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Halloween Neon Sign | Give Your Area A More Imaginative Feel

The Halloween neon sign's unique design and crisp light provide a frightful atmosphere for your kids' Halloween celebrations. Come to Orant Neon and bring a unique neon sign to your home!

1. The stunning Halloween neon sign of Orant Neon's collection

And now, let's refer some creative Halloween neon signs below. Here are the most popular models of neon light signs for Halloween. This sign belongs to event and wedding neon sign collection. Discover now!

1.1 Boo neon Halloween sign

Boo neon sign Halloween led light is a lovely and distinctive design that will make you smile. Consider purchasing a boo neon sign to further elevate your environment while you celebrate Halloween in your unique way. The Halloween neon Boo sign is a stunning addition to your room, store, art wall, or wherever else you place it, in addition to being the ideal Halloween decoration.

Boo halloween neon sign
A Boo neon sign is put on the bookshelf

1.2 Spooky neon Halloween sign

With this fantastic Spooky neon sign, you can elevate your area and illuminate your Halloween decorations! With the aid of this eerie neon sign, you can easily set the proper mood and hold a Halloween party! 

Spooky neon halloween signs
Spooky neon signs make the horror

This neon Halloween signs exude the dignity and originality you've always desired and looks wonderful in any location, whether it's at the front entrance or on a gallery wall. With a stunning Halloween neon light, your house will become the talk of the neighborhood.

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1.3 Halloween neon sign anime

Use this magnificent beware Halloween neon signs animation to illuminate your Halloween decorations. With the help of this warning neon sign, let's illuminate the entire area and throw a Halloween party!

In addition to being a great addition to any room, front entrance, or art wall, this Halloween neon light sign from neon sign anime collection also exudes the honor and distinctive spirit you've always desired.

Anime neon sign patterns you can use to decorate Halloween party:

Anime halloween neon signs
Halloween neon light sign anime for anime fans

1.4 Pumpkin neon sign

Not only is this Pumpkin & Bat Neon for Halloween. Additionally, you may use it to spruce up areas like your living room or bedroom. The attention is on any place and whenever.

Pumpkin neon halloween sign
The Pumpkin neon sign will make create a creepy atmosphere

1.5 Happy Halloween neon signs

Get your Halloween decorations out and adorn your home with our selection of neon Halloween sign in October. This colorful Happy Halloween sign will bring some Halloween joy to your setup this year, so it's not all bad.

The happy halloween neon sign
A Happy Halloween neon sign on the wall 

2. Neon Halloween signs colors - things you must know

You have a lot of possibilities with Orant Neon. Customers can choose from 25 colors for the neon Halloween sign. Neon signs come in a total of 11 colors; when they're off, they're white, and when they're on, they're vibrant. Ten additional hues will have color coatings so they will glow even in the absence of light.

3. How to Halloween neon light sign custom made

To create and buy your text-based bespoke sign, utilize our website's neon sign creator tool. You may click the "Design Your Own" option in the main menu to custom neon signs.

Please fill out our Custom Design Form if you have a logo design in mind that you'd like us to develop for you. Our team will respond to you the same day with a proposal.

Email: support@orantneon.com or call +1 (678) 679-7836 if you still need help, and we'll walk you through the procedure.

4. Amazing neon Halloween decor

You can decorate your space for Halloween indoors and outdoors with these ideas below!

4.1 Indoor Halloween neon sign decor

It might be challenging to decorate indoor Halloween led neon signs since there are so many different ideas, and you're not sure which one is best. We advise you to do what makes you feel the happiest and most comfortable. Here are some helpful suggestions for using neon signs to adorn your home for Halloween.

Pumpkin with a hat neon sign

Placing this neon sign next to your couch or workstation this Halloween will change how you decorate. It is cool and helpful since you may enjoy reading your favorite book, drinking hot herbal tea, and conversing with loved ones in the low light. It is a little frightening but cool.

pumpkin with a hat neon halloween signs
Your children will love a Pumpkin with a hat neon sign

Scary Face Pumpkin neon sign - Halloween light decor

Put this Scary Face Pumpkin led neon sign under your Christmas trees, and you'll be amazed by how bright and alive everything appears. The hues of red and orange will make you feel cozy and warm, which is ideal for celebrating Halloween with your loved ones.

A scary face Pumpkin neon halloween sign
A scary face Pumpkin neon sign

4.2 Outdoor Halloween neon signs decor

Halloween led neon signs are a must-have for outdoor decor. They provide a stunning and captivating appearance for your home or Halloween celebration. There are many options for decorating your house's exterior for Halloween.

"Trick Or Treat" Halloween neon sign

By hanging this lovely Halloween neon sign above your door, you can let the youngsters know you're participating in the "Trick or Treat" game. Remember also to set out some sweet goodies on the front veranda. This will undoubtedly bring their Halloween to a pleasant conclusion.

Trick or Treat halloween neon light sign
Trick or Treat - The indispensable neon sign on Halloween

Bats and the moon neon Halloween sign

Turn your home into a terrifying ghost house by hanging these neon bat signs on the front of it. Your neighbors will be terrified by this and will remember it forever.

Bat and Moon neon halloween sign
Bat and Moon neon sign is suitable for the bedroom
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5. Does a neon Halloween sign cheap? Where to buy a Halloween neon sign for sale?

Costs for neon signs vary based on the size and complexity of the design. Our bespoke neon signs are very reasonably priced with our factory pricing that others can't match.

Even from home, orders are possible. We provide free standard shipping to all countries. Please get in touch with us if your country isn't a supported default choice during checkout so we can set up a personalized delivery option for you.

Because of our clever supply network, we can provide hundreds of ideas for inspiration, transport goods at reasonable prices worldwide, and enable fully customized designs. I collaborate with moral, cutting-edge, and creative manufacturing firms worldwide (USA, China, Singapore, ...).

6. Shipping Information

All orders are processed and ready to be shipped within 5-7 business days upon receipt of payment. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

Shipment method

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10-14 Business Days


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Orant Neon's Halloween neon sign is the perfect way to add a more festive and imaginative feel to your area. Our sign is designed to be unique and stand out, so you can be sure that your home or office will be the talk of the town. If you're looking for a way to make your space more fun and festive this Halloween, look no further than a Halloween neon light sign.

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