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Can a neon sign be repaired?

Neon signs have timeless appeal and are often used to add a vibrant aesthetic to businesses, stores and even homes. However, over time, these signs can experience problems such as flickering, fading, or complete failure. The question is: can a neon sign be repaired? Don't skip this article, the answer is right below. 

Understand the structure of neon signs

The structure of neon signs is crucial for understanding the maintenance process. Glass tubes contain neon gas or other rare gases as well as electrodes, which constitute their unique lighting effect.

Glass tube

The diameter of the glass tube used in neon signs is usually 1 to a few centimeters, depending on the size of the symbol or letter. The choice of this glass material is to be able to withstand high temperature and high voltage when applying voltage. In addition, the color of the glass can be adjusted to create different colors for neon lights.


Each glass tube has two electrodes attached at both ends. This electrode is usually made of metal, such as copper, and is connected to special wires. When high voltage is applied, the electrode causes the gas inside the glass tube to emit light. 

Tube gas

Glass tubes containing neon gas or noble gas mixtures. This gas is chosen to produce specific colors for neon lighting. For example, neon gas produces red, argon gas produces green, and mixtures of gases can produce different colors.

Circuit boards and transformers

Outside of the glass tubes, circuit boards and transformers are used to provide the high voltage required for sign operation. The circuit board helps regulate voltage and current, while a transformer boosts the voltage from the standard power source to a higher level to activate the neon light.

Can a neon sign be repaired? 

Neon signs can be repaired but require specialized knowledge and tools. It is important to entrust the repair process to a certified neon sign technician or a professional sign repair company. These professionals are experienced in working with neon signs and can handle complex repairs accurately and safely.

Common issues and repair options

Flashing or blurring

If the neon sign is flashing or blurring, it may be due to transformer failure, loose wires, or electrode issues. In many cases, these issues can be corrected by replacing faulty parts or reconnecting wiring connections. Professional neon sign technicians can diagnose problems and perform necessary repairs.

Glass tube rupture

Accidents or adverse weather conditions may cause glass tubes to rupture or be damaged. Fortunately, a single pipeline can usually be replaced without replacing the entire marking. Skilled technicians can carefully dismantle damaged pipes, shape and install new pipes, and re-bond them to ensure normal operation.

Gas leaks 

Over time, the gas inside the tubes can gradually leak, leading to loss of brightness or complete failure. Gas leak repair requires specialized equipment and expertise. Technicians can locate the leak, repair it, and refill the tube with the appropriate gas mixture to restore the sign's brightness.

Transformer replacement

If the transformer supplying power to the neon sign malfunctions or its service life ends, it may need to be replaced. New transformers can be installed to ensure appropriate high-voltage power supply is provided to the signage.

Regular maintenance is crucial in order to extend the service life of neon signs and minimize maintenance needs. This includes regular inspections, cleaning, and ensuring appropriate electrical connections. In addition, protecting signs from adverse weather and electric shock conditions helps prevent damage.

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