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With classic beauty, vintage neon signs have proven their charm when it is once again hot. If you also love this beauty, check out the Orant Neon website!

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1. Are vintage neon signs worth anything?

Neon advertising signs, which are frequently linked to the 1950s, had a protracted golden age from the 1920s through the 1960s. Today, neon isn't only for companies; it's also for anybody who wants to give their gaming room, kitchen, garage, or home bar a pop of color and a retro feel. We provide a wide range of neon lights produced using hand-bent neon tubes and high-quality materials.

vintage neon signs
Vintage LED neon

    2. Vintage neon signs for sale

    Check out the beautiful neon sign designs chosen by many people with Orant Neon!

    2.1 Budweiser

    Because the emblem features a winged pattern, this magnificent Budweiser neon sign from the 1930s is quite uncommon.

    Budweiser neon vintage
    A Budweiser neon

    2.2 Beer

    Vintage neon light beer, perfect for beer and bars. They add a touch of class to any establishment and are sure to turn heads.Beer neon signs are easy to spruce up your bar or man cave, making great conversation starters. 

    beer neon vintage signs
    Beer sign is perfect for your bars or pubs

    2.3 Pizza 

    Whatever the reason, a neon pizza sign is a great way to add some personality to your home. And if you're a fan of good pizza, then you'll be happy to know that you can now get a taste of authentic Italian pizza in your own home with a Neon Pizza Sign.

    pizza vintage neon signs for sale
    A vintage neon pizza sign will make your room better
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    2.4 Garage

    Is your garage your go-to hangout place with your friends? You may have invested a lot of effort in creating a man cave. Our selection of neon vehicle signs will be ideal if you feel those areas require one more item before you can truly claim them as your own.

    With our signs, you may get the famous antique garage or automobile neon light Orant Neon style or flaunt your devotion to your preferred automaker.

    neon vintage signs for garage
    Vintage LED neon are put in many garages

    2.5 Chevrolet

    Vintage Chevrolet signs are the perfect way to add a touch of nostalgia to your home or business. These iconic signs feature the classic Chevy logo in bright neon lights and are sure to grab attention. 

    A Chevrolet neon vintage
    A notable Chevrolet neon

    2.6 Bud light

    Vintage bud light neon signs are a fun and unique way to decorate your home or business. These retro signs are made with natural glass tubing and feature brightly colored logos and designs. They are perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to any space. 

    bud vintage neon signs
    Bub light sign will glow up your space

    2.7 Bar

    Vintage neon bar signs are an iconic and essential part of American culture. Neon bar signs are truly unique, and there's no mistaking their retro charm.

    bar custom vintage neon signs
    LED neon are ideal for bars
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    3. Tech specifications of Vintage neon sign Orant Neon

    • Size: Customize as your request (Minimum size of a letter is 4CM)
    • Flexible Size LED Neon (Width x Height): Dimensions (6 x 12mm) or (8 x 15mm)
    • LED Neon Flex Jacket: White coat (White display off) / Color jacket (Color display off)
    • Neon Color LEDs: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Warm white, Light pink, Yellow, Lemon yellow, Ice blue, Purple, Pink
    • Next round: 5mm . Acrylic Sheet
    • Acrylic board color : Transparent/black/color
    • Guarantee: one year
    • Backboard shape: Cut to Shape, Square Back, Invisible Acrylic
    • LED Power Adapter: Standard 230v or 110v LED power adapter
    • AC power plug: EU / UK / AU / US . plug
    • Main part: Acrylic sheet, Neon flex, Power supply, Installation accessories
    • Transparent cable: Approx. Length 2m (from LED sign)
    • AC power cord: Approx. 1.5m long (from transformer)
    • Installation method: Mount (on the wall) or Hang by rope (on the ceiling)

    4. How to buy custom neon sign Orant Neon?

    Don't be afraid to employ Orant Neon's bespoke neon sign service if you have a secret concept. Follow this article to get custom neon signs.

    You can create your own LED neon light with our innovative online sign builder, no matter what you want it to say or what it's for. You may create a wholly original piece of attractive neon wall art, a wedding name sign, a neon beer sign, or a lovely neon light for your baby's nursery decor in only five easy steps.

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    Vintage signs always attract viewers with their timeless classic beauty. If you are a lover of this old beauty, don't hesitate to visit the neon sign store Orant Neon immediately and bring your vintage neon signs to your home. 

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