Dachshund neon light signs

Dachshund neon light signs

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    Dachshund neon light signs

    Dachshund neon lights are decorative signs featuring the silhouette or image of a Dachshund dog, illuminated with neon lights. These signs are very popular among Dachshund lovers and can be used as a unique and eye-catching decoration in a variety of spaces.

    Dachshund neon sign is a perfect way to show off your love for this breed. Not only does it look great, but it also serves as a reminder of the joy that these dogs bring to their owners. 

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    What does the Dachshund neon sign mean?

    Neon Dachshund lights actually have a special meaning in symbolizing love and loyalty. It represents the special relationship between the pet and the owner and represents the bond, friendship and love between the two.

    The Dachshund neon light is a famous symbol of love and loyalty. It symbolizes the bond between a pet and its owner and the strength of friendship and companionship. The sign is often seen in restaurants, bars, and other places where people gather to socialize. Its bright colors bring joy to any setting and remind us of the importance of relationships in our lives.

    Dachshund neon lights also remind us of the importance of relationships in life. It evokes joy and happiness as we create and share memorable moments with our pets and loved ones around us. It also promotes friendship and loyalty with understanding and sharing between owner and Dachshund dog.

    The neon Dachshund is not only a popular symbol for love and loyalty, but also brings joy and creates a bright and cheery space for everyone to enjoy.

    Dachshund neon signs are often used in bars, restaurants, and other social places where people gather and interact with each other. The bright colors and vibrant glow of neon lights create a joyful space and create a feeling of comfort for everyone.

    What's special about Dachshund neon lights?

    Dachshund neon lights are typically made using a combination of an acrylic or metal backing and neon tubes. The outline of the Dachshund's shape was created using neon tubes which emit a bright and colorful light when lit.

    Unique design

    Dachshund neon signs are often designed according to the shape and details of the Dachshund dog. This creates a distinctive and recognizable look. The Dachshund's characteristic curves and shape are artistically recreated using flexible neon tubing.

    Bright light

    Neon signs use neon tube technology to produce bright light. Neon light has bright colors and is quite striking, creating a special luminous effect. When illuminated by neon lights, the Dachshund sign becomes attractive and easy to get attention.


    Dachshund neon signs can be customized according to individual requirements and ideas. Flexible neon tube technology allows designs in different shapes, sizes and colors. This allows for the creation of unique and personalized Dachshund neon signs for each person.

    Create a fun space

    They add a touch of playfulness and style to the decor, used as a way to express love and appreciation for the Dachshund breed.

    Energy saving

    LED lights consume less energy than traditional lights such as fluorescent or neon lights. This helps save on electricity costs and reduces negative impacts on the environment.

    Not only that, the lamp also has a longer lifespan than traditional lamps. This means you won't need to replace lights as often, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Does not contain toxic substances such as mercury, reducing negative impacts on human health and the environment.

    Can I design my own custom Dachshund neon lights?

    You can easily custom a neon sign if you like. However, the price will depend on the difficulty of the design.


    If you are wondering about font for neon sign, don't worry, we have nearly 30 fonts for you to choose from. You will indeed create your perfect neon light.


    The minor neon light we provide start at 60 cm (2 ft), while the largest ones reach over 300 cm (10ft). Just let us know if you require a particular size, and we'll try our best. When choosing neon sign sizes, you should consider a few factors about the space you intend to hang it to design the best neon signs.


    At the Orant Neon, customers can choose from 25 neon sign colors. There are a total of 11 colors. When the neon light is off they are white and when the light is on it will show the correct color. The other 10 colors still retain their color even when the lights are off (just not as bright).

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    Some decorating ideas with dachshund neon lights

    Check out some interesting decor ideas for each space with Dachshund neon lights.

    For living room

    To create a highlight for the living room, you can place Dachshund neon lights on the wall or on a shelf to create a visual highlight. Or you can also hang it on the wall to create a unique work of art. Dachshund neon lights can be combined with other accessories in the living room such as pillows and pictures to create your own unique style.

    Add a touch of whimsy to your living room with Dachshund neon lights. This eye-catching piece of art will surely light up your space and bring a smile to your face. Not only is it fun and unique, but it also can be used as an accent piece in any room. Whether you want something playful or more subtle, the Dachshund neon lights will surely add personality and charm to any living space.

    For bedroom

    Place the neon Dachshund on the table, nightstand or hang it on the wall near the bed to create a cozy and enjoyable sleeping space. The soft glow of a neon Dachshund can create a relaxing space and showcase your personal style in your bedroom.

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    For bussiness store 

    A Dachshund neon sign is a great way to add a unique touch to your business store. Neon signs are eye-catching and help draw attention to your store, making it stand out. The Dachshund neon lights will create an inviting atmosphere for customers and make them feel welcome. 

    Not only that, but it can also be used as a conversation starter with customers and can even bring in more business. With its bright colors and unique design, the Dachshund neon lights will make an impression on anyone who enters your store.

    Place Dachshund neon lights near the door or on store signs to attract customers' attention. It can also be used as a decorative accessory inside the store. For example on the checkout counter or on the product shelf it will be a symbol to create a communicative and interesting space.

    Garden or outdoor space

    If you want to add a unique touch to your garden or outdoor space, consider placing a neon Dachshund on a wall or hanging it on a tree or lighting pole. Neon lighting will create a bright outdoor space and create an interesting focal point.

    Remember, it is important to choose the position and arrangement of your Dachshund neon light so that it fits the space and creates a good impression.

    If you are looking for a gift or a unique decoration for your Dachshund lover, the Dachshund neon sign will be the perfect choice. With its unique design and bright light, it will not only be a fun gift but also a symbol of passion and love for Dachshund dogs.

    With its vibrant colors and unique design, a Dachshund neon sign will surely be an eye-catching addition to any home or business. Whether you’re looking for something special to decorate your space or the perfect gift for someone who loves dachshunds. Go to Orant Neon buy it now!


    • Material: PVC & Acrylic
    • LED Neon Sizes: 6/8/9/10mm
    • IP Rating: IP44
    • Power Consumption: 12w/m
    • Power: 12Vdc adapter
    • Thickness of Acrylic: 5mm
    • Lifespan: 100,000 Hours
    • Warranty: 2 Years

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