Christmas Neon Signs - A New Idea For A Great Holiday

Christmas neon signs heighten our awareness of the mood of Christmas. Bright neon signs with various designs announce the approach of Christmas Day. Celebrate Christmas with neon lights with Orant Neon's collection!

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1. Light up the Christmas holiday with neon signs

Christmas is a lovely day to spend with family and friends and a day to cherish your memories because it is a traditional holiday. People might always feel cozier and happier than ever during the holidays, and Christmas is no different. 
merry christmas neon signs
Christmas neon signs will make your holiday better more than ever
Neon lights are a popular holiday present many people prefer to purchase and give to their loved ones. Some serve as magical marketing tools for Christmas shops to draw clients, while others serve only as essential seasonal decorations.
But regardless of what function neon lights serve at Christmas, this day has been made exceptional by their inclusion! Christmas is about to arrive, as indicated by the elk, Santa Claus, sleigh, and snowman flashing neon lights. Even the straightforward "Merry Christmas" neon lights serve as a reminder to have fun!
Some neon sign patterns you can refer to to decorate important events:
  • Happy birthday
  • Til death do us party
  • Lets dance
  • Drunk in love
  • All you need is love
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2. Creative Christmas neon sign for a wonderful holiday

Make your Christmas day happier with our neon sign lights collection!

2.1 "Merry Christmas" neon sign

This Merry Christmas neon light will make your holiday decor stand out! Bring color to your wedding, events, food truck, party wall, or house.
christmas neon signs uk
Merry Christmas neon signs with two colors

2.2 "Reindeer" neon sign

If you fasten this sign to a wall or hang it in a window, it will look fantastic. Choose this "Reindeer" neon sign to give your room a lovely radiant shine.
A pink Dog neon sign is the best gift for the children at Christmas

2.3 "Santa Claus" neon sign

This Santa neon sign arrives carrying glittering presents, perfect for flanking the fireplace, decorating next to the Christmas tree, or bringing seasonal cheer with guests outside your festive front door. Lovely decor that will add cheer to any home and a lovely holiday present option.
christmas neon light signs
Happy Santa Claus neon sign

2.4 "Sock" neon sign

Christmas Stocking is a fantastic, more cost-effective neon sign alternative for your event. It will undoubtedly be a beautiful piece whether you hang it on your wall or attach a chain to your Christmas tree.
neon christmas sign
Let's hang Sock neon signs on the Christmas tree 

2.5 Neon Christmas tree light

With its green light output, a Christmas tree neon night light is the perfect eye-catching addition to your party or home decor, adding color and humor to everyday life.
neon christmas signs tree light
Christmas tree light can be hung on the wall 

2.6 Wreath Accents

Hang your neon sign within or around a wreath. This can be a beautiful and unexpected way to add some festive lighting to your front door or inside your home.

2.7 Festive Bar Area

If you have a bar or drink station, adorn it with a neon sign that says "Jingle Juice" or "Santa's Sips." It's fun to designate an area for holiday beverages and cocktails.

christmas neon sign
The bright LED lights match the festive atmosphere

2.8 Christmas Movie Night

Create a cozy Christmas movie night area in your living room with a neon sign that says "Let's Watch a Movie" or "Movie Time" to encourage holiday movie marathons.

2.9 Countdown Calendar

Use a neon sign to highlight a countdown to Christmas. You can have a sign that displays the number of days left until Christmas or one that says "Days 'til Santa".

christmas light signs
LED lights are very suitable to decorate for special occasions

2.10 Winter Wonderland

Create a winter wonderland-themed area with a neon sign that says "Let It Snow" or "Winter Wonderland." Pair it with white and silver decorations for a snowy aesthetic.

These are some of our collection and ideas for special occasion:


3. How to design and create a neon Christmas sign quickly?

Neon lights are easy to construct at home. Please consider using the customize led light sign offered by Orant Neon, though, if you'd want to save the time required and still have a lovely outcome.
You may be your designer with our online design tool! You have complete control over your neon sign. Our online designer maker offers a variety of text, sizes, fonts, colors, packaging methods, and dimming options. After just a few weeks of waiting, the product will be shipped to you.

4. FAQs about neon Christmas signs

Let's read some questions below to know more about neon Christmas signs!

4.1 How long do neon signs last?

Our LED signage has a 50,000-hour continuous usage rating. If a breakdown does occur, it usually affects the transformer or circuit board, and if it happens after the warranty has expired, a cheap replacement can be provided.
christmas led neon signs
We can use Christmas neon signs in many times
Glass neon signs have a 75,000-hour continuous usage rating. But they may be re-gassed when they approach the end of their useful lives (filled with fresh Neon gas). This means that, with careful care, your glass neon sign may survive for many years.

4.2 Are neon signs dangerous?

Industrial quality silicone and long-life LEDs are used in producing LED Signs to boost their durability and longevity. However, as LED Neon is not waterproof, they are solely intended for indoor usage. Contrary to common misconception, there is no risk or injury from the gases inside the tubes.

4.3 Can a neon sign be used outdoors?

Our selection of outdoor signs has an IP67 waterproof grade. Products with the IP67 rating are shielded from dangerous dust and protected against immersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3.3 feet (1 meter). They cannot be used underwater.
led neon christmas signs
Neon Christmas signs should be used indoors
Our basic LED neon signs are indoor signs that may be used inside or outside for parties, events, etc, as long as they are utilized for brief periods of time in dry conditions. Please be aware that our basic signs are not waterproof and shouldn't be left out in the rain, positioned in places where they could get wet, or exposed to excessive heat or cold.

4.4 How much does it cost to run the neon signs?

The most appealing option for bright signage is still neon lights. They pull electricity effectively without sacrificing their glow. This characteristic explains why many company owners don't choose fluorescent and incandescent lighting solutions.
neon christmas tree light
Neon lights don't consume much power

4.5 Are neon signs consuming energy?

A neon sign often costs less to run for 24 hours a day than a 75-watt bulb. Also, keeping it on poses no fire risk because the sign doesn't heat up.

Relevant products:

Christmas neon signs are ideal for your business, storefront, or house. In addition, they make excellent living room wall art, night lights for youngsters or the elderly, and festival lights for holidays and special events. Orant Neon wishes you a happy holiday!




An assistant was very helpful and kind. Ultra fast delivery. Item arrived carefully packed. Good quality, vivid colours, as seen in pictures.

An assistant was very helpful and kind. Ultra fast delivery. Item arrived carefully packed. Good quality, vivid colours, as seen in pictures.



Absolutely love my sign! It’s perfect.

Absolutely love my sign! It’s perfect.

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