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Can neon signs be recharged?

Neon signs have long been admired for their bright light and eye-catching appeal. However, over time, a neon sign's brightness can decrease due to factors such as gas exhaustion or electrode deterioration. When faced with poor illumination, many people wonder whether neon signs can be recharged to restore their former brilliance. Let's find the answer through this article.

Understand the working principle of neon signs

The neon sign is a bright light made of glass tubes containing inert gas and a small amount of mercury. When high-voltage current is applied to the electrode, it will ionize the gas in the pipeline. Electrons in gas are provided with energy and cross different energy levels. When electrons in a gas return to a lower energy state, a luminescence process occurs. Each gas has a unique luminescent color. For example, neon lights emit red and argon emits blue.

The combination of shape, color and glow of neon signs creates appeal and highlights advertising and decorative areas.

Can neon signs be recharged?

Traditional neon lights are not designed to be recharged. Neon lights work by using a small amount of inert gas, such as neon or argon, and a small amount of mercury in a glass tube. When electric current passes through the glass tube, it creates a phenomenon called radiation, causing the gas in the tube to glow.

During use, due to natural leakage or degradation, the gas in the glass tube may gradually dissipate. When the gas is depleted, the neon light will lose its luminous performance and may not function properly.

To overcome the problem of decreased luminous efficiency, electrode replacement or switching to LED lights can be used. However, due to the sealing design of the pipeline, it is not common and difficult to charge traditional neon lights by adding gas to the glass tube.

LED neon lights are now rechargeable because they use LED technology, without the need to use inert gas and mercury like traditional neon lights. LED neon lights have a longer lifespan and are more energy efficient, helping to reduce maintenance and usage costs.

Alternative method for resolving dimmed lights 

Gas refill: In some cases, a professional sign technician can access and refill the gas in the neon tube. The process involves carefully opening the sealed tubes, adding the gas mixture, and resealing them. However, this method requires specialized expertise and equipment and is not always feasible or cost-effective.

Replace the electrodes: If the decrease in brightness is due to electrode deterioration, replacing the electrodes can help restore the brightness of the neon sign. A skilled technician can carefully remove and replace damaged electrodes, ensuring proper connection and operation.

Retrofitting LED lights: You can consider retrofitting LED lights to replace traditional neon signs. LED lights can mimic the look of neon lights while providing energy efficiency and longevity. LED retrofitting involves replacing neon lights with LED lights, providing a brighter and more durable alternative.

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