Choice Tips: What Size Neon Sign For Wedding? 

"What size neon sign for wedding?" is a question that many clients have. Orant Neon will provide the most comprehensive responses to inquiries regarding size choices through this post. 

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1. Benefits of decorating neon lights for weddings

Neon signs are sturdy and long-lasting, providing excellent value for money. Furthermore, they are simple to install, making them suitable for wedding decoration. As they may last a long time, you can use them as house décor after the wedding.

The neon can be utilized to guide visitors throughout the place. As an alternative to traditional wooden signs, you may use neon signs to designate stations, create a tale, transmit crucial wedding information, and even as a backdrop for wedding photos.

what size neon sign for wedding

Neon lights are simple to install and ideal for wedding decorations

Neon signs can create a great background for wedding pictures due to their brightness. Both the ceremony and the reception present them in the best possible light. But, they must be incorporated into a suitable background.

The neon sign may be altered to meet your needs. Because it complements the event's color scheme and design, it is the best choice. It will make your fantasy wedding a reality.

what is a good size for a neon sign

Your wedding will be the most dramatic with a neon sign

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2. What size neon sign for wedding is suitable?

In this part, Orant Neon will provide a thorough response to the question “What is a good size for a neon sign”. Measuring the area where the neon sign will go is the first step to getting one that fits precisely for your wedding. In addition to being the ideal size for the area, it also complements other items beautifully.






Maximum 6



Maximum 8



Maximum 10



Maximum 15



Maximum 18



Maximum 20



Maximum 23



Maximum 25



Maximum 28



Maximum 30



Maximum 36

Have a look at how the table compares the neon signs of various sizes. The appearance and feel that each size gives off to you varies. As a result, make sure you measure your space!

what size neon sign for wedding

“What is a good size for a neon sign” is a question that many couples ask

Keep in mind that the price will increase as the size increases. Compared to lesser ones, large wedding neon signs demand more resources, time, and effort to construct.

Neon signs may be utilized in many weddings since they are available in a variety of sizes, typefaces, and colors. Their height often corresponds to the size of their typeface and lines.

what is a good size for a neon sign

The size of the wedding neon sign may be changed at will

3. Tips to determine the size of neon lights for the wedding

  • Determine the size of the space

You don't want to order a neon sign just to realize that it doesn't fit in the space you've designated. Consider that the majority of custom neon signs. Thus, the majority of businesses do not accept returns.

As a result, pick a neon sign based on where you want it to be put. If you are not confident in your estimation abilities, try using a tape measure. Yet at a wedding, especially a garden wedding, space is always assured. Some firms will measure for you.

  • Design ideas

Although previously created neon signs are available in stores from suppliers, they are not the complete product. Each person has a unique love story that they would adore telling others on their special day.

Most manufacturers provide you the option to alter the neon sign's size, shape, typeface, and color. The neon sign works better after being customized. 

what size neon sign for wedding

Drawings can be used with neon lighting

  • Consider the bank

Always put your budget first. Never purchase anything without first checking your pockets. You don't have to spend all of your hard-earned money on a single purchase. Remember, there is life and more of it after the wedding.

Search for several neon sign companies before making a purchase. Following then, you may compare their pricing. You can choose the less expensive options. The size you buy will depend on your budget.

  • Consultation

You may always inquire if you are unsure about what would fit you the best. Have some artistically inclined friends or family members do it for you. You might also utilize Instagram or other social media to gain some information.

what size neon sign for wedding

Suggestions from relatives and friends would be helpful

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4. Use neon sign lights for the perfect wedding

How should a neon sign be chosen if you want to adorn the most opulent wedding? Let's look at the lamp examples with Orant Neon in the following content.

4.1 Neon sign indoor

Wedding neon signs that are 36", 42", and 48" wide are frequently chosen by couples! They look best in every shot when used as a backdrop. But, you are not required to buy a neon sign of this size simply because many other people do. 

Choose the big size if you want your name to stand out in the shining neon light. Likewise, simpler weddings work well with smaller signage. You may select a luxury typeface that emanates the beauty of Neon Sign. 

what is a good size for a neon sign

To make your neon sign stand out more, use a big size

4.2 Neon light outdoor

Both the ceremony and the cocktail hour are enhanced with wedding neon signs. Hang neon signs to lead guests to the cocktail table, reception area, beside the wedding centerpieces, on the circular arch, or over the photo booth for outdoor weddings. You may install these lovely signs in many locations, so if you have a specific spot in mind, grab the measuring tool and take some measurements.

what size neon sign for wedding

With the neon sign outside, guests may check-in

4.3 Neon lights for photo backdrops

Make memorable moments for your special day. Neon signs are the perfect backdrop for your photo shoots and those Instagram pictures you and your visitors take. A photo booth is for the photo shoot, much like the pictures that famous people take on the red carpet.

Don't wait to try these things out till you're famous. Make it more engaging by using fantastic colors and design.

what size neon sign for wedding

Neon signs provide excellent backdrops for picture sessions

4.4 Personalized neon light

Couples may select their favorite quotes to customize their neon sign. The anniversary of your love relationship might also be used.

On neon signs, a couple may use their names. This might be their name or the first or final letters of their name. If the neon is yours, it will make a lovely memento for your house, bringing back memories and serving as a symbol of the love you two have.

what size neon sign for wedding

Many clients adore neon light that displays their names 

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Above is all the information for the question "what size neon sign for wedding" that Orant Neon answered. With the help of this post, couples may select the ideal neon sign size for their wedding.

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