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A Nike neon sign is a great way to add some flair while also expressing your passion and loyalty to one of the most popular and influential brands in the world. Orant Neon'll cover all you need to know about neon light Nike in this post, including what they are, why you should buy one, where to find one, and how to install one.

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1. Neon Nike sign collection

The Nike neon sign collection consists of a number of LED neon lights with the well-known Nike name and logo. Here are some examples from Orant Neon that you may find useful:

1.1 Droppy

A distinctive and eye-catching LED neon sign that displays the Nike symbol with a dripping look is called the "droppy neon nike light." The colorful light may be personalized with your name or a catchphrase and is available in several sizes and colors. It can serve as a night light, be hung up on the wall, or be set down on a desk. 

nike neon sign

Nike Droppy LED neon comes in a variety of colors

1.2 Jordan

The Air Jordan symbol and Michael Jordan's image may be seen on the Jordan neon Nike light, a gorgeous and fashionable neon sign. Anyone who enjoys basketball or loves sneakers and wants to express their admiration for the legendary player and his iconic shoes should display this sign. The Jordan Nike neon light is a terrific way to add a bit of history and energy to any room.

1.3 Rainbow

The sign contains LED lights that provide a rainbow look and can change colors. The sign can be utilized to adorn a wall, a storefront, a bedroom, or any other space in need of a splash of color and sport. For those who love Nike apparel or shoes, the sign also makes a beautiful present.

neon nike sign

A wonderful gift is Nike's LED lights

1.4 Air max

The Nike Air max logo, which is an unusual letter A with a curved line above it, is beautifully and stylishly displayed on this sign. For anyone who adores Nike Air max products or sneaker culture, the sign is a beautiful gift. Don't pass up this opportunity to decorate your wall with Nike neon signs!

1.5 Retro

For those who adore this well-known sports shoe brand, a retro nike LED light makes a beautiful decor. Bright colors and a distinctive design are used on the sign, which is shaped like the Nike logo. With brilliant Nike neon sign, it will make a statement in your room. 

nike neon light

This neon sign decoration will portray your personality

1.6 Nike shoes

A Nike shoes neon sign is a style of a lighted sign that includes a pair of shoes and the name or logo of the well-known sportswear company Nike. The sign is often made of glass tubes filled with neon gas, which when an electric current flows through them, illuminates in various colors. 

neon light nike

A LED neon Nike featuring a shoe shape and a brand logo

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2. Meaning of Nike neon sign

With the durability and quality of a larger sign, the Nike neon light is incredibly light and thin. You often see neon signs and think, "I want one of those!" However, the hassle of looking for a store, the expense of installation and upkeep, and the requirement for an electrical outlet just don't make it worthwhile. 

Introducing Orant Neon's collection of stunning, premium, plug-and-play neon Nike sign with the Nike logo that are pre-installed with LED signs and a transformer that has received UL approval. You can start using your new sign right away since there are no installation or maintenance requirements!

nike neon sign

Neon nike light have excellent quality and durability

3. What material is Nike neon light made of?

Neon: Pure neon produces a red glow at typical levels, as was already indicated. Pink or a lighter red hue can be seen in neon lights with higher neon gas concentrations.

nike neon signs

Neon is typically light pink or red

Krypton: Manufacturers utilize Krypton to create a variety of colors because it emits a white-yellow glow. To achieve the correct color, craftsmen usually utilize tinted glass when adding Krypton to lighting tubes.

neon nike sign

Adding Krypton frequently involves using stained glass

Xenon: The dark lavender glow that xenon generates can be combined with other gases to create a rainbow of hues.

neon nike light

Xenon's purple hue can interact with other gases

Helium: Helium, argon, and mercury vapor are all added to the tube of Nike LED sign made for colder climates in order to speed up the heating process. A pink-red glow is produced by helium.

nike neon light

Pink light results from helium

Argon: To produce more vivid blue colors, craftsmen typically combine mercury vapor with argon. Manufacturers will occasionally paint UV-sensitive phosphors onto the inside of glass tubes to create various colors. Argon gas is most commonly present in neon lights that have a clear, effervescent coloring and are blue, white, yellow, or green.

neon light nike

Blue, white, or green argon gas are the available colors

Mercury Vapor: Depending on the color (warm or cold base colors) that manufacturers desire to create, the majority of neon lights either employ mercury vapor or neon. In place of neon, producers typically employ mercury for cool hues like purple and green.

LED neon nike

Manufacturers frequently employ purple and green mercury

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4. How many colors for Nike LED light?

Do you want to use creative neon lights to decorate your home with a singular, remarkable feel? Do you want to customize the Nike neon sign color and style? Visit Orant Neon, the industry leader in custom neon light.

At Orant Neon, we breathe life into your ideas through our custom neon signs. These vibrant pieces are perfect for imbuing your living space with a unique, energetic ambiance, or putting an unforgettable stamp on your business branding. From playful and funky designs to more elegant and sophisticated styles, we cater to a wide range of aesthetic tastes. The freedom to customize your own neon sign means you're not just getting a decoration, you're making a statement.

Orant Neon is a company that specializes in offering attractive, excellent, and reasonably priced neon sign goods. Numerous Nike neon light models are available to suit your requirements and preferences. Or you can use the simple and useful online tool provided by Orant Neon to customize your own neon light.

LED neon nike

Colorful neon signs are offered by Orant Neon

One of the best features of Orant Neon’s custom service is that you can choose from a variety of colors for your LED neon sign. Our 12 color options for our LED and glass neon artworks are Red, Green, Blue, Teal, Pink, Light Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Ice Blue, White, and Warm White. Upon request, we also provide RGB Multicolor Changing LED signs.

Additionally, you can mix and match several colors for the text, outline, and backdrop of your neon sign. With the personalized service offered by Orant Neon, the options are unlimited. Order quickly at Orant Neon right now.

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Above is all the information about the Nike neon sign that Orant Neon has shared with you. Your customized sign can be personalized with the words, images, and colors of your choice. Get ready to enjoy the glow of these lights by ordering your neon Nike sign right away!




Why is neon gas used in advertising signs?

Why is neon gas used in advertising signs?



Thanks for this information, I understand more about LED signs

Thanks for this information, I understand more about LED signs

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