to decorate the area at the party

You'll want to keep the day in your memories forever while attending a birthday celebration, wedding, or any other significant occasion. It's crucial to accurately date a photo of your recollection! Your visitors will have the ideal photo opportunity with a neon design, which they will cherish for years.

1.2 Brighten up a special area

Neon signs are a fantastic method to draw your guests' attention! Let a neon sign speak for you, whether you want to direct people to the dance floor or the open bar.

event neon signs bright up area
Light up a special area with neon signs
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2. Decorate your events with Orant Neon's product 

Check out the beautiful neon lights below for your event!

2.1 "Wifey For Lifey" neon sign

Do you want custom-made neon signs manufactured as the best anniversary present? Or would you like to tell your wife that she has you forever?

Whatever your motivation, the Wifey For Lifey neon sign will undoubtedly help you find the road to her heart since, as the saying goes, "actions speak louder than words." A pink neon sign called The Wifey for Lifey was created especially for this use. 

neon sign for event
Wifey For Lifey - a meaningful neon sign 

2.2 "Sweet 16" birthday neon sign

You could choose this magnificent Sweet 16 Birthday neon sign, if you're looking for something special to commemorate your memorable 16th birthday. Sweet 16 neon sign is just stunning, lovely, and endearing, elevating the entire area.

event neon signs and lighting
Welcome 16th year with a light sign

2.3 "Happy Birthday" neon sign

The neon led sign that says "Happy Birthday" is ideal for decorating for a birthday. Your space will be filled with pleasure and happiness under this neon light. The ideal birthday present for both you and others. This Happy Birthday neon sign is a must-have for a birthday celebration, and you won't miss it.

 birthday event neon signs
The Happy Birthday neon sign will be an ideal item in your day

2.4 Event neon lights beer

Neon event light signs for beer will get your customers in the mood to party and give your establishment a relaxed feel.

event neon signs beer
Event neon signs beer direct for your guests

2.5 Neon event light signs bar

The perfect bar neon sign will make your bar special, refreshing to the eye, and creating a fabulous party experience for your guests.

event neon signs bar
Decorating the counter with Neon event light signs bar
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3. Neon signs ideas to decorate your events

What can we do with event neon light? The following unique ideas will help you put the product into real life.

3.1 Wedding

Neon signs may be used on wedding backdrops

Your wedding backdrop will seem lively and contemporary with a led neon sign added. For a creative addition to your wedding book, ask your photographer to take pictures of your guests in front of your wedding sign.

event neon signs in wedding
Using the event neon sign as a backdrop at wedding

A fun approach to encourage guests to utilize your wedding hashtag on social media is with this own interpretation of wedding neon sign. After your wedding, you will have a digital wedding album that is candid about perusing. At the same time, you wait for your photographer and videographer to finish editing your gorgeous images and movies.

3.2 Birthday and anniversary

A Happy Birthday light and a backdrop like a ring or fabric create a magnificent appearance. 

event neon signs for birthday
Happy Birthday neon signs should be used at the party

3.3 Event neon light business

For seating areas, use neon vase lights

Neon spotlights are a popular choice for event organizers to illuminate the tables at their events. On the other hand, some organizers could find this to be excessive and unappealing. Considering this, making neon vase lights is a discreet approach to add color and make a sophisticated centerpiece for the tables.

Neon signs for advertising and sponsorship

Advertising companies or event sponsors are constantly drawn to custom neon sign since they stand out more than any other choice. Neon signs may be used in this situation to make shapes, letters, or logos for the sponsors and promote their brands to event attendees.

event neon signs for advertising

You can use neon sign for advertising

This may be a very powerful method to promote a special opportunity to potential sponsors if you have pictures of previous examples.

4. Are neon signs dangerous?

Neon signs are generally secure. Due to the inert gases that fill its lights, neon signage is sometimes misunderstood as hazardous. This is because many people think that if the neon sign lights fail, the gases could escape into the air.

But that's not how they operate. If their lights are broken, neon signs are built to switch the gasses off immediately. When neon lights are destroyed, the electricity is directly cut off, guaranteeing no current flows through the gases. This explains why no lights have been able to remain on the market for an extended time without experiencing any severe recorded accident instances.

neon event light sign
Neon sign lights are safe to use

In addition, individuals are concerned that increased heat output near the signs might result in burns. However, neon signs don't grow hot enough to burn you.

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5. Can I buy event neon signs and lighting in where?

Utilize our online neon sign maker to create your neon light. Select a color, font, and size to make a unique neon word light. Try as many different combinations as you want. 

To get a more accurate picture of how it will seem in real life, you can examine your design against various backdrops. Just put it in the cart after you're satisfied with your unique selections. You'll receive a handcrafted, unique neon light design in weeks.
For more information about the service, please see the following neon sign custom service at Orant Neon.
ideas event neon signs
Orant Neon is a place to buy quality neon lights

6. Do your LED neon lights plug in or are they battery-operated?

The majority of Orant Neon's selection of signs, lights, lamps, and wall art are plug-in devices. We do have battery pack alternatives for miniature lights, signage, and lamps.

event neon signs plug in

You can plug in neon sign or use battery powered neon sign

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The event neon signs event will be what makes your events all the more special. In addition to the above sample products, you can visit Orant Neon's website to refer to other products.

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