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Size:60cm (2ft)
Backing Style:Cut to Shape

Neon Signage Sydney
Bring Sydney To Your Space 

Neon Signage Sydney is the perfect decoration for people who love this famous city in Australia. Let's explore the features of this unique neon sign from Orant Neon!

Sidney is a famous city in Australia. This place is famous for many beautiful beaches and impressive destinations such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge,... The Rocks is the oldest neighborhood in Sidney, with many luxurious restaurants, bars, galleries, and classical museums.

Not only residents in Sidney but also many tourists love this city. Whether you are living in Sidney or simply have a great love for this city, you can order Neon Signage Sydney from Orant Neon to bring this beautiful city into your world.

More specifically, if your business is inspired by Sidney, this neon sign will help your customers understand your business story. If you own a restaurant or a bar with the typical style of Sidney City, this neon sign will be the perfect item to decorate these spaces.

Neon Signage Sydney will attract all the attention of your guests. It will evoke an endless story about the beautiful Sidney City. This will bring all of you the romantic atmosphere of Sidney. Besides, it also represents your liberal and open soul.

Additionally, you can also explore our quote neon signs, we offer many neon signs with impressive quotes, bringing a unique atmosphere to your space. You can place quote neon signs in many different places, from your bedroom to your office or workspace. These signs will be a strong inspiration for you in life.

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Specifications of Neon Signage Sydney

Orant Neon offers you Neon Signage Sydney with the following features:

  • Neon Sign Customized to Your Specifications
  • Power Supply and Adaptor
  • Dimmer Or Wireless Remote
  • 24-Month International Manufacturer Warranty
  • Drill holes for installation

Purpose of use

Neon Signage Sydney is a typical decoration that people who love Sidney cannot miss. Let's express your great love for this wonderful city with the applications of this gorgeous item below:

  • Decorate your home
  • Decorate your party
  • Decorate your business
  • Send it to your family or friends as a special gift.

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(!) If your order has any changes, the delivery time will be later than expected, corresponding to the number of days waiting for order adjustment.

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