Sip Sip Hooray
Sip Sip Hooray
Sip Sip Hooray
Sip Sip Hooray
Sip Sip Hooray

Orant Neon

Sip Sip Hooray

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Size:90cm (3ft)
Material:LED Neon

Sip Sip Hooray For Bar & Home

Sip Sip Hooray lights up the space and increases the fun and vibrant atmosphere for parties, bars and pubs. You have no reason to turn down this unique neon light from Orant Neon.

What does Sip Sip Hooray Neon Sign mean?

Sip Sip Hooray neon light is one of the standout products when you are looking for neon sign for bar. This neon sign template is inspired by the way wine or alcoholic beverages are drunk, people often sip to feel the taste of that drink. Sip Sip Hooray neon sign brings a more exciting atmosphere to parties.

      Can I customize the Sip Sip Hooray neon lights by myself?

      You can completely custom led sign neon lights if you like. However, the price will depend on the difficulty of the design.


      If you are wondering about font for neon sign, don't worry, we have nearly 30 fonts for you to choose from. You will indeed create your perfect neon light.


      The minor neon sign for sale we provide start at 60 cm (2 ft), while the largest ones reach over 300 cm (10ft). Just let us know if you require a particular size, and we'll try our best. When choosing neon sign sizes, you should consider a few factors about the space you intend to hang it to design the best neon signs.


      At the Orant Neon, customers can choose from 25 neon sign colors. There are a total of 11 colors. When the neon light is off they are white and when the light is on it will show the correct color. The other 10 colors still retain their color even when the lights are off (just not as bright).


      We already have a list price for each product. If you want to customize your neon sign to your liking,, the price will vary depending on your design.

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      Where is Sip Sip Hooray neon sign suitable to hang?

      You can decorate Sip Sip Hooray neon sign in any space you want. However, hanging them in bars, pubs, restaurants or home bars would be great.

      For Bar

      There is nothing more appropriate to decor Sip Sip Hooray neon sign than a bar. It will be great to sip delicious drinks under a brilliant and romantic space. If you are looking for a business neon sign for an alcoholic beverage shop, this sign is also suitable for decoration.

      For Living Room

      Many families focus on neon sign ideas for living room. Because this is the place to welcome guests to play and where the family gathers. Tequila light up sign is also a pretty reasonable decor for this space, you can try.

      For Home Bar

      Do you like the atmosphere of bars or pubs but are afraid to go out? Make your own bar near the dining room or kitchen with the Sip Sip Hooray neon sign. This is an extremely creative neon sign kitchen ideas that you must

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      Sip Sip Hooray neon sign will definitely become an interesting piece for the space of the bar or any party space. What are you waiting for without Orant Neon and buy this unique neon light?