Best 100+ Decor Neon Signs For Event Ideas 2023

Make your events special and jubilant with the event neon signs. Everyone will be excited for the sparkling space. Check out some products and turn ideas into reality with Orant Neon!

1. Special collection of event neon signs at Orant Neon 

Here are the amazing products we absolutely love in our neon lights collection for events, parties and weddings:

1.1 Wifey For Lifey

Looking for a special anniversary gift? Consider custom neon signs. Imagine a glowing sign in your home with a meaningful quote, date, or nickname. The nostalgic neon adds a unique touch to your celebrations, creating lasting memories. Express your love uniquely with custom neon signs.

Whatever your motivation, the Wifey For Lifey neon sign will undoubtedly help you find the road to her heart since, as the saying goes, "actions speak louder than words." A pink neon sign called The Wifey for Lifey was created especially for this use. 

neon sign for event
Wifey For Lifey - a meaningful neon sign 

1.2 Sweet 16 birthday

You could choose this magnificent Sweet 16 Birthday neon sign, if you're looking for something special to commemorate your memorable 16th birthday. Sweet 16 neon sign is just stunning, lovely, and endearing, elevating the entire area.

event neon signs and lighting
Welcome 16th year with a light sign

1.3 Happy Birthday

The neon led sign that says "Happy Birthday" is ideal for decorating for a birthday. Your space will be filled with pleasure and happiness under this neon light. The ideal birthday present for both you and others. This Happy Birthday neon sign is a must-have for a birthday celebration, and you won't miss it.

birthday event neon signs
The Happy Birthday neon sign will be an ideal item in your day

1.4 All you need is love

Ignite your space with the captivating All you need is love LED neon. Transform any room into a haven of coolness as the neon glow permeates the air, leaving an indelible mark on your heart with its chic and playful lighting. Long after your big day, this stunning piece will seamlessly integrate into your interior, serving as a beautiful reminder of those unique moments.

Love is all you need Neon Sign
All you need is love sign is a sure way to make any room a super cool

1.5 Til Death

This LED masterpiece gives a contemporary twist to the traditional wedding saying "Til Death." With its ultra-trendy cursive font and captivating colors, this portable neon light elevates weddings, vow renewals, and even serves as a striking wall art feature in your home.
Til Death LED neon

 This LED neon puts a modern spin on the traditional wedding

1.6 Drunk in love 

Derived from the iconic Beyoncé song, the wedding neon sign will set your celebration ablaze or add an exquisite ambiance to your ceremony. If you're seeking that extra touch to make your special day truly unforgettable, look no further! Allow this radiant creation to weave its magic and leave an everlasting imprint on your memories.

Drunk in love neon
LED lights up a wedding party

1.7 It was all a dream

Start a dreamlike journey with the "It was all a dream" LED sign, a perfect gift for any occasion or recipient. Set the stage and set the mood in any room with this mesmerizing neon sign that is sure to show off the atmosphere you've always envisioned. Let its charms transport you to a realm of endless possibilities!

It was all a dream LED Neon Sign

This gorgeous neon sign is sure to give off the vibe you've always dreamed of

1.8 Love 

Bathe your home in the radiant glow of Love neon lights. These pink LED night signs exude romance and create a captivating ambiance in any room. Ideal for brides and grooms, these neon light signs serve as eye-catching elements for home decor or parties, infusing life with vibrant colors and adding a touch of interest to the simplest moments.

love neon LED

Neon Love lights up your home and adds romance

These are some of our collection and ideas for special occasion:


2. Why should you have a neon sign in your important events?

Many people in events love event neon signs because they have many amazing uses. So why should you have a neon light for your event?

2.1 Decorate the photo area

A specific Instagram picture area is necessary for every event! The ideal adornment for this is neon signage. Your guests will undoubtedly draw toward the sign and capture a memorable Instagram photo of your event if you have a neon wall decoration or centerpiece.

decor with event neon lights
Using event neon lights to decorate the area at the party

You'll want to keep the day in your memories forever while attending a birthday celebration, wedding, or any other significant occasion. It's crucial to accurately date a photo of your recollection! Your visitors will have the ideal photo opportunity with a neon design, which they will cherish for years.

2.2 Brighten up a special area

Neon signs are a fantastic method to draw your guests' attention! Let a neon sign speak for you, whether you want to direct people to the dance floor or the open bar.

event neon signs bright up area
Light up a special area with neon signs
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3. Neon signs ideas to decorate your events

Neon signs can add a vibrant and trendy touch to any event or party. Here are some decor ideas on how to incorporate neon signs into your event:

3.1 Welcome Sign

Create a personalized neon sign that welcomes guests to the event. You can display it at the entrance or near the registration area to make a stylish first impression.

event neon signs in wedding
Using the event neon sign as a backdrop at wedding

3.2 Event Name or Hashtag Sign

Use a neon sign to showcase the name of the event or a unique hashtag associated with the party. It will not only serve as a decor element but also encourage guests to use the hashtag when sharing their experiences on social media.

event neon signs for birthday
Happy Birthday neon signs should be used at the party

3.3 Bar or Drink Station Signage

Illuminate the bar area with a neon sign that says "Bar" or "Cheers." It will draw attention to the drinks and create a lively atmosphere. You can also consider neon signs with cocktail-related words or phrases to enhance the theme.
neon event light sign
Add a little unique light to the party bar area

3.4 Dance Floor Sign

Make the dance floor the center of attention by placing a neon sign that says "Dance" or "Let's Dance" nearby. The neon lights will add a vibrant and energetic vibe to the area, encouraging guests to hit the dance floor.

Event decor with neon signs
LED signs are the perfect decor for the dance floor area

3.5 Photobooth Sign

If you have a dedicated photobooth area, use a neon sign to highlight it. Phrases like "Strike a Pose" or "Capture the Moment" can serve as attractive backdrops for memorable photos.

Custom neon signs for events

The photobooth area cannot be without LED signs

3.6 Inspirational Quotes or Phrases

Choose neon signs with motivational or celebratory quotes that resonate with the event's theme or purpose. Display them strategically throughout the venue to create an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere.
Event signage with neon lights
Quotes are always an interesting idea for neon LED

4. Can I buy event neon signs and lighting in where?

Utilize our online neon sign maker to create your neon light. Select a color, font, and size to make a unique neon word light. Try as many different combinations as you want. 

To get a more accurate picture of how it will seem in real life, you can examine your design against various backdrops. Just put it in the cart after you're satisfied with your unique selections. You'll receive a handcrafted, unique neon light design in weeks.
For more information about the service, please see the following neon sign custom service at Orant Neon.
ideas event neon signs
Orant Neon is a place to buy quality neon lights

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The event neon signs event will be what makes your events all the more special. In addition to the above sample products, you can visit Neon Sign Shop Orant Neon to refer to other products.

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Crystal Key

Crystal Key

Planning an event in 2023? This blog has you covered with 100+ neon sign ideas! Because nothing says ‘classy gathering’ like a flamingo-shaped neon sign that screams ’I’m here for the party and a good time!’ Who needs subtlety when you can have neon llamas and disco ball signs?

Planning an event in 2023? This blog has you covered with 100+ neon sign ideas! Because nothing says ‘classy gathering’ like a flamingo-shaped neon sign that screams ’I’m here for the party and a good time!’ Who needs subtlety when you can have neon llamas and disco ball signs?

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