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Love the Chevrolet? Orant Neon offers unique custom chevy neon signs. It's a great way to show your love for the iconic brand, and it also makes a great addition to garages and man caves. 

1. The History of the Chevy logo

The Chevy bowtie emblem has a very interesting and unique story behind it. According to Paris theory, the logo was introduced back in 1913. William C. Durant, the co-founder of Chevrolet, was inspired by French hotel wallpaper during his visit to Paris, which led him eventually create this iconic logo for the company in America. It is because of this special meaning that makes chevy neon signs when looking for asthetic neon signs for their space.

2. Chevy neon signs collection

Let’s check out the Chevy Neon Signs collection, with a wide range of colors and shapes for every taste.

2.1 Chevy truck neon sign

The Chevy Truck neon sign is a classic and nostalgic piece that will add some zest to any room. With its antique glow color, this glowing adornment can be used in homes or offices as it creates an inviting ambiance with its warm glow while also showcasing your favorite vehicle from days gone by!

Chevy truck neon sign

Chevy truck neon sign

2.2 Genuine Chevrolet neon sign

The Genuine Chevrolet neon sign is a great addition to any garage or collection of vintage car enthusiasts. The sleek design and cool sound will make it difficult for people to resist checking out this attractive light every time they pass by.

Genuine Chevrolet neon sign

Genuine Chevrolet neon sign

2.3 Chevy neon signs bedroom

The Chevrolet Neon Sign is a great way to show that you're not just an automotive enthusiast, but also one who loves their cars and has plenty of pride in them. You can hang it in your bedroom to show off the passion that goes into enthusiasts like yourself!

Chevy neon signs bedroom

Chevy neon signs bedroom

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2.4 Vintage Chevrolet neon signs

Vintage is original and unique. The Camaro Neon Sign is a great way to show your love for the Chevrolet muscle cars. It has the iconic Camaro logo in bright neon colors. If you're a fan of Camaros, then this sign is perfect for you.

Vintage Chevrolet neon signs
Vintage Chevrolet neon signs

3. Chevy neon light customization

If you're looking to add a touch of personalization to your space, Orant Neon is the perfect place to go. We offer a wide range of Chevy neon light customization options, allowing you to create a look that's truly unique. Whether you want to add some color to your man cave or make the garage more colorful at night, we can help.

4. Chevy neon signs price

Chevy neon light cost varies depending on several factors, including sign size and design complexity. Our custom-made neon signs are very affordable, and we are confident that we can beat any competitor's price. Contact us today to learn more about our custom neon signs services.

Chevy neon signs price

The price of Chevy neon signs can vary

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5. FAQ about Chevrolet neon lights

Here are some frequently asked questions about Chevrolet neon lights.

5.1 What is an LED neon sign made of?

At Orant Neon, we pride ourselves on our high-quality neon signs. All of our products are made from advanced LED flex tubing, and each sign is handcrafted by our qualified professional team. With low-energy LED tubes and the latest technology, we ensure you will receive a long-lasting neon sign that looks great.

5.2 Is this safe to use Chevrolet neon lights for my space?

Our signs are handmade with LED flex neon light, meaning they don't contain any gas or mercury. They also work with 12 Volt DC Power Supplies Adapters, so there's no risk when the light turns on. Plus, our neon signs don't have any glass - so you don't have to worry about them overheating, being energy inefficient, and at risk of break.

5.3 Do you ship Chevy neon signs internationally?

We are shipping worldwide for free on all standard orders. If you’re in a rush, contact us, and we can get you fast shipping for an extra 75$.

6. Shipping Information

All orders are processed and ready to be shipped within 5-7 business days upon receipt of payment. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

Shipment method

Delivery Time

Shipment cost


7-14 Business Days


Express Shipping

5-10 Business Days


Please note: If your order has any other changes, the delivery time will be later than expected corresponding to the number of days waiting for order adjustment.

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Orant Neon’s chevy neon signs are the perfect decoration for Chevy lovers. These unique signs are made with Chevrolet's iconic logo and can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf. Chevrolet enthusiasts will love the addition of these neon signs to their space.

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